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Improve Paid Search Results Through Routine, Scheduled Maintenance

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In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day tasks of optimizing paid search campaigns. From keyword sweeps and bid adjustments to audience targeting and ad refreshes, there’s always something demanding your attention. Should we be running brand campaigns?

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How Should B2B Advertisers Use Dynamic Search Ads?

KoMarketing Associates

Is your company in a niche or expanding to a new market? If the answer is yes to either of these questions, then you have probably encountered the following: Low search volume. Fortunately, there is a tool that can help you stay on top of these issues – and in front of your buyers: Dynamic Search Ads (DSA).


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How To Find Current Trending Topics for Content Creation: The 10 Best Tools

Marketing Insider Group

Good search engine optimization isn’t just about ranking high for keywords. However, searching for current content ideas can be time-consuming. Investigate our list of resources for discovering current trending topics that keep your content relevant. You’d surely appreciate any shortcuts you can find.

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SEO Terms: A Glossary of Common Search Marketing Phrases

Top Rank Marketing

With any B2B marketing strategy, it’s easy to get lost in the jargon. This is definitely true of search engine optimization. Here’s a glossary of the top SEO terms tailored specifically for B2B marketers: Bounce Rate: The percentage of visitors who navigate away from your website after viewing only one page.

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The best of micro-influencer marketing and long tail blogger outreach articles


Today is one of those best-of Chris Abraham’s blog posts on blogger outreach, long tail blogger outreach, influencer marketing , and micro-influencer marketing. ” The state of earned media blogger outreach. ” Blogger outreach is more PR than social media. I may well be mistaken.”

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How Web Analytics Can Help You Improve Content Marketing

Marketing Insider Group

For years now, the internet has created a massive platform for brands to share content with their target audiences. If web analytics aren’t integrated into every part of your content marketing strategy, the answer is no. You can target your content more effectively by using web analytics to understand your audience.

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5 CFO-Friendly Paid Ad Tactics: Scale B2B Advertising without Breaking the Bank


As marketing leaders, we often find ourselves navigating the challenging landscape of justifying ad spending to our CFOs. The age-old debate of whether marketing efforts genuinely contribute to the bottom line can leave us feeling like we speak a different language. But fear not, my fellow marketers!