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Accurate keywords are essential in contextual targeting


Marketers need to use specific and relevant keywords to sell their brand. This situation is where using well-planned long-tail keywords is of the utmost importance. Content that uses specific and relevant keywords ensures that ads reach the correct audience. Relevance is a critical factor when choosing keywords.

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How to Use Long Tail Keywords to Boost PPC Search Traffic


But it’s also possible to attract more traffic and optimize your ad spend by targeting long tail keywords in Adwords. Here’s everything you need to know about using long tail keywords effectively to improve PPC performance. What are Long Tail Keywords? Very few will search for “wireless router with USB 3.0.”


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14 Social Media Metrics That Drive Results in 2023

Marketing Insider Group

Social media metrics are constantly gathering intel, ready to report back with crucial insights about how much your audience is digging your content, how loyal they are to your brand, and much more. It’s a measure of the level of engagement that a piece of content sees from its audience. Measuring CPC is as easy as pie.

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7 Secrets Every Tech Company Must Know to Skyrocket PPC Conversion Rate

Launch Marketing

Utilize Long-Tail Keywords While generic keywords might have high search volumes, they are often overcrowded, vague and not optimized in PPC campaigns. Enter long-tail keywords. For instance, instead of “tech solutions,” a long-tail variant could be “B2B cybersecurity solutions for SMEs.”

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How integrating B2B SEM and SEO helps you win throughout volatility

Velocity Partners

Cost pressures Google is increasing search cost per click (CPC) by an average of 19%, pushing up ad spend by 17% in the US alone in the final quarter of 2023. For B2B firms with niche offerings, this wastes money when ads showing up for less relevant terms or those where intent differs. Because of relevance.

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Rank For Lawyer SEO Terms Relevant To Your Firm


Producing regular content that appeals to your audience, will drive repeated visitors to your site. One way to ensure your content is targeting the best keywords for your firm is by using Instant and Data Cube to conduct your keyword research. Write unique content for the aggregator site that isn’t already on your site.

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Improve Paid Search Results Through Routine, Scheduled Maintenance

Navigate the Channel

These should be the most relevant terms that describe what you offer. Expand with Long-Tail Keywords: Long-tail keywords are longer and more specific search queries. Incorporate relevant long-tail keywords into your strategy.