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The rise of Peer-to-peer ABM


It means that Sales (and I’ll come to peer-to-peer shortly) need to be there in the places where the Customer or Prospect ‘hang out’. As so much information is now available online, in communities - open and closed, on social media, review sites such as G2, etc. It built strong relationships between Sales and the customer.

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Sales Impact Academy and Outreach: More Peer-to-Peer Learning and Sales Expertise


It hosts an extensive roster of live events to bring together experts in industry and encourage peer-to-peer learning. It hosts an extensive roster of live events to bring together experts in industry and encourage peer-to-peer learning. Peer-to-peer learning. A solid partnership.


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Inside The Arboretum: How Sprout built a 10,000-member strong community

Sprout Social

Social media marketers understand the power of community more than most. But for a long time, communities built specifically for them have been few and far between. Since its public launch in April 2023 , The Arb community has experienced remarkable growth in engagement, with membership consistently on the rise.

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MangoApps relaunches TinyTake as a B2B community management suite


TinyTake, once known primarily for its combined screen capture, annotation and collaboration offering, has been relaunched by owner MangoApps as a platform to manage B2B customer communities. Part of the arsenal of tools that can help you accomplish this: online communities.” ” Why we care. It’s just maturing. Get MarTech!

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Three Ways to Get the Most Out of the Trailblazer Community

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

At Salesforce, we understand the unique value of community. Peer-to-peer learning is a powerful tool for problem-solving and skill-building. As artificial intelligence (AI) reshapes the future of work, it’s never been more important to foster peer connections to ask questions, share knowledge, and glean best practices.

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Making Something Tangible: Community Spotlight with Najmah Salam


The Community Spotlight—a monthly blog series highlighting some of the amazing members of the email community —is back for 2024! Every month, we interview, highlight, and celebrate the splendid members of the email community. How did you first connect with the wider email geeks community? Plus the memes are top-notch.

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86% of Software Buyers Use Peer Review Sites to Make a Purchase. How Discoverable is Your Brand?

Directive Agency

In fact, 86% of software buyers use peer review sites when buying software. Join Society , our exclusive Slack community dedicated to marketers in the tech space. Recall how 86% of software buyers use peer review sites to research and evaluate solutions? Maximize your presence with the right directories. Enter buyer intent data.