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B2B Sales Cycles Require 27 Interactions both Digital and Human [Study]

Sword and the Script | B2B

If B2B vendors all look and sound the same in marketing, it makes sense that buyers need to talk to sales to understand the difference. Maybe this will be the wake-up call B2B marketing needs to start being different. The “sea of sameness” isn’t new. Leaders and finance more likely to scrutinize buying decisions.

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Have You Adapted to the Modern Sales Cycle?


It’s no secret that the sales cycle has changed a lot over the past few decades. But what about sales reps and leaders who have not recognized the shift in technology and have not yet adapted to today’s sales cycle? Sales used to own the sales cycle. Buyers have grabbed control.


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Elevating Sales Cycles in This Fluid Selling Environment


I have written about this recently , but a quick recap: Due to the nature of virtual selling, there is greater access to sales cycles by members previously not involved — for both sellers and buyers. For buyers specifically, times more likely to join sales calls now than in pre-2020. SEEK TO SERVE.

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Grow your B2B e-commerce business: A playbook for success

Sana Commerce

Unlike B2C e-commerce, where individual consumers make impulse purchases, B2B transactions typically involve larger order volumes, longer sales cycles, and complex decision-making processes. This means your approach to marketing, customer service, and even website design is going to be tailored to the specific needs of B2B buyers.

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How to Create a Successful B2B Sales Experience


Unlike B2C, B2B transactions are characterized by longer sales cycles, higher order values, and more stakeholders involved in the purchasing decision. A report by CSO Insights noted that 74% of B2B sales to new customers take at least four months to close, with 46% taking seven months or more.

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Sellers Have a New Challenge: To Ease an Increasingly Difficult Buying Journey


A multi-national software provider’s sales cycles was running 12-18 months on average. When they engaged Mereo to address this, we conducted a win-loss analysis and discovered that the majority of the sales cycles were really about three to four months. Buyers do not need salespeople.

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How to Recognize and Respond to Buying Signals (and Close More Deals!)


For instance, buyers are 67% more likely to accept a meeting if the pitch is customized to their situation, says HubSpot. Additionally, teams that harness the buying cues benefit from more precise and efficient sales cycles. When B2B buyers need to solve a problem, they start researching online.