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The state of earned media blogger outreach


I’ve been doing earned media blogger outreach as a profession since 2006 and a lot has changed. To be frank, there are a lot of bloggers with their hands out looking for pay to play these days that it can feel a little daunting.

Best Social PR Guides, Tips and Tools of 2010


Effectively connect with bloggers and other key online influencers in your industry? The Most Overused Buzzwords and Marketing Speak in Press Releases by Adam Sherk. So, if you’re stumped for an opening line the next time you’re drafting a press release, try something like “XYZ Company, the leading innovator of unique, customer-centric solutions, today announced an outside the box product which supports peak performance.&# Is the Press Release Dead?

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Rick Short Explains How to Turn Staff Into Prolific Bloggers

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Blog HubSpot TV Contributors Marketing Kit Internet Marketing Blog The HubSpot Inbound Internet Marketing blog covers all of inbound marketing - SEO, Blogging, Social Media, Landing Pages, Lead Generation and Analytics. That was the voice of many of my bloggers at one time or another.

Earned media influencer marketing demands your awesome


If you have widgets to hand out to bloggers, YouTubers , Instagrammers, and top Vine, SnapChat , and Periscope rockstars , but you’d better be ready for some serious noes. A rate card is generally the way a smart blogger or online influencer says no.

17 Ways to Promote Your White Paper for Lead Generation


Your objective was likely to establish thought leadership, generate leads and perhaps use it to nurture existing leads until they’re ready to buy. Promote your white paper using online press release distribution services. Here’s a list of paid and free press release sites.

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Fulfill your resolution to blog in 11 steps


A majority of my revenue is generated from blogger outreach, namely long-tail and deep-dive, outreach that extends all the way into the thousands of bloggers. As part of the client service work on behalf of my clients I have engaged with many thousands of bloggers over the last decade.

Why you should consider centralizing your search keyword lists


Media relations and PR professionals need the right keywords to know how to build more relevant press releases and build better anchor text in them. And bloggers , of course, need to know what words their audiences use to describe their pain points. Photo credit: Wikipedia.

Earned Media: What It Is & Why You Want More of It


The trust factor extends to the B2B world too, and LinkedIn has become an increasingly popular hub for pros seeking advice. It generates leads. Figure out what your story is, then reach out to the press and pitch it. Get bloggers to feature you.

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Do you have a handle on your online reputation?


As some of you may know, I recently onboarded as Team Lead, Special Projects, over at Why not set up a blog on, Blogger, Typepad, Tumblr, and Posterous? Why not create LinkedIn, Twitter and Any Press is Good Press (Until it Isn’t).

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PR 2015: Top 100 Influencers & Brands

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In 2003, LinkedIn launched with a more serious approach to social networking for professionals. Think about the numerous analysts, politicians, bloggers, thought leaders, industry professionals, stakeholders and influential consumers that all have big audiences that you want to reach.

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The Blogging Tactic No One Is Talking About: Optimizing the Past


Update old blog content and generate more traffic and leads from it in the process. I'm writing about all this because any experienced blogger who's tasked with growing and scaling the results they generate from their blog needs to know about it.

The 28 Best Influencer Marketing Tools


Because “influencer marketing is more cost-effective than paid advertising and leads to more credible brand recommendations, which 92% of consumers are more likely to trust.” Sample review: “Grouphigh is a really powerful blogger research tool.

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83 Exceptional Social Media and Marketing Statistics for 2014


What do 40% of B2B buyers say about LinkedIn, that only 19% say about Twitter? What do 73% of reporters say press releases should contain? 40% of B2B buyers say LinkedIn is important when researching technologies and services to purchase; 19% say the same for Twitter.

20 Experts Provide Their Content Marketing Predictions For 2016

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The leading marketing trend of 2016 will be the maturing of the age of ad blocking. We will start to see serious buying interest and activity from brands of all sizes in the purchasing of niche media and blogger sites. Amanda Maksymiw – Personalization leads to better results.

The Ultimate Collection of Free Content Marketing Templates


I joined HubSpot in September 2011 as a blogger. To conquer lead gen, I mastered ebook production. Use it to plan your updates and learn how to properly format your content for the six most popular social networks: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and Pinterest.

Covering your bases: content marketing components


LinkedIn: Keep the focus business-driven. If, for example, you wrote a few blog posts about “how to write a press release,” you could then combine all that info into a single white paper of five to 15 pages. Some forms of content marketing require your lead to be proactive in trying to connect with you. If you include a link back to your site, you’ll lead them right to your front door. Share your infographic with bloggers in your field to spread it around the Internet.

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101 Tips from 50 Small Business Bloggers

Industrial Marketing Today

Home Marketing Matters About Contact B2B Marketing Store Company Website 101 Tips from 50 Small Business Bloggers by Achinta Mitra on September 29, 2009 in Industrial Marketing Blog , Industrial Websites , Social Media Marketing I came across an incredible blog post recently that I think every small business owner should read. Click here to read 101 Tips from 50 Small Business Bloggers.

The Art of Creating Curated Content


Of course, you must always give credit to the source, but showcasing the work of others can leverage content and help you meet pressing marketing goals while providing highly valuable, authoritative marketing materials that your audience craves.

Marketing Blog Marketing Automation | Lead Generation | Email.


Lead To Revenue. Lead Capture. Internet Lead Capture. Lead Routing. Lead Scoring. Lead Profiles. Lead Scout. Guest Blogger. Lead Management. Lead Scoring. Marketing Platform Lead To Revenue Management. Lead Capture.

Search Traffic Declining? You’re Not Alone (and What to Do About It)


Use social media and news monitoring tools to identify the online venues where your prospective buyers are hanging out, discussing your company, your industry, and your competitors.For many b2b companies, LinkedIn Groups are a rich environment for discovering and participating in these conversations.

The Nifty 50 Top Women of Twitter for 2011


She describes herself as a “small business coach, speaker, corporate trainer, blogger, singer, lover of life, dreams, family and God.” She’s an entrepreneur, marketer, blogger, and alum of Wharton and Purdue. Paul Pioneer Press as well as the Features/Travel editor for the newspaper.

54 Content Marketing Stats to Guide Your 2018 Strategy


Long-form blog posts generate 9x more leads than short-form blog posts. Only 55% of bloggers update old posts. The top three content marketing tactics are blogging (65%), social media (64%), and case studies (64%) - LinkedIn Technology Marketing Community. . .

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Bulldog Reporter’s Faux Pas Shows Why Not to Take Research at Face Value

Paul Gillin

This lead from a recent Bulldog Reporter case study on business blogging certainly caught my attention: “Recent research reveals that 64% of American companies will launch their own corporate blogs in 2014, and the average budget for corporate blogging will increase by nearly one-sixth.

20 Examples of Social Proof in Action


Readers remember press mentions featuring company logos more than press mentions featuring quotes. 86% of female shoppers say they put the most trust in product recommendations from real people -- either industry bloggers or people they know -- more than celebrities.

Why Your PR Isn't Working (and How to Fix It)


Write a press release. Write a press release. Duh -- press release, everyone is going to want to hear about that. To the press release we go! The Problem With Press Releases. Remember that great PR is more than just a press release.

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12 (of the) Best Guides to Marketing on Pinterest of 2013


Generate leads and sales? more time on Pinterest than Linkedin. • Pinterest Lead Generation 101: Best Practices and Hacks That’ll Make You a Pro by HubSpot. Pressed for time? 5 Ways to Use Pinterest to Build Links & Blogger Relationships by Vertical Measures.

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Best Social Media and Digital Marketing Research and Statistics of 2011, Part 2


Twitter, Facebook And LinkedIn: Age, Ethnicity And Gender Of The Major Social Networks [STUDY] by All Twitter. women make up 64% of Twitter’s following), men (63% to 37%) are the larger share on LinkedIn.

The State of the Blogosphere 2010

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This year, the team dove deeper into the blogs with a focus on female bloggers and mobile blogging. To begin, let’s take a look at the residence of bloggers worldwide. Almost one-half of all bloggers reside in the United States with 29% blogging in Europe.

Content Rules: Insight and Originality Attracts Clients

Writing on the Web

Example of what that means: I got a press release yesterday to announce a new book; in the blurb about the author, they explained he was a nightclub owner who almost died in a drug-related fire; who went on to become a psychologist and spiritual leader; who writes about how his near-death experience transformed him and how he overcame addictions. I’m leading a free webinar next Wednesday April 20 at 5 p.m. Blog this on Blogger. Share this on LinkedIn.

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73 Experts Reveal B2B Marketing Trends to Leverage in 2017


Instead of launching a new content platform, consider buying a media platform or blogger site that your audience is already engaged in. If you have a Facebook fan base or a big enough email list of leads or buyers you can use Facebook audience insights to see what they like on Facebook.

Best of 2009: Social Media Marketing, Part 1


In this short but useful post, Dave Fleet outlines the set of social media tools he finds most useful on a daily basis, such as Google Reader for keeping up with blogs, Twitter for real-time communications, Radian6 for social media monitoring, and LinkedIn for social networking. It’s pretty rare to include a press release in a best of list here—actually, this is probably the first time ever—but this one includes key statistics on how b2b buyers use social media on the job.

5 Ways A/R and PR Pros Can Get the Biggest Bang Out of Dreamforce

Modern Marketing

by Sheila Lahar | Tweet this It’s not just about customers and leads – Dreamforce ’12 draws a lot of press and industry analysts. If you want to get an analyst, reporter or blogger’s attention, be sure to reach out several weeks in advance. You definitely want to scout out the location and figure out where to meet with analysts or press in advance.

The Road to the Top: Personal Branding Examples in Professional Services

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” By creating content that helps his audience better contextualize and understand their problems, Weiss creates a lead generation framework in which clients seek out his highly visible expertise. On Twitter or LinkedIn? Follow us @HingeMarketing and join us on LinkedIn.

B2B Lead Generation Using a Business Blog

Industrial Marketing Today

In order to satisfy the demands of the C-suite, the marketing department usually provides easy-to-measure metrics like traffic, page views, time spent and number of leads captured. They want better qualified and sales-ready leads. Do you have or need a lead generating business blog?

6 Tips for Creating Content That Spreads Naturally


So it takes more effort than simply publishing content and doing your typical marketing to reach your audience and generate leads. Go into your analytics and take a look at the posts that are generating the most views, shares, and leads, and figure out how you can replicate that success.


How the HubSpot CMO Screens for Top Marketing Talent


Because of this, you might be better off hiring the best blogger for your industry, even if they claim not to know anything about marketing. I also take a look at their social profiles to see if they're active on sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Quora, Pinterest, etc.

Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid on Your Company Blog

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“A blog can also be the centerpiece for a social media effort, driving visitors from Twitter , Facebook , and LinkedIn back to the blog through calls-to-action and landing pages,&# explains Douglas Karr, the author of Corporate Blogging for Dummies.

Content Marketing on a Shoestring Budget: Distribution

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You can tag that presentation with keywords, and SlideShare is partnered with LinkedIn, so you can reach out to that platform as well. A growing percentage of leads generated come from inbound-marketing sources. Press releases.

MarketingSherpa Marketing Summit, Kim Albee of Genoo Talks Social Media Lead Gen

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Her presentation about using LinkedIn successfully to generate leads was popular with the audience. We run a microsite, B2B Online Marketing Pros, for our B2B Online Marketing group on LinkedIn. If I had just one slide to present, it would talk about where social media fits in with all the marketing channels: Websites, blogs, and microsites, to podcasts, slideshare, video, email marketing, LinkedIn, Facebook, Public Relations, direct mail, and other efforts.

5 Proven Strategies for B2B Social Media Marketing

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The following five case studies lend insight into how B2B marketers can use social media to generate leads, create specialized communities, improve SEO, become knowledge sources, and strengthen marketing campaigns. Generate Leads There are two types of marketing departments — those that are cost centers and those that bring in leads and sales. Regus , a global provider of workplace solutions, recently experimented with using social media for lead generation.