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What Is Cost Per Click (CPC)? Definition, Calculation, Advantages & Examples

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Cost-per-click (CPC) is defined as a form of digital advertising where you pay a publisher every time someone clicks on your ad. Cost per click (CPC) is an often-mentioned metric in the digital marketing world. Table of Contents: What Is Cost Per Click (CPC)?

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9 Tools & Tactics for Effective Paid Content Distribution

Marketing Insider Group

In a world where every click counts and attention spans are shrinking, it’s more important than ever to make sure your content not only reaches your audience but also resonates with them. Outbrain recommends 150 billion articles and videos each month to more than a half a billion people worldwide. Why Outbrain? Why TikTok Ads?


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14 Social Media Metrics That Drive Results in 2023

Marketing Insider Group

Average Engagement Rate (AER) The Average Engagement Rate (AER) helps businesses understand how well their content is resonating with their audience. Conversion Rate Think of your Conversion Rate as the finish line in a race. For B2B companies, the Conversion Rate is key. Measuring CPC is as easy as pie.

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LinkedIn Ad Benchmarks: CTR, CPC, and Conversion Rate


Google that phrase, and you’ll see articles like “Why are LinkedIn ads so dang expensive?” But, long story short, the B2B-heavy audience and granular targeting on LinkedIn make the higher cost worth it for B2B advertisers. The highest CTR doesn’t always translate into the lowest CPC, so you’ll have to look at your own budget.

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How Much Do Facebook Ads Cost in the Philippines?  


Ad relevance and quality Facebook prioritizes ads that provide a positive user experience, so higher-quality ads often come with lower advertising costs. The platform determines the ad quality by providing a rating between 1 and 10 based on its relevance to your target audience. The higher the relevance score, the lower the cost.

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Earnings Per Click: How to Win Big at Affiliate Marketing


Read too many marketing articles, and you start to feel like you’re staring at a bowl of alphabet soup: But here’s the thing: not all acronyms are created equal. That’s “earnings per click.” ” Without earnings per click, you’ll never reach your full potential as an affiliate marketer.

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How integrating B2B SEM and SEO helps you win throughout volatility

Velocity Partners

Cost pressures Google is increasing search cost per click (CPC) by an average of 19%, pushing up ad spend by 17% in the US alone in the final quarter of 2023. Because budgets are stretched enough as it is, this escalation in costs comes at a time when efficiency in ad spending is more critical than ever.

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