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Active Conversion Offers Strong Lead Management and Leaves Out the Rest

Customer Experience Matrix

Summary: Active Conversion helps marketing and sales departments make the best use of leads they’ve generated outside the system. For example, take Active Conversion. Users can define an initial list, either imported from an external system or selected from the Active Conversion database.

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Going Conversation Qualified | Snack-Size AI Ep. 3


They can focus on the more active conversations rather than spending all of their time hitting the myriad of leads which typically have a very low response rate. With Sales teams, you obviously get the idea of following up 100% and only having the higher quality, sales-ready opportunities raise their hands.


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That slide led to more engagement and active conversation. But I knew that as chief marketing officer, the main value I brought to the boardroom was my understanding of our market. And it turns out, the board agreed. Register for Ad Age Next: CMO at And over time, it has clearly elevated the board’s perception of me.

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3 Lead Generation Strategies for 2022

Heinz Marketing

This way you can invite partners or sponsors to go live with you and have an active conversation with the audience through the chat function. Companies who regularly host or attend webinars may consider Instagram or Twitter live to host smaller more intimate events.

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Going back to basics: Marketing as a conversation


If you treat marketing as an active conversation with give and take and focus on your buyer’s needs, you will see success and develop a devoted fan and customer base who need you just as much as you need them. ” Use your brain, insert your culture and personality. Double-check your information and cite trusted sources.

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How to Make Design Research Neurodivergent Friendly

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

A new channel sparked active conversation among employees who identified as neurodivergent. He noticed how the productivity platform also supported the ways many of his neurodivergent respondents preferred to communicate. “I had to meet people where they were,” said Smyth.

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Blog: Human-Like Conversational AI: Past, Present, and Future


In the near term, we can expect Conversational AI to expand its number of available channels. Similarly, voice-activated Conversational AI will become more sophisticated in its capabilities to understand and respond to users in natural, two-way conversations.