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    [Youtube] Can CMOs Master The Customer Experience For Hispanic Shoppers?
    With more advanced personalization and optimization strategies, it’s now possible for brands to modify and customize the customer experience across multiple channels—in terms of messaging, tone and content—based on where the visitor is coming from, be it Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or another referring site. Posted in Advertising Behavioral Targeting Communities Mobile Personalization Testing Web Design.
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    [Youtube] How to Create a Video Marketing Strategy You Can Be Proud of
    But often “isn’t that great” simply means they don’t think it’s high quality or it hasn’t taken off on YouTube with thousands of views. Are you proud of your video marketing strategy? I bet the answer comes pretty quickly. Nearly every marketer I speak with these days is using video in their web, social media, demand, content marketing, or sales enablement programs. They all think it’s important, and they all plan to increase their investments in video because they believe it works.
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    [Youtube] How to Create a Video Marketing Strategy You Can Be Proud of
    But often “isn’t that great” simply means they don’t think it’s high quality or it hasn’t taken off on YouTube with thousands of views. Are you proud of your video marketing strategy? I bet the answer comes pretty quickly. Nearly every marketer I speak with these days is using video in their web, social media, demand, content marketing, or sales enablement programs. They all think it’s important, and they all plan to increase their investments in video because they believe it works.
    [Youtube] 23 Terrific Email Marketing Guides
    Jeff Bullas suggests 10 ways to grow your opt-in email list, from the common (offer a free ebook, or use a pop-up box–which he concedes is annoying, but they work anyway) to the less obvious (do some guest blogging, use annotations in YouTube videos, or use SlideShare Pro (“the premium version of Slideshare…offers a pop up box to capture emails and leads”).
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    [Youtube] 7 Things About Online Reviews Every B2B Business Needs to Know
    So he took it to YouTube. Ever wondered what people say about you behind your back? If it’s your business they’re talking about, this isn’t mere paranoia – your survival is at stake. Online reviews are read by anywhere from 67-97% of consumers, depending on which study you cite. There is less data available about how B2B companies are affected by online reviews than there is for B2C companies. But I don’t think that gets B2Bers off the hook.
    [Youtube] The End of ‘Social Media’
    Seven years, 200 million blogs, nearly 600 million Facebook members and a few billion YouTube videos later the information landscape has been completely transformed. This is the time of year when a lot of people make predictions. I’ll resist that urge, though, and instead present a plea: Let’s make 2011 the year we stop talking about “social media.”. It’s not that social media is no longer important. On the contrary, today there’s almost no media today that isn’t social.
    [Youtube] Transforming P&G
    Assumptions are breaking down, however, thanks to a willingness to change and the success of campaigns like last year’s Old Spice “ The Man Your Man Could Smell Like ,” which combined traditional TV advertising with a brilliant series of companion videos on YouTube. When Stan Joosten first contacted me about joining Procter & Gamble’s Digital Advisory Board, I initially hesitated.
    [Youtube] 14 PowerPoint Presentation Tips to Make Your PPT Designs More Effective [+Templates]
    Whether you embed a whole webpage or just a YouTube video, this can be a high-quality third party improvement. A good second choice is to take screen shots of the website, link in through a browser, or embed media (such as a YouTube video) by downloading it directly to your computer. I like to think of Microsoft PowerPoint as a test of basic marketing skills. To create a passing presentation, I need to demonstrate design skills, technical literacy, and a sense of personal style.
    [Youtube] 3 Powerful Ways A/E/C Firms Can Demonstrate Their Expertise and Showcase Their Services
    And access to YouTube. An enduring challenge in professional services marketing is showing potential clients the benefit of a service they can’t see, feel, or touch. When you buy a physical product – a shirt, for example – you can see the product before you buy it. You can feel the material, try the shirt on, and compare it to other shirts. This is rarely the case when selling a complex service.
    [Youtube] Interesting Infographics: Your Guide To Social Media Lead Generation
    YouTube is utilized for marketing motives by 77% of companies. Did you know that over 40% of marketers believe their Facebook usage is a vital part of running a business? Are you aware that 82% of social media leads are collected from Twitter? According to the infographic, “How To Generate Leads With Social Media” by Quick Sprout , for the past four years, social media has been a key component in generating leads.
    [Youtube] Must-Know Strategies That Boost Your LinkedIn Engagement
    Note: when your LinkedIn posts are linked to YouTube videos, there tends to be an increased share rate of 75%. Is it really possible to escalate your company’s LinkedIn engagement by 386%? According to this infographic by Quick Sprout , the answer to that question is yes. By having a full understanding of who uses LinkedIn and what you should (and should not) post on the site, utilizing LinkedIn to engage with your customers is not a difficult task.
    [Youtube] Crossing the influence line: When does sponsorship destroy your reputation?
    Casey Neistat (pictured at the top pf the post today) is also an “influencer,” but he built his reputation as a YouTube entertainer and is now a true celebrity. By Mark Schaefer. A comment, a question, and a blog post all came together last week to make me ponder this question: When does an “influencer” become a “salesperson,” and is there a difference? Can a social media influencer cross a line become an ad … instead of a thought leader?
    [Youtube] How a Nonprofit Launched the Most Viral Campaign Ever [CHART]
    When was the last time you watched a 30 minute long YouTube video? by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this If you did not know who Joseph Kony was one week ago, I am guessing that over the last 10 days, many of you now think you may have heard too much.
    [Youtube] Best Facebook Marketing Tips, Techniques and Tools of 2011, Part 2
    Jackie Cohen reports on research showing that 47% of users say they are “explicitly concerned” about their privacy on Facebook (versus just 15% who are explicitly unconcerned), and that “people feel more confident about privacy on YouTube more than Facebook, and thus trust the video sharing site more.” As it approaches one billion users, Facebook has evolved from a site where friends and family share photos to an online marketing juggernaut rivaling Google.
    [Youtube] 7 Questions to Ask Before Creating a Video Campaign
    Then you will want to consider which social channels you should add your video to, such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Tumblr. Author: Colin Osing If you’re a digital marketer who is somewhat new to video marketing, you can take some comfort in the words that follow. First of all, you’re not alone! While 52 million US adults watch professional video content every month, online video marketing is still largely viewed as the new kid on the digital marketing block.
    [Youtube] Social Media Referral Traffic Tactics
    Google want us to play with their toys and that includes, Gmail, hangouts, YouTube, and Maps. By Hannah Beacham. Businesses and corporations across the world are all embracing new forms of lead generation and sales tactics with social media savvy. Business professionals understand the concept and need for social media but struggle to determine the ROI or generate leads via the networks.
    [Youtube] 5 Pointless Marketing Metrics You Can Stop Tracking Today
    Let''s say I went to YouTube because I wanted to see Seth Godin''s keynote from INBOUND 2013 (Side note: He''ll be back at INBOUND 2015 this year. In life, many people believe that more = better. More traffic, visitors, and customers? Yep, that''s better. More time in your day to do the things you love? That''s better. More collaboration between Sales and Marketing? That''s definitely better. But in many areas of marketing, more doesn''t always mean better.
    [Youtube] My February Challenge: 10 Tweets a Day
    No one holds YouTube to the same standard as Twitter, so it seems unfair to focus on messages being sent. It’s somewhat sad, I suppose, that my only effective mode of self-improvement is to set arbitrary goals. But it works. Last November, I challenged myself to write a blog post a day. I am happy to say I met my goal. Although I subsequently fell off the wagon in December (8 posts) and January (5 posts), it still feels like a significant achievement.
    [Youtube] B2B Content Marketing: How To Get Your Prospects To Love You
    Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube) it is vital that you leverage those mediums for all their visual worth. Artillery B2B Marketing Blog > The Forward Observer B2B marketers who develop marketing content that is solution-based, properly mapped and more than just text can increase their conversion rates, sales and customer loyalty.
    [Youtube] 35 Million Reasons To Say Thanks
    Cable-cutting, Facebook, Snapchat, and Youtube are leading the charge with consumer video and this, without a doubt, means that current and especially future demographics expect to sell and be sold to with video. I’m currently airborne – somewhere above the mid-west. I’m the most reflective at 35,000 feet, sitting in seat 12C surrounded by strangers – a space I’ve become increasingly accustomed to over the past 4 years as co-founder and CEO of Vidyard. I feel excited.
    [Youtube] Twitter Unveils Live Video: Here's What You Need to Know
    As streaming video content grows in popularity, particularly among Millennials , Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram are all competing to catch the attention of their young user bases. On December 14th, Twitter announced that users would be able to broadcast live video directly from Twitter on iOS and Android mobile devices. This move is the result of Twitter’s integration with Periscope, the live video streaming app it acquired back in March of 2015.
    [Youtube] What a 60-Second Instagram Video Length Means for Enterprise Marketers
    Ideally, I think you will see companies using platforms such as Instagram and Twitter to drive traffic to long-form content that is being hosted independently on their website, Youtube, Vimeo or Facebook—gaining interest and then rewarding it. You’ll also see Youtube and Facebook competing directly with one another more and more in the very near future, to be crowned king of long-form video content.
    [Youtube] Twitter Launches Brand Pages for Business Accounts
    This featured tweet also auto-expands to show an embedded photo or video from Flickr, YouTube, or another source. In a less than detailed announcement on its blog today, Twitter revealed the release of its new version of Twitter on and mobile devices, replete with brand new, simplified design, a new tab menu, and expandable tweets that show more information such as replies, retweets, and embedded photos and videos. Okay, I guess they expanded on it a little bit here.).
    [Youtube] The Complete Display Ads Overview For B2B Marketers
    There are non-Google display networks, Youtube video ads, and Gmail sponsored promotions. Youtube Ads : Video ads need to get attention within the first three seconds and are generally expensive to test. Display advertising is a bit of a mystery. You’re paying for impressions and clicks on sites you don’t own. You have countless referral sites and it is entirely onerous to track the opportunities and revenue generated from each display ad.
    [Youtube] 4 Ways to Use Social Media to Beat the Big Boys
    Entertaining culture “shots” and product demonstrations hang out on YouTube. By Stanford Smith, Contributing {grow} Columnist. They say that the rich just get richer and the poor get poorer. Seems this brutal maxim applies to social media too; big brands crush smaller upstarts in a blizzard of social gimmicks and PR. Savvy startups understand this law and struggle to achieve scale before larger competitors recognize the threat.
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    [Youtube] How to Get More Results Out of Less Content
    For instance, here’s how you could reformat a webinar: Convert it into a video and publish it on YouTube. My, we’ve all been busy. According to the Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Pros, marketers have been creating quite a lot of content over the past few years ‒ and it looks like most of us will create even more of it this year. This actually worries me a little. I wonder if putting so much of our resources into creating more and more content might actually be a mistake.
    [Youtube] 3 Things Your Social Media Team Should Know About SEO
    Bing is personalizing search with Facebook and Google is personalizing search with Google+ (I’m just gonna go ahead and group Gmail, Youtube, Authorship, etc. One of the biggest challenges we hear about in the world of marketing is around the idea of silos. As companies grow, and new people and departments are added, it’s easy to become segmented and communication can become more difficult than it once was.
    [Youtube] 4 Life Lessons I Learned (So Far) From a Career in B2B Sales
    The piano happens to be one of my favorite instruments, and if you’ve never listened to The Piano Guys , a group that covers everything from Beethoven’s 5 Secrets (a favorite of mine) to Rolling in the Deep, you need to stop what you’re doing right now and pull up their YouTube channel. Author: Alexandra Nation I’m cursed. Play me a tune: any tune, from any decade. If I don’t already know the song word for word, I’ll pick up the tune and the lyrics in a listen or two.
    [Youtube] 3 Ways to Make Controversial Content Work for Your Brand
    And the ability to take a closer look at someone else’s differences–an often taboo subject–helped the video generate more than 57 million views on YouTube, becoming the second most-viewed community and activism campaign of all time. Author: Andrea Lehr Most brands avoid controversy like the plague, in large part because on the surface it does seem ill-advised.
    [Youtube] Why B2B Marketers Can’t Afford to Avoid Pinterest
    This virtual pin board social media site is driving more traffic to websites than YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn combined – also driving more traffic than Twitter & Bing. Lauren Hanson is one of our Stategists on the eMagine team. Lauren has taken a personal shine to Pinterest, and it’s importance to B2B marketers as a viable social media platform.
    [Youtube] Why you need to re-evaluate the design of your blog
    Related Stories I was called out on my social media BS and I’m relieved Three YouTube stars share their intimate personal branding lessons An inspirational blogging lesson from Keith Urban. By Jon-Mikel Bailey, {grow} Community Member. Have you ever visited a website based on the promise of great content and … what a dump?!? Did you even read the content after the first impression? Content in and of itself is not the complete picture. Design matters. Visuals matter.
    [Youtube] Google Rolls Out New Way for Nonprofits to Collect Donations
    Once you are approved as a Google for Nonprofits member, you will have access to all of Google’s Nonprofit products , including One Today, Google Grants, YouTube for Nonprofits, Google Earth Outreach Grants, and Google Apps for Nonprofits. Today, Google For Nonprofits opened up its mobile donation app, One Today , to all Android users in the U.S. They are now inviting nonprofits to register, create their own projects, and ultimately fundraise via mobile devices and social media.
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    [Youtube] 3 Ways Google+ Will Affect Your Business [Marketing Cast]
    We were busy enough jumping from Facebook and Twitter to YouTube and LinkedIn. Download this eBook to learn to enhance your business' Internet presence using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Google+ has joined the box of social networking tools marketers should know and leverage. It’s brand new, and it's shiny. But isn’t your toolbox getting too heavy with all the new social media tools and new communication platforms you need to use?
    [Youtube] Mobile and behavioral
    People have preferences about which device they use to access a certain online property; for example, consumers use tablets much more often to access Twitter (76% of Twitter visits occurred on tablets), YouTube (73% of YouTube visits occurred on tablets), Amazon (69% of Amazon visits occurred on tablets), CNN, and Facebook (both CNN and Facebook were accessed on tablets 67% of the time). Human behaviors are multifarious and myriad in nature.
    [Youtube] Why traditional journalism and social influence are blurring
    Last year I got to meet Bethany Mota , a huge YouTube star and one of the most influential people on the web. By Mark Schaefer. At the recent Dell-EMC World event, Dell’s global communications director said that a growing number of people who used to identify themselves as journalists or analysts are identifying themselves as “social influencers.” ” She said that this digital transformation was happening before our eyes, right in the press room.
    [Youtube] Your competitors are doing SEO
    — when they could be spending that money with Google AdWords (or Facebook, Bing, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube , etc) on contextual online advertising? Building an enterprise website is a lot like building a cathedral: you need to start renovating before you’ve completed construction. Cathedrals historically have taken a hundred years to construct, enough time for even the best stone mason’s work to demand some repair.
    [Youtube] One thousand posts. No navel gazing.
    Some of her videos have had more than a million YouTube views. This is my 1,000th post on {grow}. So I wondered … what should I do to commemorate this? Should I give away presents like Oprah? Should I honor my community in some way? Should I just ignore it and carry on?
    [Youtube] Best Social Media Stats, Facts and Marketing Research of 2010
    Among the global Forture 100 companies, 65% use Twitter, 54% are on Facebook and half post videos to YouTube. million business-oriented queries on YouTube every week. YouTube reaches 36% of all business decision makers (more than 10 times the figure for For anyone in marketing or PR being asked to make “data-driven&# decisions “based on the numbers&# (and doesn’t that include pretty much everyone in marketing and PR these days?),
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    [Youtube] 20 Percent of UK Social Networking is Mobile [New Data]
    Further research showed that even though Facebook and Youtube were popular sites only a third of the online population used both. Bruce Daisley, head of YouTube and display at Google UK had this to say about video and engagement: “More brands are trying to work out how to drive their social strategies, and this research shows the complementary roles the two sites can take.
    [Youtube] 20 Killer Web Copywriting Tips
    There’s a reason websites like Pinterest and YouTube are so popular. If you feel like becoming a Copywriting Superman, you need to learn how to attract visitors. Being able to put yourself into your customers’ shoes, you should also be eye-catching and unique in your content. Do you want your customers to switch to your competitor’s website just because your headlines or paragraphs are too generic and scarce?
    [Youtube] 3 Purpose Driven Methods Experts Use to Crush Content Shock
    Visual media, which can be generated by your audience (“user generated content” or UGC) or by your brand, is images pinned to Pinterest, photos shared on Instagram and short- and long-form video – i.e., Vine versus YouTube. Image: Courtesy of Shutterstock . Content Marketing Rule# 74: Take everything into consideration. Sure, one can laugh off the impending Content Shock theory the way Copyblogger did. It’s easy to mock Mark Schaefer’s theoretical discovery as overreaction.
    [Youtube] How to Create 360-Degree Video: The Ultimate Guide
    Meanwhile, different sites like YouTube and Facebook have their own recommendations for the best cameras to use -- reviewing those lists might be helpful if you plan to share on a specific platform. More social media outlets are supporting 360° video -- like Facebook, YouTube, and Google’s Cardboard technology -- making them a top choice for where this content is shared. There's something to be said for a truly remarkable experience.
  • FATHOM  |  FRIDAY, APRIL 28, 2017
    [Youtube] Reaching Millennials With Social Media: A Healthcare Case Study
    Half go on YouTube daily. With these statistics in mind, OhioHealth created a millennial-focused digital media plan with a combination of streaming radio ads, video and display ads, and paid social ads, including: YouTube video ads. Missed our webinar? Check it out now and learn how to engage millennials with a modern, comprehensive digital media plan. Millennials are coming of age and, accordingly, they are taking on the lion’s share of buying power in the United States.
    [Youtube] 12 Images You Should Share on Social Media
    LearningRx , a national brain training company, posts testimonials from students and parents on YouTube. Posting photos to social media is one of the fastest, easiest and fun ways to promote your business as well as boost engagement with your audience. If you’re not sure what types of images make for good exposure, use this list as your guide: 1. Customer photos.
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    [Youtube] The Marketing Power of Pokemon Go and Other New, Unsaturated Marketing Channels
    Everyone is a videographer - Thank you YouTube. While YouTube rolls out their mobile app update with LiveStream through the second half of 2016. 6 months ago, I didn't care a hoot about augmented reality games. But as marketers, they are about to become real darn important to all of us. In California, two men were playing the new mobile sensation Pokemon Go. They were so enthralled in the game they both walked right off a cliff.
    [Youtube] 7 Boring Big Brands That Used Humor to Amp Up Their Marketing
    million views on YouTube. So they took to good-old YouTube with their CEO as the main character to talk about why their blades are “f ing great.” Previous spokespeople for Wonderful Pistachios have included Gangnam Style’s PSY, Jersey Shore’s Snooki, and YouTube sensation Keyboard Cat. It seems like everyone is trying to be funny in their marketing these days, but why? Well, it works.
    [Youtube] The Psychology of Checking Your Email
    We prefer email as a method of procrastination, because we tend to feel better about ourselves than if we were just watching cat videos on YouTube. If you’re normal , you checked your email within the past 60 minutes. If you’re even more normal , you don’t even "check your email." Instead, it’s always there -- pinging, dinging, distracting your mind, chewing up your workday, and making you stressed out and unproductive. Email is a monster.
  • LEADERSHIP  |  FRIDAY, MAY 30, 2014
    [Youtube] Interesting Infographics: How To Make Your Content Go Viral
    YouTube is not your only video distributor; consider Vimeo and Yahoo video, too. We’ve all been there: we spend significant time and resources to craft what we (or our marketing agency) thinks will “go viral” The “Publish” button is pressed, it’s live and then……crickets chirping. How do B2B marketers create “viral” content for their marketing campaigns?
    [Youtube] Best of PowerViews: Are You Tenacious About Sales Follow Up?
    Each interview is available on our blog and YouTube channel. I continue to enjoy the insightful discussions I have with sales and marketing experts in our PowerViews series. There are a few topics that come up regularly. For this ‘best of’ edition we revisit the hot topics—social media, mobile marketing, sales lead follow up. Look for some of these topics to be further explored by upcoming guests Jill Rowley of Oracle and Kyle Porter of SalesLoft. Enjoy!
    [Youtube] Top Takeaways from HighEdWeb 2013
    It’s full of insightful interviews and illustrative case studies on using Twitter, Facebook and YouTube for marketing a school. When developing content for colleges and universities, it all comes down to communication. Duh, right? Content is communication. But in higher education, the communication issues get more complicated: If your school’s leadership doesn’t understand your content strategy, they don’t let you implement it.
    [Youtube] How to Launch a Virtual Conference for Lead Generation and Customer Acquisition: A Step-by-Step Guide
    YouTube to host videos. I recommend using YouTube Live to broadcast live videos and to host all videos to take advantage of its video SEO. A week before the live session, get on a call with the speaker to do a final check-in (the meeting was hosted using a private YouTube Live session so they understood how to sign in). Two recording options: Book an hour of their time to record the session via YouTube Live.
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    [Youtube] In the Aftermath of Penguin 2.0, Branding Is Now a Major Ranking Factor
    You want to get your videos found and shared on YouTube and Vimeo, your presentations on SlideShare, your content on relevant sites and guest blogs, etc. Penguin 2.0 happened. Perhaps you’ve heard about it? Yeah, figured.
  • VIDYARD  |  TUESDAY, AUGUST 23, 2016
    [Youtube] 5 Types of Webinars You Need to Fire Up Your Webinar Program
    TIP: Logistically, panel webinars are best done with software that allows you to broadcast everyone’s webcam at once, like Google’s Hangouts On Air (soon to be YouTube Live) or GoToMeeting. Hands up! As a marketer, how often have you struggled to come up with new ideas to engage your prospects? If your hand is not up then you’re either a marketing guru, or you might want to look down to make sure your pants aren’t on fire.
    [Youtube] The strategy behind the content
    I truly love this format and I’ll be posting the finished discussions on the blog and YouTube more often. At the end of each year I reflect on what I need to do more of or less of … what is working now and what will be working in the coming year. A lot of this reflection is spent on the time I spend creating content. It’s significant. I thought I would share for you my strategic view of the strategy behind the content streams going into 2016.
    [Youtube] 4 of the Biggest Advertising Trends of 2016
    It's become an extremely prevalent practice (particularly on YouTube and Instagram, where even pets are getting in on it ), but there still aren't clear compensation guidelines for influencers or ways for brands to measure the success of influencer-driven efforts. 2016 was a year of unprecedented creative opportunities for advertisers.
  • FATHOM  |  FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 2014
    [Youtube] How to Implement the Education Video Marketing Your School Needs
    Accept YouTube Applications. You should not only accept but also encourage prospective students to submit a YouTube video component to their application. Create a prompt for an optional YouTube video, a time limit and a title requirement to include “[School name] video application…” before the creative title. As the daily time spent watching television in the U.S. for those aged 18-34 dropped, daily digital video views increased 16 minutes in early 2014, according to Nielsen.
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    [Youtube] The Rise of Virtual Reality and What It Means for B2B Marketers
    The campaign was successful in spreading awareness, capturing 12,396 YouTube views. It wasn’t long ago that virtual reality felt like pure fiction. Members of Star Trek’s USS Enterprise used virtual reality to explore simulated environments — anything from traveling to lush forests to solving complicated mysteries. Bringing this technology to reality, however, felt “highly illogical,” as Spock would say.
    [Youtube] Best LinkedIn Guides, Tips and Tactics of 2011
    Gloria Rand offers an overview of LinkedIn company pages and how they differ from Facebook pages, with banner images, integrated YouTube videos, and most importantly, customer recommendations: “the real power of Company Pages is the fact that LinkedIn members who recommend a product or service on a company profile, will have those recommendations surface on their own personal profiles as well.”
    [Youtube] Brand Newsrooms Descend Upon Euro 2016
    Content will be published on YouTube , Snapchat , Twitter , Facebook and Instagram , as well as its owned digital properties, and distributed throughout the company for PR and social teams to use across global markets. ” Coca-Cola, meanwhile, hasn’t outlined its content marketing plans in the UK, but it is launching a YouTube TV channel, Coke TV, and a website, Happiness Football Club , in the host nation of France.
  • FATHOM  |  TUESDAY, OCTOBER 20, 2015
    [Youtube] How to Attract Prospective Students Through Storytelling
    Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest let your school’s story unfold in real time. How would current students respond if asked what convinced them to study at your college or university? Their answers may surprise you. Students aren’t just looking for a world-class education; they’re looking for a place to call home, a place to make a difference, and an experience that will allow them to realize their passions and actualize their path.
    [Youtube] Why Creative Marketing Strategies Deserve to be Gamified
    YouTube has since modernized this concept, allowing video creators to drop in “annotations” clickable by the viewer for how they’d like the clip to play out. A few weeks ago I relistened to a standup bit by comedian Dara Ó Briain , who reveals an awesome approach to creative marketing while ranting about video games. It’s the only artform, he says, that denies you access to the rest of the product until you’re good enough to continue.
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, MARCH 12, 2015
    [Youtube] The Ultimate Guide to Throwback Thursday: How to Use #TBT in Your Marketing
    Try using the hashtags in relevant blog posts, a YouTube video, or sharing your social networks. In this YouTube example, the throwback is footage of an amazing move by Arsenal player Alexis Sanchez. Note the clip''s clear business goal (YouTube subscribers) and humorous/relevant call-to-action (a click-to-subscribe annotation on Sanchez'' chest): Trivia and Games.
    [Youtube] Pull Marketing vs. Push Marketing – The Shifting Battleground
    YouTube now requires you to watch short commercials prior to viewing their content. Even though I make my living as a marketer, I get as bothered as any other consumer by the constant intrusiveness of unwanted promotions. The abundance of unsolicited marketing pitches from TV, radio, Internet ads and other media exasperates me daily.
    [Youtube] No Super Bowl Ads? No Problem: How Every Brand Can Win the Big Game
    ” The ad is both hilarious and subversive, and the company published it on YouTube ahead of the Super Bowl to reach an audience. Reception was incredible: The ad has generated nearly 800,000 views on YouTube, as well as views on other platforms, and the company received massive free publicity through media coverage of its innovative ad. The Super Bowl is the world’s biggest televised event, and the biggest advertising day of the year.
    [Youtube] The 7 Building Blocks of a Solid Content Marketing Plan
    Every 60 seconds 277,000 tweets are produced, 216,000 new photos are posted on Instagram, Pinterest users pin 3,472 images, and 72 hours of new video is uploaded to YouTube. Marketers are creating more content than ever. According to the Content Marketing Institute , 77% of B2C companies and 70% of B2B companies surveyed say that they are creating more content than they did just a year ago. However, producing more content is only productive when you have a solid plan in place.
  • VIDYARD  |  MONDAY, APRIL 11, 2016
    [Youtube] A Marketer’s Guide to Advertising on Facebook and Instagram with Video
    The downside to Facebook video is its metrics, which still lag significantly behind those of YouTube ads. When advertising to today’s audiences, the first step is to analyze how viewers are digesting content. Audiences have become more visually inclined with platforms today like Facebook and Instagram, which both offer great ad platforms for marketers.
    [Youtube] 5 Ways You Can Add Social Proof to Your Landing Pages
    Learn the step-by-step instructions here to embed tweets, Facebook posts, Pinterest pins and boards, Google+ posts, YouTube videos, Vines, SlideShare presentations, and infographics. Imagine you and I were chatting, and I leaned in and told you, "I''m a really amazing oil painter. People look at my paintings and think they''re photographs. My work brings out emotions people didn''t even know they had -- I''m that talented.". Would you believe me?
    [Youtube] 5 Holiday Videos from 2016 That Bring Joy to the World
    At 21 million views on YouTube, it’s seen more play time than all of the other videos in this post combined, and for good reason. I never really liked the holidays, I’m not going to lie. Working at a grocery store in my teens meant angry shoppers fighting over the last frozen turkey, hearing the grocery store’s grainy loudspeaker belt out Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You” several hundred times per day, and of course, snow. None of this was my jam.
    [Youtube] 5 Digital Marketing Campaigns Inspired By Women
    To reduce the disempowering impact this could have on a girl’s self-esteem and confidence, Procter & Gamble’s Always brand launched a YouTube video campaign to change the perception. Today marks International Women’s Day , globally celebrating women’s achievements in a call for greater equality. This year’s theme is “Make it Happen,” encouraging effective action for advancing and recognising women.
  • NUSPARK  |  MONDAY, JANUARY 16, 2012
    [Youtube] A Lesson from Microsoft: Control Your Own Destiny
    It doesn’t matter whether you have a Twitter, Facebook or YouTube presence. It’s nice to know that what happens in Vegas stays there. But with Microsoft’s announced departure from the Consumer Electronics Show, there will be fewer secrets in Glitter Gulch. Or not. Steve Ballmer’s opening-day keynote last week apparently conjured up a little déjà vu , with many of his product announcements having been heard before – more than once.
    [Youtube] 25 Key B2B Content Marketing Stats
    Twitter, YouTube, Google+, and SlideShare are also used for B2B content marketing. The American writer Margaret J. Wheatley once said “Without reflection, we go blindly on our way, creating more unintended consequences and failing to achieve anything useful.” This is good advice in general but can have specific relevance for business practices, which need to be updated and assessed as time goes by. Marketing has changed a lot over the past few decades.
    [Youtube] 5 Ways to Differentiate Your Marketing Content
    After all, simply writing more newsletters, automating social media feeds, producing more infographics or launching more company blogs/magazines/YouTube channels/LinkedIn profiles/Facebook pages/carrier pigeon programs (well, that one might work) was never going to be more than a very short-term solution. A couple of great examples are GE’s cool #6secondscience and #GravityDay campaigns and the YouTube Rewind series.
    [Youtube] 8 Common Ways Most Content Marketers Fail
    The blog lives on a website, videos live on YouTube, and white papers have to be downloaded as PDFs. Marketers are pretty resourceful. Many of us create amazing campaigns and pieces of content, sometimes even with limited resources. From one-(wo)man operations to teams with every position imaginable, we all have areas that could use improving. Many of the areas where we make mistakes center around the experiences that we’re delivering to our audiences.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, JANUARY 23, 2017
    [Youtube] 11 Soundless Videos We Love (And Why)
    Mode shares lifestyle videos on Facebook and YouTube , and their most popular videos are their "100 Years of" retrospectives that look at a century of changes to a popular trend. This soundless video drove engagement on Facebook and YouTube because it was timely. Bright colors help this video pop out to viewers against the lighter-colored Facebook News Feed, YouTube homepage, and Twitter feed without sound to rely on. What was your most embarrassing office etiquette moment?
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, MARCH 10, 2016
    [Youtube] The Ultimate Dictionary of Marketing Terms You Should Know
    Long-tail keywords: unicorn games online, unicorn costumes for kids, unicorn videos on YouTube. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Google+ are examples of social media networks that one can join for personal or business use. 98) YouTube. YouTube is a video-sharing website on which users can upload, share, and view videos. Three former PayPal employees created YouTube in February 2005. In November 2006, YouTube, LLC was bought by Google Inc.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, MARCH 20, 2017
    [Youtube] What Is Guerrilla Marketing? 7 Examples to Inspire Your Brand
    That's why we love things like DVR and ad-free options on streaming services like Hulu and YouTube. These videos were shared on Greene King's YouTube profile and posed the question, "Without these neighborhood meeting places, where would we share these moments?". The word "guerrilla," in its written form, seems very intense. It conjures images of rebellion and conflict. Put it next to the word "marketing," and it makes a lot of people ask, "Huh?".
    [Youtube] 2013's Top Content: 10 Brands That Totally Nailed It
    The smooth talking Belgian man, the awe-inspiring music, and the epic feat of performing the splits between two trucks driving backwards, all combine to make this video from Volvo the most watched YouTube ad ever, with over 60 million views! It can be hard to focus on creating content at this time of year -- what with office chocolates in abundance, festive songs ringing out, and the general air of excitement for the season.
    [Youtube] Nine Habits of Highly Engaging Content Marketers
    When I want to dig deeper, I'm reading blogs, downloading e-books, and/or watching YouTube videos. Someone recently told me she was an “advertiser's dream” because whenever she sees a commercial or hears of an offer, she is immediately convinced she wants or needs that product. Well, I think I'm a content marketer's dream.and maybe most marketers are. Whenever I hear about a new blog, webinar, tool, or tactic, I just can’t wait to give it a whirl.
    [Youtube] 3 Enterprise Marketing Leap Day Campaigns that Have Staying Power
    With branded content appearing on YouTube and ESPN homepages, GM took advantage of the leap day by supporting noble causes on uber-popular websites. While many brands in the past have purchased a TV ad spot, GM is counting on reaching built-in audiences on ESPN and YouTube through native advertising—a more targetted and data-driven approach than traditional TV ads. When the Egyptians realized their 360-day calendar was off, they added five days of partying to the end of year.
    [Youtube] [Study] New-Age Digital Experiences Require Utility and Added Value
    DVR and premium subscription options to skip ads on YouTube and Pandora). Today’s mobile-savvy and connected consumers desire rewards for their attention—and they understand how valuable that attention is, according to Razorfish’s Digital Dopamine: 2015 Global Digital Marketing Report.
  • 6SENSE  |  WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 21, 2015
    [Youtube] 6 Takeaways from the 2016 B2B Content Marketing Report
    LinkedIn (66%), Twitter (55%) and YouTube (51%) were reported as the most effective social channels for promoting content. What does a successful content marketing program look like? How do marketers measure success? What are the most effective content marketers doing daily and weekly?
  • MARKETRI  |  THURSDAY, MAY 16, 2013
    [Youtube] CPA Content Marketing: Four Examples of Superb Content by Accountants
    A few very shocked subway passengers, 54,000+ views on YouTube, an exciting team-building activity for the WSB employees, and a good chance that you’ll remember the name WithumSmith+Brown for quite some time. B2B buyers complete nearly 60 percent of their purchase decision online before they even engage a sales representative, according to research by Google and CEM. What does this mean for your business?
    [Youtube] 7 B2B Social Media Sins
    Read an article or watch an instructional video on YouTube. As 2012 approaches, it is clear to see that social media should be a focal point in your B2B marketing plan and strategy. Social networking sites can be a great way to connect with potential prospects as well as peers in your industry, plus these sites are incredibly useful for furthering your content marketing initiatives and driving traffic back to your Web site.
    [Youtube] The Essential Guide to Creating an SEO-Friendly Customer Journey
    Notice how this particular customer journey begins with a YouTube video, continues through a PPC ad, and progresses to the end entirely online. Interview several experts on vacation affordability, and post a video series on YouTube. Think about the last time you made a major purchase online. Was it a plane ticket? An espresso machine? A pair of sneakers? Now, think about where in your buying process the company you bought from made themselves digitally present.
    [Youtube] Guest Blogging is (Really) Dead! 4 Things to Do Instead
    Don’t forget that YouTube is the second biggest search engine, so if you aren’t sharing your videos there, you could missing out! It wasn’t too long ago, (a year or so) that nearly everyone working in the field of search engine optimization (SEO) would suggest using “high quality” guest blogging as part of a link building strategy.
    [Youtube] What Van Damme Teaches Us About Manufacturing Marketing
    The video was meant to illustrate the stability of Volvo’s patented dynamic steering, and it has been viewed on YouTube tens of millions of times. Just a few weeks ago, Jean-Claude Van Damme probably wasn’t the first person who came to mind if you were considering how to successfully market a manufacturing company.
    [Youtube] The Power of Paid Amplification: Igniting the Success of Your Content
    Not only that, but 571 websites are launched, 48 hours of YouTube videos are uploaded, and 347 WordPress blogs are published—every minute of every day. It’s no mystery that the Internet is a cluttered space. I tend to think of it as a messy, overstuffed closet that makes it hard to find anything useful. Consumers are overwhelmed today with the sheer volume of content that’s available to them on the Web.
    [Youtube] Truth in Advertising Takes on the Kardashians
    Like TINA, the FTC targeted a high profile influencer—in this case, YouTube megastar PewDiePie—to garner publicity for the complaint, but hit the brand with the actual sanctions. America’s first family is officially on notice.
    [Youtube] Case study: Fast-growing B2B expands social media exposure
    You can connect with Hinda as well through their blog , YouTube channel or Twitter. Drew Hawkins has become one of the most consistent contributors in the {grow} community. He recently commented that he could relate to the research on the explosive growth of social media in small businesses because he was witnessing it first hand.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, JUNE 11, 2013
    [Youtube] The Dark Side of Customer Service: When the Customer Is "Right" but Insane
    If you haven''t, you can see it on Gawker where I first discovered it, or below where we''ve embedded the YouTube video. By now you''ve probably seen the unbelievable video making the rounds on the internet of a woman demanding her money back at a Dunkin'' Donuts store. The video is eight minutes long (you''ll get the gist of it in the first minute or less), but believe me when I say it''s worth eight minutes of your life to watch. Especially if you never worked in customer service.
    [Youtube] What is the role of content marketing in an ad-free world?
    The “ influencer frenzy ” where brands are paying enormous amounts of money to be aligned with a YouTube star or Snapchat queen is really just beginning, and it’s all fueled by content. By Mark Schaefer. Here’s the current state of my advertising consumption. I subscribe to digital versions of The New York Times , The Wall Street Journal and my local paper. I have not seen a newspaper ad in five years. Maybe longer.
    [Youtube] 4 SEO Link-Building Changes You Need to Know
    Instead, he recommends spending the same time and energy you would’ve spent on guest blog posts to create engaging and relevant YouTube videos, become a valued member of online communities, or create great content for your own blog. Search engine optimization (SEO) is constantly evolving, and unless you work in the industry, it can be hard to keep track of all of the changes. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.
    [Youtube] Stop Flushing Your Online Marketing Dollars Down the Toilet
    The old tactics (metatags, alt tags, keywords, links) have some value, but what’s more important is strategic and relevant content on your web site and on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. Tweet. What’s the point of spending money to drive traffic to your web site… …if you’re not getting a return on your investment? Several of our new B2B clients came to us with this very frustration.
    [Youtube] Why Your Brand’s Content Strategy Should Cover the News
    On YouTube, GE explores the science behind its products with engaging video snippets. Remember when we used to get news from a newspaper or a local television broadcast? In case you hadn’t guessed, new research has proved it: We’re a long, long way away from the days of print or TV being the primary place people get their news. Pew Research Center found that 62 percent of US adults get news on social media , and 18 percent do so often.
  • HUBSPOT  |  WEDNESDAY, MAY 18, 2016
    [Youtube] 17 Inspiring Instagram Video Examples From Oreo, Spotify, BuzzFeed & More
    But on the 199th anniversary of National American Sign Language (ASL) Day, he broke his silence both on Instagram with the video below, and on YouTube with a longer video -- a great example of paring down a longer YouTube video to fit Instagram's platform. For example, this YouTube video of theirs looks like a normal commercial, but turns into a "choose your own adventure" type game.). Remember when Instagram first started allowing users to post videos back in 2013?
    [Youtube] 5 Tips to Help Make a Killer Marketing Video
    After Google, YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world. Some people watch on YouTube, some will only watch videos on Facebook. Creating a video (or video series) to help market your product or service is a no-brainer. It's an easy, shareable way to communicate your company's core message. Chances are though, you don’t have the in-house resources to create a clip or much time to waste on learning video editing software yourself.
    [Youtube] Is Anyone Leading Lead Management?
    Social Media Department – blog, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, iTunes, YouTube and Pinterest, to name just a few. Sales Lead Management is a complicated process. It needs a leader to pull all of the competing interests and people together to work as a team. Sales lead management is a tough subject to truly get your arms around.
    [Youtube] Using Top-of-Funnel Content to Drive SEO Results
    This tool finds long tail variations from a root keyword while analyzing popular queries across Google, Youtube, Amazon Bing and other search engines. When thinking about the conversion funnel in relation to SEO, B2B marketers should aim to provide content that meets the needs of searchers no matter what phase of the buying process they are in. The idea is, of course, to get leads and prospects to move past the awareness phase , and ultimately convert.
  • FATHOM  |  TUESDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2013
    [Youtube] Attribution Modeling for EDU
    It’s full of insightful interviews and illustrative case studies on using Twitter, Facebook and YouTube for marketing a school. Think of your marketing efforts as one big team. This team has one goal: to generate more enrollments. But to reach your goal, you need to understand how all of your marketing efforts work together. Attribution modeling can give you that big picture.
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, MARCH 7, 2014
    [Youtube] How to Create a Business Card That's Actually Useful
    Include an interactive feature or added value that sets you apart such as a link to a YouTube video that explains more about your product or service, includes a coupon code or special offer, or even your most useful piece of gated content, form-free. This post originally appeared on the Insiders section of Inbound Hub. To read more content like this, subscribe to Insiders.
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