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Consent and transparency need to be top data privacy concerns for marketers


Data privacy is critical to successful marketing. Effective marketing requires the collection and analysis of user data across digital platforms. Customer data lets marketers impactfully speak to their audience – driving conversions or brand awareness for their clients without annoying their customers.

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5 Tips to Prepare Your Email Program for Mail Privacy Protection (and Still Be Successful)


As news of Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection sinks in for email marketers, questions linger around how it will ultimately impact email programs as they stand today. Assuming Apple Mail open data becomes unreliable, here are five tips to help you prepare for Mail Privacy Protection. Evaluate your potential impact.


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Web analytics is badly broken 


It’s hard to see anything like that happening in today’s world, where marketers are increasingly doubting the accuracy and veracity of their analytics data. The reason for this is one word: privacy. GA4 is also increasingly asking marketers to rely on its own proprietary AI model for data analysis. billion category.

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How the New American Data Privacy Act Will Affect Marketing

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equivalent of the GDPR , the European law about data protection and privacy that serves as the gold standard for privacy compliance. While it is uncertain whether the bill will pass, the message to marketers is clear—national privacy regulations are on the horizon and now is the time to get ready.

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How ZoomInfo’s Community Edition Promotes Fairness, Protects Data


Businesses have used professional contact listings to reach their markets for generations, dating back to the days when a phone book arrived at your doorstep with a thump. The combination of our best-in-class business contact data and industry-leading software helps customers define their market, deliver their message, and close more deals.

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2021 Email Trends to Date and Predictions for the Future: Webinar Recording + Q&A


In the first part of our online Ultimate Email Summit , Jessica Raggio (VP of Product Marketing at Litmus) and April Mullen (Director of Brand and Content Marketing at SparkPost) shared their takes on these 2021 email trends to date and predictions for the future of: Agility, adaptability, acceleration. Privacy & trust.

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Decoding California’s Privacy Changes: 5 Must-Read Updates for Digital Marketers


Attention digital marketers and agencies: California’s recently updated privacy regulations are now in full effect. T he California Privacy Protection Agency (CPPA) has signaled they intend to enforce them quickly. Updated Privacy-Compliance Requirements 1. During the ‘Internet 1.0’

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