You Need a Privacy Policy in 2017: Here's How to Start


At this point, you might be asking yourself: Do I really need a privacy policy for my website? But with so many new data privacy regulations and lawsuits cropping up, skipping out on a privacy policy is just asking for trouble. Privacy Shield.

Beyond the Google Privacy Policy to Free Market Privacy


Last year I took a look at Google’s new privacy policy and wasn’t that happy with the way it was presented. Too many links to click, hard to backtrack to make sure you read everything, not sure which parts were boilerplate web safety advice vs. Google’s specific policy, and more. But it got me to thinking, which those who know me rightly find dangerous, about what the future of privacy policies really are. But privacy is too complicated.

Google’s new privacy policy is definitely good for Google


Many of you probably got an e-mail last week from Google announcing its new privacy policy. Every site has a privacy policy, and as a marketer, I understand the need to make some use of the information. No, the privacy policy is kind of a legal document.

Out with the Old, In with the New: Making Google’s Privacy Policy Work for You

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Google’s new privacy policy , implemented at the beginning of March, has sparked a series of charges and countercharges about how the tech giant may be impinging on users’ privacy. Has it changed your opinion of the recently released privacy policy?

Instagram Responds to Privacy Policy Backlash, and Other Marketing Stories of the Week


Instagram Updates Privacy Policy, Begins Sharing Data With Facebook, From Marketing Land. This week, Instagram updated its privacy policy, officially allowing Facebook to share information with Instagram, and vice versa. Happy Holidays, marketers! :-).

Shopping cart optimization tips


Link to policies: Linking or listing policies is another tricky area when it comes to your shopping cart. You don’t want shoppers to leave the checkout process to find answers to a question they might have about your return policy, privacy policy, etc.

Data is More Secure Than Ever with Lead Liaison’s Participation in the Privacy Shield

Lead Liaison

Privacy Shield Frameworks to increase data security for international clients. The Privacy Shield Framework complies with European Union and Swiss data protection requirements when transferring personal data in and out of the United States. In order to comply, US-based organizations must certify themselves with the Department of Commerce, as well as publicly commit to comply with the Privacy Shield Program’s requirements. About the Privacy Shield Agreement Model.

Google's New Privacy Policy: A Primer


Google rolled out its new privacy policy last month, unifying dozens of programs under the same terms of service. The company says that this streamlined policy will make it easier for consumers to find out how Google uses their personal information.

Jing Project: Visual conversation starts here. Mac or Windows.

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Privacy Policy Weblog. Send Feedback. Video Tour. Capture, record, share. Communication is evolving. Capture Images. Snap a picture of anything on your desktop. Record Video. Record video of what you do, or what you see. Share Online. Instantly uploaded. Share in email, IM, or blogs. Download. For Mac OS X. Download. For Windows. What is this thing called Jing? Video tour. The concept of Jing is the always-ready program that instantly captures and shares images and videoâ?¦from

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How to Use Forms for Lead Generation

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Include your privacy policy. A simple link to your organization’s privacy policy and a promise that none of the lead’s personally identifiable information (PII) will be passed to third-party websites will help build trust with those completing the form. (Of

A Technology Transformation That Fundamentally Changed One Brand

Modern Marketing

" After loosening the reins on the brand's privacy policy to allow for retargeting, Pere and his team launched the technology transformation by implementing a Data Management Platform (DMP) from Oracle Marketing Cloud.

5 Ways You Can Add Social Proof to Your Landing Pages


2) Privacy Policy. You can also link to your privacy policy inside the form (but make sure the link opens up a new tab so they aren''t directed away from the landing page). Imagine you and I were chatting, and I leaned in and told you, "I''m a really amazing oil painter.

Privacy Shield


You may have seen a lot of articles lately mentioning GDPR, a new set of privacy regulations set to take effect next year in Europe. Many countries don’t distinguish between an individual or business when it comes to privacy. The post Privacy Shield appeared first on Televerde.

Twitter Introduces Lead Generation 'Cards' to Collect Leads From Tweets


Privacy Policy URL : All Twitter Lead Generation Cards must include a link to your privacy policy so users can see what data is being collected and how it''s being used.

Just What is a Privacy Shield Exactly, and Is It Painful?


These are standard contractual clauses that the European Commission has said “provide adequate safeguards with respect to the protection of the privacy and fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals and as regards the exercise of the corresponding rights.”.

Did a Company Share Your Information W/O Your Consent? The FTC Wants to Know

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On August 14, 2015, Lisa Weintraub Schifferle, an attorney with the Federal Trade Commission’s Division of Consumer and Business Education posted an open invitation on the FTC website: Want privacy? And we’ve made it easier for you to report privacy-related complaints.

Definition of Introvert -- What is an Introvert?

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Use an Email Preference Center to Keep Your Email Subscribers Happy

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Another best practice that will increase the effectiveness of your preference center is to include a link to your privacy policy. Including your privacy policy will help reassure readers that you engage only in industry best practices, and that you will protect their privacy.

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6 Considerations When Using Facebook Groups in Healthcare


Posts in closed Facebook groups are supposed to be visible only to group members, but due to frequent changes in Facebook’s privacy policy there have been instances of those posts showing in news feeds and in search.

Spring Into Compliance – The Canadian Anti-Spam Law (CASL) is Around the Corner

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David Fowler, Act-On’s chief privacy and deliverability officer and Kent McGovern, deliverability operations manager (who’s based in Canada), will be speaking about the new law and its ramifications in a webinar this Thursday, February 14 th at 11 a.m.

20 Tips for More Efficient Google Searches

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16 Marketing Pick-Up Lines to Snag Your Next Hot Date [+ Ecards]


13) "Do you have a privacy policy? Looking for a hot date this Valentine's Day? Want to break the ice with that cute marketer at work? Need a good one-liner for that lovey-dovey card you're making your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife?

How to Create Facebook Lead Ads: A Beginner's Guide


Your privacy policy page URL. 12) Next, check the setting for the privacy policy on your ad. If you're like most marketers, you're always on the search for ways to reach new audiences and generate leads.

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A Marketer’s Guide to the New GDPR Regulations


Do you have a privacy policy that details how you collect, store, transfer, process your data? In early December, the EU agreed upon new regulations for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

How Not to Manage Email Unsubscribes [4 Awful Examples]

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Links for the privacy policy and to unsubscribe, as well as contact information were hidden in a single large footer image that wasn’t displayed by default in my email client and likely in others. Unsubscribing should be easy!

Temporary/Disposable Email Addresses & Their Effect on Deliverability


Present contact information clearly on your website and sign-up forms and reassure them that you will protect their privacy with statements such as “we will never collect your data to be rented, sold, or shared.”.

16 Marketing Pick-Up Lines to Snag Your Next Hot Date


8) "Do you have a privacy policy? Looking for a hot date this Valentine's Day? Want to break the ice with that cute marketer at work? Need a good one-liner for that lovey-dovey card you're making your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife?

2013 New Year’s Resolutions for the B2B Marketing Department


Reassure that when audiences click your ads to get to your landing pages, include trust factor content such as testimonials, case studies, association logos, and a privacy policy link. .

Quality Assurance Testing Is Not Optional


Even housekeeping links such as the privacy policy and contact us should be reviewed. Recently, ANNUITAS published a blog post on When Mistakes Happen that focused on how to address mistakes once they occur.

Test 40

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New California Do Not Track Law Affects Online Marketers

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You need to add language to your privacy policy that addresses two key issues: Disclose whether you respond to DNT signals. California’s Governor Jerry Brown has approved “Cal AB 370,” the world’s first legislation to directly address the “do not track” (DNT) issue.

Strategies For Interactive Marketing In A Recession by Josh Bernoff - Forrester Research

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Instagram Loses 25% of its Daily Active Users, and Other Marketing Stories of the Week


You might recall last week’s marketing round-up post where we mentioned Instagram’s updated privacy policy, which led to some serious backlash from users -- which then led to a rollback and replacement of the originally publicized privacy policy.

Crafting Cart Abandonment Emails that Work

Modern B2B Marketing

There are a myriad of reasons why customers abandon their carts, from sticker shock about shipping rates to lack of trust in your data privacy policies. Nearly 3 out of 4 online shopping carts are abandoned.

10 Amazing Ideas for B2B Press Releases


Pricing and policy changes. If you’ve just made or plan to make any changes in your pricing, privacy policy or EULA, it’s a must to notify your customers and companies you partner with. Guest post by Alice Koval.

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Preoccupations - I Freed Myself From E-Mail's Grip -

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7 Ways to Optimize Your Conversion Forms to Get Better Leads


7) Ensure your visitors'' privacy. Link to your privacy policy either next to your email field label or at the bottom of your form below the submit button. Without having conversion forms, it''s going to be really hard to capture high-quality leads from your website.

What in the Heck Is Going on With Privacy at Google


The web has lit up about Google's updated privacy policy, and (shockingly) not all the feedback is super positive. Privacy on the internet has been a hot topic these days, especially considering Facebook's ever-changing levels of users' control over their information.

IP Reputation and Domain Reputation

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Two ways to help ISPs perceive your reputation as more trustworthy are to implement Sender Policy Framework (SPF), a simple open-source email validation system, and DomainKeys Identified Mai l (DKIM) which lets an organization take responsibility for a message that is in transit.

IP Reputation and Domain Reputation

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Two ways to help ISPs perceive your reputation as more trustworthy are to implement Sender Policy Framework (SPF), a simple open-source email validation system, and DomainKeys Identified Mai l (DKIM) which lets an organization take responsibility for a message that is in transit.