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    [Google] What to Look for In a Digital Marketing Company?
    Conduct a Google search of the company’s leaders and see if they guest blog on popular industry websites as well as have large followings on social media. Digital marketing is on the rise. Businesses are progressively investing in it to gain more customers and boost their bottom lines. According to a study from EConsultancy, in 2016, 72% of company and agency marketers increased their digital marketing budgets.
    [Google] State of Search Shout-Out: Two Days in Texas
    Ok, I’ll admit I’m partial to this topic as my session was entirely focused on how the customer experience is impacting search, but in an industry so focused on Google’s next move, it was refreshing to see others focused here as well. What stood out the most however was a comment from Gary Illyes of Google. While I typically try to take anything that comes from Google with a grain of salt, multiple people caught the reference around brand sentiment and rankings.
    [Google] The Best Converting Landing Pages for B2B
    Because it is mostly text, the page is fast loading which is great for Google. Landing page that can be crawled and indexed: If you are making multiple landing pages to test conversion, remember to “noindex” your PPC landing pages to avoid duplicate content penalties from Google. A great first impression can convert a lead into a sale in a matter of moments. A bad impression… Well you know the story there. Your landing page is your first impression.
    [Google] PPC for LinkedIn, What’s the Difference?
    The company finally decided they needed a more targeted approach than Google or Bing. Think about what actually represents success – you may get a click through rate of 0.05% and feel disappointed, but remember this is not like advertising on Google. Author: Rachel Kavanagh Recently a large Enterprise client of mine embarked on a PPC campaign for LinkedIn to promote one of their little known B2B Services Products.
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    [Google] The Essential Reading List for Growth Hackers: 15 Experts to Follow
    11) Nate Desmond , Associate Product Marketing Manager at Google. Nate used to be a marketing analyst for YouTube, and he currently works at Google as a product marketing manager. I''ve always been in awe of growth hacking. Although I see a lot of different definitions surrounding this buzzword, I like growth hacker Aaron Ginn’s summation the best: A growth hacker is someone whose passion and focus is pushing a metric through use of a testable and scalable methodology.
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    [Google] Healthcare Digital Marketing Industry Update – August
    Update 2: Changes in Branded Search Results – Google Panda Update. What you should know: Google and Mozilla announced in July that they will drop support for the Adobe Flash plug-in from their web browsers, Chrome and Firefox. The impact of Google’s and Mozilla’s announcement is zero to small for websites that have not posted any videos prior YouTube’s switch to HTML5 in 2010. Once a month, Fathom Health provides our clients with the latest digital marketing industry news.
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    [Google] The Crash Course in Mobile Content Every Marketer Needs Now
    If your site passes muster with Google’s Mobile-Friendliness tool , you’ve already passed the next big hurdle. Google’s answer boxes (aka “Rich Answers”). You know how real estate people like to say, “location, location, location”? It’s time digital marketers started saying “mobile, mobile, mobile.”. Here’s why: There’s more traffic on the Internet from mobile devices than from desktops. And that’s been true since 2014. 56% of content consumed today is consumed on a mobile device.
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    [Google] The Rise of Virtual Reality and What It Means for B2B Marketers
    For this campaign, the company used Google Cardboard, which transforms smartphones into functional VR headsets with cardboard, two lenses and a magnet. It wasn’t long ago that virtual reality felt like pure fiction. Members of Star Trek’s USS Enterprise used virtual reality to explore simulated environments — anything from traveling to lush forests to solving complicated mysteries. Bringing this technology to reality, however, felt “highly illogical,” as Spock would say.
    [Google] Customer-Centricity: The Age Of The Empowered Individual [Video]
    And please follow along on Twitter , LinkedIn , Facebook and Google+ or Subscribe to the B2B Marketing Insider Blog for regular updates. My kids and I are huge fans of the show Brain Games and the show’s host, Jason Silva. I recently saw this YouTube video by Jason where he touches on this being the age of the empowered individual – a topic very close to the heart of marketing. Jason talks about the upside of marketing and proves he is an optimist like me.
    [Google] 9 Essential Tips for Researching Your Next Content Campaign
    Use your website analytics tool (most of us use Google Analytics for this, but your company may use something else) to analyze traffic and user activity. Think With Google Marketer’s Almanac is another fantastic source of insights on seasonal trends and events. If you really want to get creative, add this holidays and observances calendar to your Google Calendar. Coming up with a steady stream of ideas is par for the course for content and demand gen marketers. .
    [Google] Survey: Marketers Challenged to Manage Their Digital Content
    Approximately 39 percent use a cloud solution, such as Google Drive or Dropbox. Marketers are creating an ample amount of content, but new research suggests that there are technology roadblocks preventing them from sharing and utilizing it effectively. The “Small Business Marketing, Big Digital Challenge” report recently surveyed more than 500 marketing decision makers to learn more about how they are managing their digital content.
    [Google] 15 Questions to Ask in Your Next Persona Interview
    If I were to look at your Google search history what would be the headlines of the last three articles you read related to [category]? People, it’s time to get real about buyer persona research. Buyer persona interviews are the most important – and often the most daunting – part of creating actionable, in-depth personas.
    [Google] Pin Like a Pro: 8 Simple Ways to Take Your Pinterest Pins Up a Notch
    Remember, you''re not just working on improving your visibility in Pinterest''s search results -- Google and other search engines will pick up your Pinterest images, too. If you''re looking for more guidance on how Google likes images to be optimized, check out this post on their blog. Tumblr. Instagram. The rise of the visual web and the growing popularity of visual communication are among inbound marketing''s most prominent trends.
    [Google] Go Where Your Customers Are – Wise Words from Sweta Patel
    Social selling may be where you reach your audience, but email marketing, webinars, and events are all channels that you can engage your audiences and build your pipeline,” Patel told us over Google Hangout. Many brands start using social media to build awareness for their brand, but few realize that social is just the beginning. And now that every brand starts with a social presence on day one, Sweta Patel believes companies that ignore other traditional channels do so at their own peril.
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    [Google] Why Your B2B Marketing Needs More Video [And How to Add It]
    And while it’s owned by Google, it does not use the same search algorithm uses. Google has a help page about video sitemaps here. How’s your video marketing? If you just thought, “What video marketing?” or “Huh?”, it’s way past time to add this content format to your publishing mix. The web has become more and more video friendly. There’s every sign it’s only going to get friendlier.
    [Google] What Can Marketers and Advertisers Take from the Pokémon Go! Craze?
    Doing research for Google or Bing platform changes/updates can help your cause, as you have the chance to take advantage of being the first to enter a specific advertising strategy. Proactively reaching your customers through additional advertising platforms and channels besides Google and Bing also adds a layer of mixed marketing to your campaigns.
    [Google] Why We Shouldn't Stop Innovating on Email
    From customized movie recommendations to tailored Google search, today''s buyers have grown accustomed to media that adapts around their behavior. Google thinks that people browsing marketing emails may behave similarly to people window shopping or flipping through content, and so it has begun to experiment with displaying marketing emails in Pinterest-style boards for browsing. This is the part where I tell you how bleak it is to be an email marketer. Crowded Inboxes.
    [Google] How to Build Successful Healthcare Paid Search Campaigns
    Google research shows that prior to booking an appointment: 77% of patients used search. This—and much more—was discussed in the OhioHealth, Fathom, and Google webinar How OhioHealth Navigates Google’s Paid Search Ecosystem. Healthcare marketing is transforming, and paid search is at the head of that transformation.
    [Google] Why Educational Content Marketing Is So Powerful
    It answers direct questions your audience might Google (e.g., Every day, we’re tasked with figuring out complicated stuff with limited amounts of time. Take health care, for instance. If you’re a small business, figuring out changing regulations and how they affect you and your employees can be a daunting prospect. In situations like these, educational content marketing can play a pivotal role.
    [Google] 10 Blogs to Bookmark: Social Marketing Edition
    You can also view posts divided by social sites (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and YouTube). Author: Maggie Jones There are a lot of blogs about marketing out there, and many of them are worth reading — well-written, original, full of valuable information and fresh perspectives. But the sad, sad truth is that there are a limited number of hours in the day (only 24, last time we checked).
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    [Google] B2B Online Video Marketing; Planning to Execution Best Practices for Lead Generation
    Measure: Event tracking with Google Analytics; YouTube analytics, Tagged links on channels of distribution, click rates, video views, social media shares and comments, Leads generated, ROI reporting. . A B2B Video Marketing Strategy Overview. Name a memorable ad in the past. Chances are, it’s a television ad. Because nothing beats the power of a message that combines the senses of sight and sound. That brings us to a discussion of video marketing for B2B.
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    [Google] Pinterest Guided Search Changes How We Discover Content, and It's Awesome
    Google released their Hummingbird update. For the longest time, whenever you needed to search for something on the internet, you typed a few keywords into a search box, hit enter, and hoped for the best. When you knew exactly what you were searching for, this worked best. Cheap charcoal grill" returned results for cheap charcoal grills. But when you had a really vague idea of what you were looking for, results were often poor.
    [Google] ABM: An Ancient Practice?
    With all of the recent buzz around ABM, you may think this person was just proven wrong, especially when you look at an index of Google searches on ABM, which shows a huge spike in interest in the topic in the past year. . Google Trends. There’s no denying that Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is hotter than hot. I’ve been to all of the big B2B marketing conferences this year, and the topic is being discussed everywhere.
    [Google] Facebook Sees 1000% Jump in LinkedIn Referral Traffic After Twitter Dumps LinkedIn
    With that post-breakup burst, LinkedIn is now surpassing Google and Bing combined as a source of referral traffic to Facebook Pages. You may remember that about two months ago, Twitter and LinkedIn announced they were parting ways. What their breakup meant was an end to the ability for marketers to sync updates from the two sites -- so no longer do you see tweets from your company's Twitter stream showing up on LinkedIn.
    [Google] 3 Ways Brands Can Succeed As Advertising And Technology Evolve
    Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and please follow along on Twitter , LinkedIn , Facebook and Google+ or Subscribe to the B2B Marketing Insider Blog for regular updates. Well AdWeek is over. We found out that Jerry Seinfeld loves advertising. Or at least getting paid by advertisers. People are still talking about millennials. Even though many of those talking about it are millennials. Video and mobile platforms are growing in importance. Nothing really new there.
    [Google] Five Reasons Lead Generation Is On Its Last Legs
    According to research from TechTarget and Google , only 21% of registrants from search provide accurate phone numbers on registration forms. A quick definition. Lead generation, for purposes of this post, is collecting registration information for content, in order to build a marketing database or deliver leads to telemarketing and then on to sales. Delivering leads for sales drives today’s B2B marketing organization.
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    [Google] 4 Timesaving Tools Even the Busiest LinkedIn Networker Will Love
    Though Google Reader will soon be kaput, other RSS readers such as Feedly , The Old Reader , and Scoop.It LinkedIn is more than just Facebook in a business suit. It’s an online directory of your professional contacts, a self-updating rolodex, a powerful marketing outlet, a professional search engine, and a searchable depository of industry news and insight. Perhaps most importantly, LinkedIn allows for easy touches that build business and relationships.
    [Google] Are You a Productive Reader? - Stepcase Lifehack
    Google it. google. ABOUT. HOWTO. FORUMS. ADVERTISE. ARCHIVES. PODCAST. WRITERS. CONTRIBUTE. TEMPLATES. CONTACT. SEARCH. ALL POSTS. FEATURED. PRODUCTIVITY. COMMUNICATION. LIFESTYLE. MONEY. TECHNOLOGY. MANAGEMENT. Your ID: Password: Forget your ID or password? Help. -->. Enter your email address: May 23rd, 2008 in Productivity. Are You a Productive Reader? I know you can read. You’re reading this, aren’t you? (If If you’re not reading this, never mind.).
    [Google] Content Marketing from the Inside Out
    Add this to Google Bookmarks. Post on Google Buzz. Add this to Google Reader. In your opinion, what’s the single biggest factor that builds credibility and trust in content marketing ? To me, it’s personality. Readers and viewers want to feel a human connection. They need personal stories about people and about you. It doesn’t matter what form the stories come in.
    [Google] Writing Web Content: 5 Simple Steps for Results
    Add this to Google Bookmarks. Post on Google Buzz. Add this to Google Reader. Organize, simplify and get better results from your Web writing by asking 5 important questions: What is the problem (pain, predicament)? Why hasn’t this problem been solved? What is possible? What is different now? What should your readers do now? As you compose your copy, you should write out several sentences to answer each question.
    [Google] Twitter: the little bird that grew up strong
    Add this to Google Bookmarks. Post on Google Buzz. Add this to Google Reader. Why Twitter Is Such a Powerful Social Media Platform , this week’s guest post by Phyllis Zimbler Miller , When I first heard Twitter mentioned two years ago – in a teleseminar with the BlogSquad! – I checked it out because I valued Patsi’s advice.
    [Google] Are Social Employees The Future of Marketing?
    And please follow along on Twitter , LinkedIn , Facebook and Google+ or Subscribe to the B2B Marketing Insider Blog for regular updates. ———-. As we think about social media, social business and social employees, how will great companies use their employees to get ahead in the Future of Marketing ?
    [Google] A Shortish History of Online Video
    The coffee pot pre-dates Google, so to find it, you had to either know where to look, or have someone tell you. In 2006, after breaking nearly every possible milestone in online video (and setting up a few new ones for others to break along the way) YouTube was acquired by Google for a whopping $1.65 Started in 1997 as a way of renting DVDs by mail, Netflix launched its streaming media service in 2007 , less than a year after YouTube was acquired by Google.
    [Google] We Need to Talk About Uber.
    Even when limited to the tech realm, there was a lot that went on, from Snapchat's bungled "surprise" partnership with Jeff Koons, to product announcements from Sonos , to even more struggles from major tech companies-- like Google, Facebook, and Twitter -- to curb the distribution and promotion of false content. The report also found that Levandowski met with Uber executives while he was still employed by Google (owned by Alphabet). Y'all. I don't even know where to begin.
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    [Google] The New Normal – Responsive Design
    Google Android: The native Android mail app along with other Android email apps has mixed support for responsive design. According to a recent post in Litmus , the 10 most popular email clients have been listed for 2015. As an email developer, I can understand and respect the results of this study. It’s no surprise that four out of the top five clients allow for a great mobile experience when viewing emails.
    [Google] Open Source: Top 100 Influencers and Brands
    Google. Open source is the practice of granting universal access to a product’s design or blueprint, and allowing its redistribution, including subsequent improvements to it by anyone. Open source code is meant to be a collaborative effort, where programmers improve upon the source code and share the changes within the community. By reducing the restrictions of copyright, open source significantly decreases the costs to the consumer and the creators of derivative works.
    [Google] Dear CMOs, Mobile Data Security Should Be Everything
    So Google It. Ok quick review for those who are currently out sick and thus may have missed the news. I will expect a note signed by Epstein's Mother. NOTE: If you don't know this reference it means you're under the age of 40. Anyway, for the uninformed. When it comes to data, roughly 90% of ALL data in the world has been produced or created just in the past two years alone.
    [Google] Six BIG Productivity Hacks to Get More Content Marketing Done
    If you’ve been blogging or producing other content for a significant length of time, chances are you’ve got some older content that’s fallen off Google’s (and your audience’s) radar, but could still provide value with a bit of refreshing. The bar keeps getting raised for content marketing.
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    [Google] Interesting Infographics: A Social Media Etiquette Guide for Business
    Google Plus is a network that offers a longer-form posting format for its users, 63% of whom are male and tend to be involved in the tech sector. When working with Google Plus, keep this etiquette in mind: Always +mention users when you comment on their posts so they’re notified. Google Plus allows for proper formatting, so take advantage of it to allow for clear reading.
    [Google] 9 Principles of Mobile Web Design
    This year, Google reported that 52% of search traffic and almost half of shopping traffic comes from mobile devices, so a compatible web design is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. And with Google’s mobile-friendly algorithm in place, you’d expect all sites to be compatible in this day and age. Another mobile-focused way to provide easy contact is by embedding a Google Map of your location onto your site. In case you missed it, we now live in a mobile-dominant world.
    [Google] How Savvy Inbound Marketers Get Results From Guest Blogging
    Never try to fool readers -- or Google -- using false anchor text as a means of including a link that might not otherwise be relevant. In fact, Google is rolling out another algorithm update in the coming days that will penalize you even more than they have in the past for this activity. 3) Google. Google is the biggest search engine online, as well as the best friend of any guest blogger. Note: You'll need a Google Chrome browser to install it.).
    [Google] The Business Blog Editorial Calendar Every Marketer Needs [Free Template]
    Share this calendar with anyone who will be contributing to your blog (in fact, consider plopping it into a Google doc for sharing and collaboration purposes!), It may not be wise to share your internal Google Doc ed cal with external contributors, but be sure to include their contributions in your planning, and give them due dates and deadlines like you would your internal contributors.
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    [Google] How to Attract More Clicks to Your Blog Posts: 11 Revealing Title Tests
    Variation A: What Does Google''s Hummingbird Update Mean For E-Commerce Business? Every marketer in their right mind knows that in order to drive more traffic to your blog , you need to come up with blog post titles that are actually enticing. But that''s easier said than done. If only we had some data to show us how to scientifically create blog post titles that will attract more clicks. Well luckily, I''m about to share with you that exact data.
    [Google] 4 Lead Nurturing Campaigns to Run After the Sales Cycle
    Better yet, set up a Google Alert and be ready to pounce if the news is good. by Dan Pecoraro | Tweet this We often talk about lead nurturing campaigns as if they are monolithic. But with a little investigation we find that they’re not all alike. Some you might not have occurred to you. Others are for when the deal doesn’t quite make it. Here are a few different types you might find after the sales cycle has come to a conclusion. The “Lost the Deal” Nurture.
    [Google] The Social Business Imperative
    Let me know what you think in the comments below and follow the conversation on Twitter , LinkedIn , Facebook or Google+. What is the value of a social business? How do we become one? Can you create one? Or is it more about culture, motivation and the enablement of social forces already in play in today’s workforce? These are questions that are not just being asked by marketers but by CEOs, business leaders and entrepreneurs around the world.
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    [Google] 7 Things to Know Before You Run an App Install Ad Campaign
    million apps are on both the App Store and Google Play. Apple’s IDFA, Google Advertising ID), Google Play Referrer, and fingerprinting. The explosive growth in mobile usage -- specifically in app usage -- has created an ultra competitive marketplace. A whopping 1.4 In such an environment, app marketers face a difficult challenge as they battle hundreds or even thousands of direct competitors for user attention.
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    [Google] Social networking services should be facilitated not controlled
    Maybe you need to do a better job of being an engaged participant on communities that already exists, be it on Facebook or Google Plus groups or pages or on messages, forums, or even subreddits. Way back in 2000, Amy Jo Kim wrote the book on best practices and strategies on how to start, build, grow, and maintain online communities in Community Building on the Web : Secret Strategies for Successful Online Communities. If you can find a copy, buy one.
    [Google] How a website tracker helps turn website visitors into customers (practical guide)
    In this practical guide we’ll explain how you find the most interesting website visitors by using specialist website tracking software (not Google Analytics Network report) combined with powerful web traffic filters. So here are 5 things you should know about website tracking tools: 1: Google Analytics is not designed for B2B lead generation because the data on visiting companies is very basic and the process of extracting information time-consuming.
    [Google] 8 Creative Social Media Tactics to Conquer Local Competitors
    Of all the social media networks to consider when leveraging an organic search presence, Google+ is currently at the top of the pile. With its consistent incorporation of Google+ profile and page information into search results , brand presence on Google+ is quickly becoming a social media must. Local businesses can learn a lot from the social media marketing strategies of large, national, or international businesses.
    [Google] Research Explains the Persistent Disconnect Between Sales and Marketing
    Yesterday, I performed a Google search using the term "sales and marketing alignment." When I limited the search to the past year, Google still returned over 50 pages of results. My search produced 239,000 results. So clearly, sales and marketing alignment is still a hot topic in the B2B sales and marketing world.
    [Google] Announcing the Launch of the New Inbound Marketing Book [Free Preview]
    Five years ago, Digg was still a thing , Google still indexed tweets in search results , and Farmville was the most talked-about application on Facebook. A lot of things can change in five years. You could get a new haircut. You could move into a new house. You could start a new job. You could get a whole new set of friends (who then become old friends). You could watch your child, sibling, friend, or relative graduate high school, graduate college, and start their career.
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    [Google] What Every B2B Marketer Needs to Know About Readability
    Google is onto this idea that good readability makes for good engagement. Is the content you publish engaging enough? If you’re worried it’s not, you’re definitely not alone. B2B marketers have named a perennial problem with producing engaging content. In the Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs 2016 B2B Content Marketing Trends report , “Producing engaging content” was the #1 challenge marketers face. 60% of the survey respondents say they struggle with it. This is nothing new.
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    [Google] Why Your Content Doesn't Attract Links and Other Marketing Stories of the Week
    How Optimizing My Ugly Google+ Profile Pic Increased Free Traffic 35% From SEOmoz. This one comes to us from our friends at SEOmoz, telling the tale of a story that was presented at MozCon: how optimizing a Google+ profile dramatically increased a blogger's traffic. The rise of Google+ has given marketers what the author calls "rich snippets," one of which includes your Google+ profile picture.
    [Google] The Right SEM Strategy for Schools
    You'll write naturally as Google also looks for the phrases it expects to see if your program page is truly about an "online culinary management program." So Google might also expect to see other culinary related phrases such "back of the house" or "restaurant operations.". Google has recently changed a number of its properties for on-page tags, such as giving you more room in titles and descriptions.
    [Google] What Do Snap’s AR Glasses Mean for Your Social Strategy?
    After the very public failure of Google Glass, other potential developers were leery of coming out with AR glasses designed for mass consumption. As a marketer, it might prompt you to consider whether Snap’s product has the marketing technology potential that Google Glass lacked. Snap is tramping down a haunted path with the gradual release of its augmented reality-enabled glasses, dubbed Spectacles.
    [Google] 5 Disruptions to Marketing, Part 4: Digital Everything
    The previous section on vertical competition looked at the explosion of new “client interfaces” — augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), smartwatches, connected TVs, connected cars, connected appliances, voice-command centers like Amazon Echo and Google Home, home automation, etc. AR/VR glasses and headsets — from Google Cardboard to Occulus and HoloLens. The Internet of Things (IoT) Landscape above is produced by the venture capital firm FirstMark.
    [Google] Reclaiming the Inbox: How Video Can Make Business Emails Personal Again
    ViewedIt Enterprise offers extended functionality to ViewedIt , the free, screen video-recording tool for Google Chrome, that gives anyone the ability to create, send and track video right from their web browser. ViewedIt enables sales professionals, executive leaders and customer support teams to easily record personalized videos and add them to their email conversations.
    [Google] How To Illustrate Popular B2B PPC Performance Metrics
    As Google continues to improve available site extensions, make certain to illustrate how the activation of an applicable extension impacted your click-through rate; hopefully in a more positive light. We often are presented with a range of unique challenges when trying to demonstrate the value and impact of our search engine advertising campaigns.
    [Google] 9 Interesting TED Talks on Breaking Bad Habits & Forming Better Ones
    Serving as the head of Google's web spam team, Matt Cutts tends to be best known for the work he and other engineers have done on Google's search algorithm. Some habits, like brushing your teeth, you've done so many times that they feel automatic. In fact, it's probably true that every time you brush your teeth, you do so in pretty much the exact same way every time. Other habits, like exercising for even twenty minutes a day, can feel nearly impossible to pick up. But why?
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    [Google] 5 Common Marketing Challenges Agencies (and Companies) Face
    This tactic is a lot easier now with Google and social media. Marketing is hard. When you’re faced with a limited budget or a tough marketplace, your job becomes even harder. But as marketers we thrive on these kinds of challenges, right? Right! Our agency has built a business on marketing in two relatively challenging verticals: B2B healthcare and B2B technology.
    [Google] Can you repurpose content?
    One way to not get a penalty is to use a rel=canonical in the URL source code; this helps Google understand how to handle the duplicate post. Perhaps the most amazing "secret" of content marketers is the way in which they repurpose content, whether they call it atomizing (Jay Baer) or reimagining content (Ann Handley). For example, a blog post from two years ago can keep paying dividends in remarkable ways.
    [Google] Hire A Journalist! (We did, and here’s what we learned)
    We also brought in some specialists to teach Jesse (and everyone who creates content) about linking strategies, keywords, linkbaiting, great titles (tip: find out what people are searching for – exactly – on Google, and solve for those terms) and all other forms of search marketing. by Brian Kardon | Tweet this Some anniversaries are worth celebrating more than others. For this one, I eagerly pop open the Champagne!
    [Google] What is Content Marketing? 10 Expert Video Responses
    Google Small Business: Introduction to Content Marketing with Buzzfeed. I was at a family cookout last summer talking to a group of my relatives, when someone asked me about my job as a content marketer. I began to explain it as I normally would to other marketing-savvy people, but noticed about half of those I was talking to were looking at me with faces that looked a lot like this: My grandmother said, “So, you’re like an online journalist?”
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    [Google] Want to Be More Creative? Try These 8 Tools
    It's also compatible with many other programs, including Google Apps, which makes exporting and sharing different file formats a breeze. This post originally appeared on HubSpot's Agency Post. To read more content like this, subscribe to Agency Post. I've always considered myself to be a fairly creative person. According to my mom, I practically burned through coloring books when I was little, which is why it made sense that I majored in art, then media, and wound up in marketing.
    [Google] DemandCon: Why Storytelling Drives Demand Generation [Video]
    Google Bookmarks. by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this. Jeff Ernst would like you to know that people don’t give a hoot about your product. They care about why you bothered to build it, package it and sell it. Ernst, a Principal Analyst at Forrester Research , who spends the majority of his time talking to CMOs, dedicated his entire presentation at DemandCon today dispelling what he considers common myths of marketing.
    [Google] 10 Tips To Increase Eyeballs And Conversion
    Check out Topsy , Reddit, BuzzFeed or Google Trends to find out what people are interested in around a particular topic. Deliver a clear brand promise. What is the value you offer to customers? Say it crisply and hit a drumbeat. Many brands do this very well. Coke – happiness. Red Bull – energy. Verizon – works everywhere. Make your brand value prop crystal clear and preferably differentiated. Consistently hit that drumbeat across all channels. Be known for something.
    [Google] B2B Sales and Marketing Trends for 2014
    With Google’s recent Panda, Hummingbird, and Penguin rollouts, simple keyword packing and volume content strategies are giving way to better-written, more relevant copy. One of the great things about my job is the opportunity to work with some of the leading B2B companies in the US and worldwide. This gives the FMP team and me the ability to track the most significant issues facing marketing and sales professionals.
    [Google] Do you want to be a marketer or do marketing?
    If, on the other hand, you want to improve your company’s conversion rate, or you want to raise your traffic from Google, or you want to increase web sales, that’s a good sign. I do a lot of coaching and teaching. With all the changes going on in technology, there is no shortage of people hungry to learn. Over the years, I’ve begun to realize that I can tell which students are going to adapt to the changes, and which one will have a much harder time.
    [Google] How Is Marketing Attribution Different Than Other Marketing Measurement Tools?
    Google Analytics) and channel-specific analytics (e.g. Many marketing tools -- ones that most B2B organizations already use -- claim to do attribution, or at least some version of it. For CMOs, it’s natural to want to use these tools for attribution as well, since they’ve already committed to the rest of the tool.
    [Google] It’s Time to Audit Your Website’s Social Functionality (Checklist)
    Google+ Post: ? Google+ Business Page: ? by Maria Pergolino I have recently been using LinkedIn and Pinterest more than Twitter and Facebook. This didn’t happen for any particular reason, it just evolved from participating where my friends were more active. Because of this, I decided that I wanted to beef-up the feeds I was seeing from brands I liked on both of these sites.
    [Google] Is the Marketing Campaign Dead?
    If you're all about the talking babies campaign now but what pops up for people in Google is lizard videos, are you really promoting the campaign you think you are? For years, I've believed that the notion of a marketing 'campaign' is dead. And I’m not the only one who thinks it. In the words of Joseph Jaffe , “Marketing is not a campaign, it's a commitment.” And Eric Wheeler wrote in the AdAge article " Ad Campaigns Are Dead ," “Power has shifted away from brands to consumers.
    [Google] Best Twitter Guides, Tips and Tools of 2010
    Pam Dyer serves up brief reviews of more useful Twitter tools including Twitscoop (trend-monitoring), TweetBuzzer (identifies popular brands on Twitter), Twitter Analyzer (kind of like Google Analytics for Twitter) and Tweeps (get stats that help you decide who to follow—or not—and find people you’d like to have following you). Post on Google Buzz.
    [Google] B2B Marketers – How to Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly
    Google Analytics presents this data, as do some statistics-tracking programs offered by website hosts (you have to activate this – web hosts don’t automatically start accumulating data on your behalf when your website goes live). Use Google Analytics to measure activity on your site using mobile devices. I’m not the only one talking about the importance of implementing mobile marketing.
    [Google] Did Samsung Just One-Up Apple on Its Cool Factor?
    To put Bixby in context, some describe it as Samsung's version of Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant. 3) An AR Partnership With Google. If you read the previous section and thought, "Sounds like Samsung might be trying to play on Google's playing field," you're not alone. Now, Samsung has partnered with Google for yet another open source initiative.
    [Google] End It on a High Note! Savvy Marketing Tips to Finish 2015 Strong
    Google and Mobile. Google changed its algorithm to rank results higher based on whether or not a website has a mobile-friendly format. Author: Aseem Badshah We’re more than halfway through 2015. (It It snuck up on us, too!) Right now, many marketers (you?) may already start looking towards the future by brainstorming ideas to execute in 2016. A word of advice: Wait! There’s still 4+ months remaining in 2015, so don’t waste it. It’s time for you to turn up the heat!
    [Google] 3 Tips to Refresh a Lackluster Marketing Strategy
    Check your Google Analytics to see how visitors are getting to your B2B website and what types of actions they are taking. Is your marketing strategy looking a little lackluster or not driving the results you are looking for? While you may not need to scrap your entire marketing strategy, it’s likely time for a refresh. Here are three quick tips to refresh your existing B2B marketing strategy. Look at the Numbers.
    [Google] The Do’s and Don’ts of YouTube Marketing
    The biggest, and maybe the most obvious, is because it’s Google owned and therefore it’s likely to affect your current digital strategy and SEO. Author: Jon Mowat There are a multitude of reasons why it’s really important to fine-tune your YouTube presence. Other important reasons include: that YouTube is the biggest player in Video Marketing , and it’s the second largest search engine on the net (bigger than Bing, Yahoo!, Ask and AOL combined!)
    [Google] 4 Steps To Succeed In The Digital Age [Slides]
    How does your brand cut through the noise of information when “every 2 days we create as much information as we did from the dawn of civilization until 2003” ( ~ Google CEO Eric Schmidt). OK, I admit it. I am a sucker for a great slideshare presentation. I subscribe to a number of respected marketers, business people and brands who create slideshare presentations I think are worth reviewing. And then I like to review them here.
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, JANUARY 21, 2011
    [Google] 6 Steps to Fight Content Theft
    Then suddenly last week, you noticed the traffic fall off the face of Google, and in your investigation, you realize that some nefarious black-hat has stolen your content word-for-word, reposted it to a couple of keyword centric content farms, and is stealing your mojo! Google HATES spam, and certainly hates when someone outright steals content without attribution. Step 3: Report the duplicate content to Google using your Google Webmaster Account.
    [Google] Digital learning and the invisible Digital Divide
    After all, nobody gets training in Google, Facebook or iPhones. As you start looking at this closer, you’ll notice that most people who use Google, Facebook and iPhones only use a very small subset of their capabilities. As organizations embrace mobile, social, big data, and cloud solutions, and as digital literacy becomes a prerequisite for the workplace, a very large contingent of people is silently left behind without many people noticing them.
    [Google] How to Increase Open Rates and Better Engage Prospects
    Great resources for this are LinkedIn, InsideView, and Google Alerts. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all instantly increase our effectiveness at engaging sales prospects or even better, our dream customers? It would be nice, I’m talking like, realllly nice. That’s why I coach my team of sales development rockstars at LevelEleven personalized outreach to only our ideal customer profiles. Today, I’m going to share some of our best Motor City strategies.
    [Google] Where Is Digital Advertising Headed in 2016?
    Obviously, Google AdWords had been preparing for this with the roll out of “enhanced campaigns” on July 22 nd 2013, when they no longer let campaigns be separated by device. Customer match (Google/YouTube). Digital advertising is an ever-changing industry; in order to stay ahead of the competition, advertisers are constantly trying to keep up with its current state, but just as importantly, identify where they should be moving to next.
    [Google] Before You Abandon Your Social Media Accounts, Read This
    You can have a credible presence online and spend about two hours a week if you blog, Tweet, update LinkedIn, Facebook and Google +. This blog post answers questions you may be having about social media – Why do it at all? How do I do it efficiently? There are good reasons to invest in social media, and there is a way to create a credible presence on social media without a lot of time and money.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, APRIL 28, 2015
    [Google] Which Social Networks Should You Focus On? Here Are 6 Ways to Find Out
    Google Forms. It’s very easy for social media marketers to get caught up in the latest "in" thing. Snapchat! Meerkat! Periscope! As each new social network pops up, many people feel the pressure to be on every single one. However, social media is only an effective inbound marketing tactic if you're doing the right things in the right places.
  • ACT-ON  |  MONDAY, JUNE 12, 2017
    [Google] How to Maximize Your Inbound Strategy
    It could be directed at those initial questions they are typing into Google or Bing, or it could be more content aimed at addressing questions buyers have when they’re further along on their journeys, such as why they should choose your solution over your competitor’s, or why should they act now rather than at some later time. Marketers are pressed for time. There are way too many things to do and channels to do them on ‒ and not enough staff, cash, or time to get them all done.
  • HUBSPOT  |  WEDNESDAY, MAY 21, 2014
    [Google] 3 Blog Optimization Experiments You Might Want to Embrace
    With the rise of visually-powered social media like Instagram, Twitter photo cards, Google+, Facebook, and Pinterest, the images associated with your blog posts have taken on extra importance. I’ve been blogging at Convince & Convert for almost six years, and we’ve been fortunate to see a very steady traffic increase year-over-year.
    [Google] Content Marketing and Sales Alignment: 5 Mutual Benefits
    When it comes time to generate a batch of blog topics to fill a blank editorial calendar, most content marketers run directly to the Google Keyword Planner tool or revisit legacy content for new ideas. Be sure to ask the sales team for all the “how do I” questions they receive as these can be used to create “how to” posts that could land in Google’s answer box results.
    [Google] 4 Tools for Measuring Your Online Influence
    Google Bookmarks. by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this In the online marketing world, you’re only as good as the content you create and the network you share it with. It’s no wonder that so many B2B and B2C brands have intensified their efforts to grow online influence and reach influencers through social media. Measuring online influence is a difficult task at best. For the most part, marketers have been constrained to piecemeal metrics like page views, followers and likes.
    [Google] Why B2B Marketers Need to Play Moneyball
    ” Grady Fuson: Major league marketing and it’s fans they’re gonna be more than happy to throw you and Google boy into the bus if you keep doing what you’re doing here. Recently I watched the movie Moneyball, starring Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill and based on the book by Michael Lewis. I loved it and drew some parallels with B2B marketing.
    [Google] The B2B Content Marketing ROI You Should Care About.
    Google analytics can tell you a lot of this, including whether your traffic is coming from organic search and what the terms that they used to find you. Measuring content marketing’s return on investment in B2B companies can be a complex calculation, especially if your solution is expensive, requires committee-based decisions, and has long and unpredictable sales cycles.
  • SNAPAPP  |  MONDAY, JUNE 29, 2015
    [Google] How To Create Fireworks With Your Content
    In a (2012) survey done by Google, 61 percent of prospects said issues with mobile site performance led them to visit other websites to find what they’re looking for. It’s that time of year – the Fourth of July is coming up quick! Pretty soon you’ll be at a cookout with friends and family watching fireworks, eating hot dogs, and wearing your red, white, and blue attire. While the summer is an exciting time for many people, it traditionally is a slow time for marketers.
    [Google] Why Email Marketing Trumps Social Media
    And social media companies like Facebook, Google and Twitter garner a lot of media attention. To acquire customers, does your marketing focus more on social media than email? Consider this: Email is 40 times more effective than social media. Social media tends to suck all the oxygen out of the room. Long after email marketing was a staple of most marketer’s toolkits, social media as a marketing tactic burst on to the scene and continues to dominate the attention of marketers.
    [Google] Do you know who is Linking to your Website?
    Referral Traffic in Google Analytics. If you go to your Google Analytics (assuming you have that installed on your site, and why wouldn’t you?) Links to Your Site in Google Webmaster Tools. Google’s Webmaster Tools provides greater insight into not only who links to your content, but which content is most popular and the anchor text that is used to link to your site.
    [Google] Is AI Capable of Creativity? 4 Fails, and 3 Successes
    Google Creative Lab: AutoDraw. But before the likes of Google, Lyft, and Uber began fighting over who would reign supreme in the area of autonomous vehicles, there was Hack Rod: one of the first artificially intelligent automobiles that had people talking. And thanks to Google's AI Experiments site, everyday tech nerds like us can play with it. 7) Google Creative Lab: AutoDraw. The robots are coming here. We know -- we've been over this.
    [Google] 5 Reasons Why Data is the Heart of Professional Services Marketing
    Even firms with a low marketing budget can make use of free tools like Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools to learn more about their target audience—just make sure they’re installed properly and monitored. On Google+ or LinkedIn? Successful marketing is about connecting with your target audience over their needs and concerns.
    [Google] Social Business Success Starts at the Top
    The same goes for other social media sites – ( Facebook , LinkedIn , Google+ ) the number of them growing by the day. Twitter is not just for kids. Smart business tweeters know that the social network is a great tool in promotion, brand recognition and customer interaction. Image: ). Someone should send the boss a memo.
    [Google] Should guest blogging still be part of your SEO strategy?
    Recently, Google’s head of webspam Matt Cutts said guest blogging is dead , citing its overuse by search marketing companies as part of their link-building activities. Not that you want to incur the wrath of Google, but getting placement on high-quality, high-traffic, highly-related blogs and websites can lead to fair bits of referral traffic for your site. Longtime readers know I’m not so keen on trusting Google anyway (oh, and here , too).
    [Google] Neuromarketing Books for Marketing to Brains
    Add this to Google Bookmarks. Post on Google Buzz. Add this to Google Reader. If you want to know more about how to write content that makes an impact on the brains of your readers, here are some interesting sites and books about the emerging field of neuromarketing. There are new neuromarketing companies and books galore, and I believe most offer important clues for content marketers. Here are a few of my favorites: The Neurofocus CEO, A.K.
    [Google] The Need for Leads: Why Marketing is the Perfect Wingman for Sales
    To help with this, marketing can create a shared space on the intranet or CRM or even Google Drive where updated content can be added or removed to help educate a sales prospect. Historically, the two “top guns” of customer engagement have never really seen eye-to-eye thanks to a long time rivalry fueled by their ego and perpetuated by differing metrics. All over the world, sales and marketing teams have inherited various roadblocks that keep them from working well together.
    [Google] Interesting Infographics: How C-Suite Leaders Spend Every Minute of the Day
    The International Center for Management and Organization Effectiveness surveyed 267 executives from companies such as Adobe American Express, AT&T, Bank of America, Boeing, BP, Delta, DHL, Federal Express, GE, Google, HP, John Deere, Johnson & Johnson, Kelloggs, Motorola, Rio Tinto and Twitter. If you are a C-Suite level executive or your clients are executives, I think you will find this infographic both useful and interesting.
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