41 Expert Opinions on Data Hygiene Best Practices


Long before cloud-based CRM systems, companies largely relied on manual data entry and cleanup processes. But this can leave your contact and company data fraught with errors and inconsistencies. What is data hygiene and why is it important? Don’t call it hygiene.

Customer Relationship Management: 5 steps for finding the right vendor for your data hygiene

B2B Lead Generation

It would be great if cleaning and appending data was something you only needed to do once. When you consider there will always be changes in buyer behavior at play that will likely result in the need for rapid changes to your B2B marketing efforts, it becomes apparent that effective data hygiene is an ongoing process. Conceivably, if you avoid cleaning data for a year, 60% of your database could be obsolete by the end of those twelve months.


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Keep It Clean: Tips for Ensuring Data Hygiene

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CRM Intelligence Data Marketing Intelligence Sales Data Sales Intelligence Tips and Tricks Accurate Data clean data crm data hygiene data hygiene database maintenance dirty data healthy data healthy sales data sales big data Today’s post is from Gaurav Gupta, Manager, Profe […].

35+ Experts Weigh In on Data Hygiene Best Practices


Long before cloud-based CRM systems, companies largely relied on manual data entry and cleanup processes— leaving their contact and company data fraught with errors and inconsistencies. Although most companies have now adopted some version of a data hygiene strategy, dirty data is still very much alive and well. How can it be that technology has come so far, and yet data quality issues still plague sales and marketing professionals?

Conversational marketing, data hygiene, and marketing to B2B marketers: Q&A with Pardot VP of Marketing Nate Skinner


NS : I lead the marketing team for Pardot, the B2B marketing automation solution from Salesforce built on our CRM platform. . NS: The biggest problem we’re seeing and that I perceive to continue to be front and center for our customers is the proliferation of data — I call it a “data-palooza.” Everything creates data. . Data is everywhere, and that represents a challenge and an opportunity to B2B marketers and our customers.

4 Ways to Improve Your Data Hygiene - Whiteboard Friday


Posted by DiTomaso We base so much of our livelihood on good data, but managing that data properly is a task in and of itself. In this week's Whiteboard Friday, Dana DiTomaso shares why you need to keep your data clean and some of the top things to watch out for. So today I'm going to be talking to you about data hygiene. You don't want that coming in as a conversion and then screwing up your data, especially if you're a low-volume website.

How Quickly Should I Suspend or Delete Non-Responsive Leads?

The Point

There are multiple, legitimate reasons to suspend or even delete non-responsive leads from your mailing lists or CRM database: * Non-responsive leads can weigh down engagement rates and create a distorted view of campaign metrics.

Building a Sales Tech Stack? Start with Good Data


But without high-quality data to connect them all, many of those tools can essentially turn into empty boxes that fall short of their goals. In sales , this technology forms a system that tracks customer profiles, transactions, communications, financial data, and related information.

B2B Data Hygiene: It Pays to Scrub Your Lists

MLT Creative

Any B2B marketer who has initiated an email or direct mail campaign lately knows that business marketing data degrades quickly. Data master Dun & Bradstreet says the current level of data quality costs U.S. Overall business data is said to breakdown at a rate of 3% to 6% a month. That’s one-third to three-quarters of obsolete data per year. Bad data is an enormous liability that can lead to: Undeliverable communications.

5-Step Data Fitness Checklist

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Is your data in fighting shape to meet your pipeline numbers? Just like getting yourself in shape, getting your data in shape takes dedication, commitment, and a training plan. If you’re like the typical B2B company, it’s probably not: the average B2B database is 25 percent inaccurate at any given time, according to SiriusDecisions. And […].

destinationCRM: “Make Sure Your CRM is Well Informed”

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Most companies can’t trust their prospect data. Market Intelligence crm data crm data clean crm data enrich crm data hygiene crm data issues crm data quality crm data research crm data studies crm data tips Crm Strategies destinationcrmT […].

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The 4 Steps to Marketing Data Hygiene in an Era of Big Data


Like data hygiene. Your marketing and sales data is among the most valuable assets your company has; yet for all the talk of “data-driven marketing” (another buzzword marketers love to throw around), most B2B organizations are in a state of denial about the state of their actual marketing data. In great part, that’s due to how frustratingly tedious data management and in particular data hygiene is.

Transforming the CRM From a System of Record to a System of Insight


Over the last two decades, customer relationship management (CRM) systems have become the center of the universe for enterprises and small- to medium-sized businesses (SMB) alike. A costly problem—with analysts citing CRM implementation costs reaching up to $100 million.

Q3 Market Intelligence Accuracy Benchmark Results Are In

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InsideView claims to have the most accurate company and contact data in the industry. Here’s How We Did For Q3 2015, the quarterly benchmark results show that InsideView does have the most accurate data, by quite a bit, actually. Ever wonder if that’s marketing puffery or a truthful claim? Let’s see what the numbers say. Our […].

7 Simple Steps to Improve Your CRM’s Data Quality [Infographic]


We get it: Cleaning your CRM data can feel like a burden. There is so much data and so little time. Spoiler alert: the very first step in achieving data integrity is recognizing your CRM isn’t reaching its fullest potential. B2B Growth B2B Data Data Hygiene

Even Santa Knows the Importance of Data Fitness

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Market Intelligence crm data hygiene data cleanliness data clean crm data health data fitness b2b data health b2b data clean b2b data hygieneSo I’m at the mall yesterday, standing in line at the artisanal juice bar, and this guy hops in place behind me. He’s, how can I say it politely, kind of plump and his wardrobe choice isn’t very flattering: he’s wearing this gaudy red suit (I think it was velvet!)

6 thorny data problems that Vex B2B marketers, and how to solve them


Business-to-business marketers are plagued by data problems. Business data is complex and fast-changing. To shed some light on B2B data problems, Bernice Grossman and I compiled a working list of problems and solutions. Data entered by our sales people ends up as mush in our database. Here’s the best practice: Create a centralized data input group. Then, develop a very simple process by which reps pass their data to this group.

6 important data points to record on your customers


Customer data is one of the most important parts of your business success. If you’re not already using a customer relationship management (CRM) platform to collect and manage the data , you should be. But what kinds of data should you collect? Collect the data when you encourage signups for a store loyalty program, when asking them to subscribe to your email list, or when they make a purchase. Demographics Data. Demographics data includes: Age.

Replacing Data.com Part Two: Clean Your Data


The first post encouraged you to look at your existing data against your […]. Data Management Data.com Replacement Market Intelligence b2b data b2b data clean clean data clean data steps crm data data cleansing data hygiene Data.com alternative Data.com Clean Data.com migration data.com replacement how to clean data insideview replacing Data.com Sales Data salesforce.com

5 Ways Dirty Data Hurts Your CRM—and Revenue [Infographic]


If you’re unfamiliar with dirty data—allow us to introduce you. Dirty data has been plaguing CRMs since they were invented. Countless people change jobs, names, locations, and contact information every day—in other words, all data has an expiration date.

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Creating a Culture of Accountability


Startups are built from the ground up and one of the major stepping stones is promoting an environment of accountability among your sales reps to properly input data and to follow sales best practices. Don’t worry, most organizations have some sort of data quality issue and we’ve seen all sorts of Salesforce instances. The Road to a Cleaner CRM. Optimize your CRM to make KPI tracking simple, and train managers to lead using these metrics.

Is Your Data a Trick or a Treat?

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When you’re targeting a lead and start to dig into their profile in your CRM system, do you feel a chill run down your spine? Or are you so confident in your data that digging into lead data is like digging […]. Market Intelligence b2b data crm data crm data health data accuracy data assessment data clean data cleanliness data decay data hygiene data targeting market intelligence Marketing Data Sales Intelligence target data

How Good Content can Help Improve Database Health

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According to business information provider ZoomInfo (see graphic below, further data here ), more than 70 percent of business cards have one or more changes during a 12-month period. Most commonly, companies looking to clean up CRM data turn to database providers like ZoomInfo, Data.com , and InsideView to append and replace outdated contact information.

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Leveraging Integration Projects: How to Keep Your CRM Data Clean

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Before diving into a customer relationship management (CRM) platform integration project , one step to take is the always important but somewhat dreaded task of data cleaning. What Is Data Cleaning? Data cleaning helps ensure decisions are made with the best possible information.

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Creating a Culture of Accountability


Startups are built from the ground up and one of the major stepping stones is promoting an environment of accountability among your sales reps to properly input data and to follow sales best practices. Don’t worry, most organizations have some sort of data quality issue and we’ve seen all sorts of Salesforce instances. The Road to a Cleaner CRM. Optimize your CRM to make KPI tracking simple, and train managers to lead using these metrics.

How Bad CRM Data Can Hurt Your Cybersecurity Business


Reaching out to the companies that need your solution requires reliable and accurate data, especially when the competitors are ready to grab any opportunity. However, data quality is one of the major roadblocks for cybersecurity marketers and sales professionals. Duplicate Data.

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What is CRM Automation? Definition, Marketing Best Practices with Examples

Martech Advisor

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) automation is defined as the process of automating sales and customer service functions to help teams track and manage their engagement efforts with current and prospective customers. What Is CRM Automation? 5 key functions of CRM automation.

CRM Contact Data Quality: Impact on Sales & Marketing Results


CRM data quality is a critical variable in ensuring a strong ROI for your investment in a CRM system. Judging by this lack of out-of-the-box support, you would think that data is expected to be miraculously keyed into CRMs perfectly without the possibility of decay.

Report: Marketing and Sales Professionals to Team Up, Clean Up Data

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In addition, this may become the key to more accurate data and analytics. About 53% believe that insights into B2B customers will become clearer by focusing on data integrity as well, such as data hygiene, cleanliness and robustness.

27% of Marketers Say ‘Bad Data’ Costs Them 10% or More in Lost Revenue Annually

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Although marketers now have an abundance of data and analytics at their disposal, new research shows that those who do not regularly check their information for inaccuracies may be at a disadvantage. Marketers and the Investment in Data Quality.

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Five Steps to Plan a Successful Tech Stack Integration Project

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If there are files involved, you should document the layouts of the file, where the individual fields should map to in each target system, and any transformation of the data that is needed. CRM Software Tech Stack Integrations

How to Reduce Unsubscribes Using Subscription Management

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In sum, subscription management is an effective way to reduce unsubscribes, increase response rates (by allowing subscribers to choose the emails that most interest them), and improve data hygiene. I’ve written previously in this space about how to reduce unsubscribes by giving prospects and customers the option to update their contact information rather than forcing them to opt out of email entirely.

28 Effective Tips for Shortening Your Sales Cycle


Integrate your CRM system with other lead management systems. Update your CRM (or invest if you don’t have one). Practice data hygiene in all data systems. The B2B selling process is slow but steady.

A Scorecard for B2B Marketing Operations [Download Evaluation]


It’s a method that marketing operations specialists can use to evaluate their martech stack, their data, their attribution solution, and their metrics. Data enrichment technologies. Most of the pieces of martech above integrate with another piece in some way, whether that’s through a direct API connection or another form of data tracking. These elements are (a) workflow configuration, (b) lead-to-account mapping, and (c) data hygiene / deduping.

How to Avoid the Spam Trap


While it’s impossible to avoid spam traps entirely, good data hygiene will help you limit exposure. In most cases, this happens as a result of the sender’s lack of data hygiene , and the consequences can be severe.

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A Guide to Marketing Automation


Without getting too much into the nitty-gritty complexities of it, marketing automation campaigns send specific content (that you’ve programmed) to leads based on certain behaviors and data. Prioritize Data Hygiene.

7 Ways Dirty Data is Hurting Your Bottom Line


Using dirty data to fuel your business initiatives is akin to putting the wrong type of fuel in your car. Consider these statistics ( source ): 40% of business objectives fail due to inaccurate data. Bad data costs U.S. These numbers may catch your attention— but statistics alone don’t explain how and why dirty data hurts your bottom line. Without additional context, it’s easy to see why some companies continue to neglect data hygiene.