CMO Salary Data Suggests Declining CMO Influence?

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What does a CMO’s (chief marketing officer) salary have to do with their influence? While marketing remains a critical aspect of business growth, CMOs are losing ground in the realm of influence. But that doesn’t mean marketing doesn’t matter.

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Next Generation Growth Marketing: The Evolution Towards Strategic Demand


The Growth Marketing movement (aka growth hacking ) – now nearly ten years old – has had a significant and positive impact on the efficacy of demand marketing. Yet ‘first generation’ Growth Marketing has hit a wall. The State of Growth Marketing.

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What is Growth Marketing?


That might be a little dire if your company is having an off-year, but it does make sense to focus on growth as an outcome Can you think of a company that just rocks their growth numbers year after year? We believe it’s because these high-growth companies practice Growth Marketing. Growth Marketing B2B Strategy Fractional CMOThe CEO of one of my clients always says, “If a company isn’t growing, it’s dying.”

The Ultimate Guide to Growth Marketing


The B2B marketing world has undergone some major changes over the last decade. Growth marketing is the new standard for marketers of all sectors, and it combines comprehensive measurement with an iterative approach to tactical execution. What Is Growth Marketing?

Our New Ebook: Growth Marketing is a Team Sport


The demands placed upon B2B marketing have changed. The good news is that modern CMOs can meet and exceed revenue expectations and remain relevant by embracing a growth-driven approach to marketing. It walks marketing leaders through the steps necessary to….

Our Latest Ebook: Growth Marketing’s Power Comes From Objectivity


Our new ebook, The B2B CMO’s Guide to Growth Marketing , is designed to help marketing leaders achieve a stronger leadership position in their companies by embracing the fundamentals of Growth Marketing. Check out The B2B CMO’s Guide to Growth Marketing now.

CMO Marketing Trends for 2022- Part 1


Aiming for pre-pandemic growth, marketing teams at every organization are being leaned on to fuel that growth. Skilled CMOs balance changing audience needs while driving results for the organization in an ever evolving marketing landscape. Marketing Trends to Embrace ASAP.

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The Revenue CMO – Leading the Data Driven Marketing

B2B Marketing Analytics

Among the most interesting trends shaping the modern marketing function is the rise of a new breed of the CMOs called the “Revenue CMO”. Revenue CMOs are growth marketers who are going beyond the traditional marketing execution role.

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Marketing Scorecard – A CMO’s Trusted Advisor

B2B Marketing Analytics

Marketing scorecard powered by a comprehensive marketing analytics frameworks has emerged to be the most trusted advisor of a B2B CMO these days. Marketing leaders across such organizations actively engage with the sales and finance teams towards driving top-line revenue.

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Leading Through a Crisis: How to Adopt a Wartime CMO Mentality


Marketers have pivoted in response to the pandemic fallout of 2020. Our expert panel includes Elle Woulfe, VP Growth Marketing at InVision, Anton van Deth, CMO at Apptio, Heidi Melin, CMO at Workfront, and Allocadia CMO Julia Stead.

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What does a Fractional CMO do?


In Part I of my Fractional CMO series , I covered the basics of the model, and how it suits organizations with aggressive growth objectives that don’t need a six-figure, full-time CMO. Let’s take a look back at the last 60 days in my world as a Fractional CMO. Fractional CMO Growth Marketing Content Strategy Steps

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B2B Marketing Planning: Interview With a Fractional CMO


This is the first of our blog series entitled “What’s New in B2B Marketing Planning: Interviews with Thought Leaders." In this kickoff, we talk to Debra Andrews, the President and Owner of Marketri, for some insight into her experience as a Fractional CMO. Fractional CMO Strategic Marketing Plans B2B Marketing Planning Growth Marketing Marketing Departments Strategic Marketing Consulting

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What, Exactly, Does a Fractional CMO Do for My Business?

The Marketing Blender

or “It feels like we’re not getting the ROI out of our marketing,” it might be time to consider hiring a fractional Chief Marketing Officer. CEOs are looking for solutions when sales start to falter or marketing efforts are falling flat, especially when you need to stay within a budget.

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The B2B Fractional CMO in Simple Terms


She’s a piece of a marketer for companies or something like that.”. Fractional CMO Strategic Marketing Consulting Growth MarketingI – Debra Marie Collins (my maiden name) – was a very pampered child. Don’t get me wrong, I had a very middle class upbringing and wasn’t necessarily spoiled with material things. I was spoiled with love that continues to this day, especially from my mom. Some days, I work from her house just to spend precious extra time together.

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Does your startup really need a CMO?

Marketing Envy

Originally posted on CIO Magazine : Many startups are in a mad rush to hire their CMO to take care of ‘marketing.’ Don’t feel pressured to hire a CMO just because other startups do, or because your investors want you to. Do you need a CMO now? The answer depends on two things - what stage of the product lifecycle you are in and how much marketing expertise your current team has. To reach untapped markets. To facilitate hockey stick growth.

How SaaS Chief Marketing Officers Can Develop a Strong CMO Strategy

accelerate agency

The job of the CMO is arguably the most difficult in the C-suite. The average CMO lasts just 20 months, so they have to move fast to make an impact. The marketing industry, too, has become increasingly complex over the past two decades, and the CMO’s role has grown exponentially. .

From CMO to CRO – developing your career to fit the future of business

Ledger Bennett

As business strategy and success rely hugely on effective marketing, a Chief Marketing Officer is an invaluable member of any organisation. The CMO role has expanded to cover the whole customer lifecycle from top of funnel to loyal customer, and every touch point in between.

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What are the Best Career Paths for Marketers with the CMO Position Under Threat?

Martech Advisor

Many top brands have recently done away with the Chief Marketing Officer position. How does this impact your marketing career path? Marketers are at a crossroads in their careers with the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) position seemingly under threat. While some brands are doing away with the CMO position altogether, others are making strategic changes to their organization structures. have recently done away with the CMO position, reports AdAge.

7 Steps to Hiring the Right Marketing Talent for Growth


The permutations and combinations of marketing positions seem endless in today’s world of modern marketing. At the same time, the stakes have never been higher to acquire the right marketing talent for growth based on where you are in the Growth Marketing journey. Growth Marketing Strategic Marketing Consulting Fractional CMO Modern Marketing

Why Hiring a Strategic Marketing Consultant Helps a New Website


Digital Marketing Strategy B2B Marketing Best Practices Growth Marketing B2B Marketers Fractional CMO Strategic Marketing ConsultingPicture $10,000 in cash. Then imagine walking to the nearest river, throwing it in, and watching it float away. That's essentially what happened to a large construction company after hiring a New York agency to relaunch its website.

Why is Modern Marketing Suddenly a Cultural Challenge?


Over the last few years, the rise of digital marketing has transformed the marketing landscape. New technologies and analytics platforms offer much more transparency into the success of tactical marketing efforts and their impact on the sales pipeline. We're on the cusp of pure alignment of all things sales and modern marketing. However, digital marketing advances haven’t translated into universal returns.

How to Find and Hire a Director of Marketing for Your Business

Single Grain

This is a complete guide to finding and hiring a Director of Marketing for your business. In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about: The role of Director of Marketing. Typical duties of a Marketing Director. However, marketing does not end here.

The Cornerstone for Marketing Teams in 2021: Agility


The trends of plateauing marketing budgets and shrinking teams will be a long-term reality for marketers throughout 2021, forcing all brands — from enterprises to SMBs — to prioritize agility. Agile marketing does just that.

Transitioning from Service Provider to Value Generator

Vision Edge Marketing

Are you one of those superhero marketing organizations? You know, the “1-800 I need a presentation, brochure, case study, or email campaign NOW” marketing organizations that takes urgent requests and turns on a dime? . As marketing professionals, our future depends on being the latter. . Some marketing organizations that operate in this fashion can be proactive, but ALL marketing functions that operation in this fashion must excel at being reactive.

The Modern Chief Marketing Officer Is Also Chief Change Agent

Martech Advisor

There’s a new trend manifesting across the business world: the “modern” Chief Marketing Officer doubling as Chief Change Agent. Today’s CMO/CCA is data-driven, predicts customer needs and delivers value-added, personalized experiences. The Modern CMO/CCA.

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Why a Sales-Driven Marketing Strategy Won’t Work for Your HealthTech SaaS Company

Golden Spiral

The average tenure for a CMO has fallen further, to just 40 months , the shortest in the C-Suite. Funnel imagery permeates marketing. It’s like catnip for sales and marketing teams. Sales may be sending more emails than marketers. The Changing Role of the CMO.

Conversica Names David Greenberg as Chief Marketing Officer to Bolster Company Growth and Market Expansion


Greenberg brings more than 20 years of growth marketing leadership experience for disruptive technology companies. Greenberg brings more than 20 years of leadership experience, most recently serving as CMO of marketing automation platform, Act-On.

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AI in Marketing: The New Frontier


AI in Marketing: The New Frontier. The article features Conversica CMO, Carl Landers, along with other Marketing leaders in the technology industry, on their perspectives on how marketing AI will positively impact the way Marketers work. The ROI of Marketing AI.

Why B2B Marketers are Critical to Revenue Operations

Marketing Interactions

While the events I’ve attended and material I’ve read tend to apply the focus on sales as the central pivot for RevOps, I find that approach distracting for sales and a discredit to B2B marketers. They’re the ones who spend their time understanding the market and the customer continuum.

The Changing Role of Marketing in 2022 – Culture and Customer Experience

Marketing Insider Group

I’ve talked before about why I believe that marketing has a marketing problem. Most people think marketing is just ads. Marketing isn’t sales. Data and analytics can help you to build better marketing campaigns. Make Culture an Integral Part of Marketing.

Conversica Names David Greenberg as Chief Marketing Officer to Bolster Company Growth and Market Expansion


Greenberg brings more than 20 years of growth marketing leadership experience for disruptive technology companies. the leader in Conversational AI solutions for enterprise revenue teams, today announced the hiring of growth marketing and technology expert David Greenberg as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). Greenberg brings more than 20 years of leadership experience, most recently serving as CMO of marketing automation platform, Act-On.

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5 MarTech takeaways: teams, product management, decentralization, marketing leadership, IT governance


Patty Spiller , senior director of growth marketing at Livongo, gave a truly fantastic talk on The Secrets to a High-Performing Martech (or Growth) Team. Katie’s sketch notes captured her five principles that transcend marketing and martech as solid advice for anyone who is pulling together a team in an ever-shifting environment: Establish a winning vision with joint brainstorming — and secure early wins. From Martech Leadership to Marketing Leadership.

What's in Store for the Marketing Technologist in 2020?

Martech Advisor

The martech landscape is fast evolving, and the marketing technologist’s job is becoming more comprehensive. Considering how McDonald’s dropped the CMO title last year in favor of a dedicated SVP marketing technology, we're exploring such moves in martech.

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10 B2B Marketing Automation Trends For Your 2021 B2B Marketing Strategy

KoMarketing Associates

B2B marketing automation is booming. It pervades every major area of B2B marketing and shows no signs of slowing down. And when we look back to the B2B marketing automation trends we outlined last year , it’s impressive how far we’ve come in just one year.

How publishers and advertisers are building and activating first party audiences


“The segmentation for first-party data lookalikes is crucial for us, especially as we try to branch into additional categories and push new products — finding who’s buying that product allows us to really help scale user growth.”

ABM predictions for 2022


We're already into 2022 and what a year it is going to be for Account-based Marketing. It's been a whirlwind last few years with so many organizations adopting ABM and so many new technologies and innovations coming to market to support an Account-based strategy.

The Final 25 Members of Our Fearless 50 Are Here!


Since leaving Marketing Nation Summit, where we were given all the building blocks we need to be Fearless Marketers , it has been our mission to remember what we learned and take it to heart as the year marches on. When we announced the Fearless 50 program, we tasked ourselves with searching the world for marketers who exemplified what it means to be bold, brave, and fearless. Bill Brown, Director, Marketing Operations, Phillips 66. Melissa Hobley, CMO, OkCupid.

What ‘agile’ really means for marketing

Ledger Bennett

What if marketing programs could generate 40% more customer inquiries? So what does the term agility mean for marketing and how do you achieve it? Agile Marketing It is very easy to see that, unlike manufacturing, marketing has no tangible product as a result.

10 Most Popular B2B Lead Blog Posts of 2016

B2B Lead Generation

I’ve compiled a list of the 10 most popular and shared posts on the B2B Lead Blog, chosen by marketers, just like you, to help you get ready to have a great 2017. For the majority of B2B companies with complex sales, marketing-generated leads rarely account for 50% of revenue and often it’s often much less. How Empathy Will Grow Your Sales and Marketing Pipeline. Read How Empathy Will Grow Your Sales and Marketing Pipeline. So how do you humanize your marketing?

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The Changing Role of Marketing in 2020 – Culture and Customer Experience

Marketing Insider Group

I’ve talked before about why I believe that marketing has a marketing problem. Most people think marketing is just ads. Marketing isn’t sales. Marketing is simply a way of helping these customers and businesses find each other and build a mutually beneficial relationship. Build marketing into your company culture and break down silos so every department understands their part to play in the customer journey. Make Culture an Integral Part of Marketing.