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B2B Demand Generation Best Practices: 10 Proven Ways to Improve Your Results

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A few B2B marketing strategies did particularly well in 2020, and demand generation was one of them. For the marketers who were able to pivot quickly, many B2B demand generation best practices helped to ease the pain of 2020.

Jim Kruger, CMO of Polycom: What to Change in Your Demand Generation Strategy to Double Your Sales Pipeline [Podcast]

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That is the principle that Jim Kruger, CMO and EVP of unified collaboration solutions provider Polycom, brings to his demand generation strategy. That means applying clear metrics to measuring the impact of its marketing system and creating discipline in budget allocation in accordance with proven ROI. Key insights include: Seismic Shift : Business functions within organizations influence up to 60% of IT purchases. Demand Generation Podcasts


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Demand Generation Maturity

Ledger Bennett

TAKE THE DEMAND GENERATION MATURITY INDEX SURVEY NOW In fact, I can’t even count the number of times a CMO has pressured timescales. For a journey that takes typically 3-years, most CMO’s request 3 quarters, with some aiming for 3 months. Greg Dorban Demand Generation Maturity. Each time the challenges feel unique to both the individuals and their business, but in fact, they exist across other organizations with similar structures and maturities.

What Type of CMO Do You Have?


It’s been a while since you’ve heard from the ANNUITAS blog– and we’re very pleased to be back – but we’ve spent the last year creating a lot of new content centered on helping our customers find the answer to a very specific question: What type of CMO do you have? Frustrations with Demand Generation. Lack of Trust in the CMO. Two Types of CMO. The Fournaise definition of an “ROI Marketer” stands up really well as a description of a Revenue-Focused CMO.

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3 Mistakes to Avoid When Developing a Demand Generation Strategy


Well-intentioned CMO’s may find themselves signing for a fancy new marketing automation platform only to wake up 18 months later in the proverbial drip-campaign gutter with little memory of how they got there and little to no attributable revenue to show for it. Developing a comprehensive Demand Generation Strategy is not a simple task. Contrary to what you might want to believe, your demand generation program isn’t about your company.

Don’t Duct Tape Your Demand Generation Right Now: Adopt a Strategic Approach to Demand Marketing


The crisis that’s emerged from the coronavirus pandemic has forced B2B marketing teams to look at their demand programs in a new light, and an ugly truth has emerged. Only 21% said they are aligned with their sales counterparts in developing and measuring demand generation programs.

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Business Leaders Not Satisfied with Marketing Success Metrics


Preliminary Findings from the ANNUITAS 2019 Demand Generation Performance Survey. Receive a copy of the ANNUITAS 2019 Demand Generation Performance Survey when it becomes available by clicking here. Most of our ANNUITAS Perpetual Demand Generation® work was being requested by C-level and Sales leaders with revenue responsibility – not CMOs, as we had previously suspected – and they are frustrated with Marketing’s performance in and around Demand Generation.

Survey 143

The Top B2B CMO Challenges


As I’ve always said, especially in B2B marketing and lead generation, you have to prepare for a marathon with a strong determination to reach the big win despite small failures along the way. In one particular instance, I knew that the lead generation program we were running for one of our clients was not working as it should. Remember this— 5 Ways to Recognize B2B Lead Generation Failure…and Move On. Ask whether your lead generation program allows a 360° view.

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4 Reasons Your CMO Will Love Marketing Automation


by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this Today’s guest post comes courtesy of Jennifer Pockell-Wilson, Vice President of Marketing & Demand Operations at Eloqua partner Demandbase. You want to measure marketing’s overall impact. You want to maintain consistency through your global demand generation efforts. Your CMO may be in a constant state of defending the allocation of dollars to Marketing when the belts get tight and when annual planning happens. Measurement.

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The Future of Demand Generation & What It Means for B2B Marketers


This was a key takeaway from the Content Marketing Institute’s (CMI) “Future of Demand Generation” virtual roundtable led by CMI’s Chief Strategy Advisor, Robert Rose. Integrate’s CMO, Scott Vaughan , joined Mathew Sweezey , Head of Thought Leadership at Salesforce , and Sangram Vajre , Co-Founder of Terminus , for 45 minutes of B2B marketing real-talk. The Current State of B2B Marketing & Demand Generation. The Bottomline on the Future of Demand Generation.

CMO’s…It’s Time to Align with Your CIO


Gartner’s projection that the CMOs would spend more on technology by the year 2020 grabbed quite a bit of attention and seemed to bolster CMO’s and their quest to spend more. The marketing technology landscape is massive and certainly technology is needed in order for CMOs to do their jobs effectively – but just because the CMO is soon to be spending more on technology does not mean that the CIO is irrelevant to the mission of a marketing department.

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Master Content Marketing to Drive Demand Generation and Engage The Right Audiences


Demand generation organizations are no longer measured by the volume of leads generated. Consequently, 73% of marketing organizations state that focus on lead quality over quantity is their number one goal in the year ahead. This means that our demand generation and content marketing strategies must also evolve to deliver on these new goals. Mastering Content Marketing Strategies to Drive Demand Generation. Demand Marketing

How Technology Places CMOs at Risk of Losing Their Strategic Role

Measure Up Marketing

If you had a chance to read the recent Korn Ferry article The CMO is Forever Changed , perhaps the statement “linking marketing activities and business results hasn’t always been the strong suit of CMOs” rang familiar. More technology and data than ever sits within grasp of every CMO.

How Do You Do Demand Generation and ABM at the Same Time?


The rise of Account Based Marketing has sparked a great debate: should we do ABM or demand generation? The same goes for ABM and demand gen. The question that always follows is “so, how do you do demand gen and ABM at the same time?” ” On today’s vlog to answer that question is Heidi Bullock, CMO of Engagio. She’s done her fair share of both demand gen and ABM, so she’s the perfect person to help us answer this question.

ClickInsights: How can B2B marketers use content effectively for demand generation?

Ambal's Amusings

We have invited B2B Experts to shed light on the following question: How to use content effectively for demand generation? Brian Carroll's blog B2B Lead Generation Blog. B2B Lead Generation Benchmark Study 2009. Keeping a Closer Eye on Content ROI – CMO Council. The act of using content to generate demand for a complex sale is a long-term proposition. Keeping a Closer Eye on Content ROI – CMO Council.

Announcing: The CMO’s Guide to ABM Orchestration


So today, we’re excited to announce that we published The CMO’s Guide to ABM Orchestration. Just because it has been effective for many companies, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a smart strategy for your organization. The next three chapters cover the three primary phases of ABM: how to plan, how to execute, and how to measure. And finally, the last chapter covers how to measure ABM. This chapter also covers the importance of predictive measurement in ABM.

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What An Advocate-Centric Marketing Organization Looks Like


Keep in mind shifting buyer behavior is creating the demand for these new roles. And now, as more buyers increasingly turn to more trusted sources of information to get the real skinny on products, such as colleagues and other peers instead of corporate web sites and marketing campaigns, the modern marketing organization welcomes the latest member to the family: Introducing the Advocate Marketer. Executive sponsorship from the CMO. The advocate-centric organization.

CMO Spotlight: Jonathan Becher, SAP—TEAMS Work for PEOPLE and deliver EXPERIENCES


As marketers, we are typically driven by our corporate goals and brand strategy and yet, many organizations still struggle to maximize team performance. In our continuing CMO Spotlight series, I am happy to feature SAP CMO, Jonathan Becher. See this Definitive B2B Lead Generation Checklist: Part 1 | Part 2. With all this in hand, many organizations still follow an inside-out approach to deliver what they think their customers want.

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Agile Marketing and the Measurement Sprint

Full Circle Insights

When trying agile for the first time, content development and marketing, demand generation, and digital marketing projects are great places to start. It’s also crucial to know what success looks like, and that’s where measurement comes into the picture. Got CMO Skills?

How to Get Started With Account-Based Marketing in 8 Steps

KoMarketing Associates

A July 2020 study of marketers revealed that only 22% said their “ABM strategy is in place and measurable.” According to DemandBase’s 2020 ABM Market Research Survey , this is most likely your CMO or VP of Marketing (29% of the time) or the Head of Demand Gen (18%).

Mark Thabit, CMO at Cision: Paid, Earned and Owned Media—How to Amplify Your PR Message Across Marketing Channels [Podcast]

Crimson Marketing

The upside for savvy marketing professionals is that an opportunity exists to effectively target an audience, custom tailor a message and measure the impact. In this Moneyball for Marketing podcast, Mark Thabit, CMO at public relations software platform Cision, shows us how it’s done. Funnel Shaped Content: Business decisions are now influenced by more individuals in a buyer organization than ever before.

Marketing Gone Global: How To Strategize for an International Enterprise [CMO Interview]


The first issue of the Fast CMO magazine featured an interview with Yaffa Cohen-Ifrah, CMO and Head of Corporate Communications at Sapiens , a leading global provider of software solutions for the insurance industry. Sapiens is an established company that is looking to continue its growth, so the Marketing department is looking to increase lead generation and the strength of our brand.”. And we had to invest in lead generation to build a strong pipeline for the sales team.

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5 Event Planning Tips…Even If You’re Not An Event Planner


Many organizations don’t have a dedicated point-person for event marketing. Look at your ideal audience, what message will resonate with them and how you are going to measure results. Is this event part of your demand generation strategy or about brand awareness? An invite to analyst event will just junk up a CMO’s inbox. Demand Generation b2b marketing campaigns CMO event management Event Marketing event planning Events marketing marketing automation

Plan 220

CMO Spotlight: Jon Miller, VP Marketing, Marketo—4 Useful Tips for B2B Marketers and CMOs


I suppose you can compare it to how a great CMO feels with fantastic ideas, raring to go, but having to wait for the right time and right place. In our continuing series, “CMO Spotlight”, let’s look at these useful, practical tips and advice from Jon Miller, the VP of Product Marketing, Strategy and Content Marketing at Marketo. 4 Changes CMOs Can Make to Optimize B2B Marketing and Lead Generation. Review and optimize your B2B lead generation process.

Slow Death of the Funnel: Why Buyer Choice Matters to Revenue

Tony Zambito

While we have seen modifications, the idea of the traditional funnel is still at the core of many B2B organizations today. My thinking is that if this Big Data explosion is designed to tell us what’s going on within the confines of the funnel – then B2B organizations can find themselves in the untenable position of explaining why Big Data is not telling them anything. Boost Demand Generation Using Target Ready Buyer Models (

Funnel 171

Here's What B2B CMOs Are Saying About 2016 Budgets And Marketing Channels To Invest In


By exploring these areas, CMOs and marketing leaders can understand how their peers are doing pipeline marketing and driving business value for their organization. Depending on company size, as measured by employee count, marketing budgets may increase or decrease in the coming year. Once marketers grow demand, hitting critical mass or establishing brand leadership, the product should sell itself. Metrics CMOs Use To Measure Success.

Budget 182

Revealed: How to Track Marketing’s Contribution to the Bottom Line


They say the only way you can improve something is if you can measure it, and marketing measurement is finally having its time in the sun. 91% of CMOs have decided to take action toward better marketing measurement.

Interview with Brian Hansford

Onalytica B2B

Key Topics: B2B Marketing, Demand Generation, and Marketing Technology. I’m focused on helping B2B marketers improve revenue performance, communicate results with executive stakeholders throughout the organization, and use the data to help make strategic decisions. This required spending huge amounts of money on channels and tactics that were impossible to measure. Our survey data from Heinz Marketing and other sources like Gartner and the CMO Council confirms this.

Eloqua 105

Five New Year’s Resolutions for the CMO


He was telling me about his organization, the relationship between sales and marketing, and what he knew needed to change to make his company more effective. When he concluded his assessment, I asked, “What does your CMO (his boss) think of all of this?” Unfortunately, this sentiment isn’t limited to this isolated lunch conversation, but one that highlights the lack of effectiveness in many CMO offices today. CMOs must step up and begin to lead their organizations.

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Marketing Automation Trends for 2010


1) We’re at a point where we have lot of data about marketing performance, but it’s a big challenge to turn it into actionable information (2) we’re actively tweeting, blogging and using LinkedIn, but how can that be effectively managed, and how can it be measured? (3) Christoper Doran , CMO, Manticore Technology. Kevin Joyce , CMO, Market2Lead. David Raab , Raab Associates & author, Raab Guide to Demand Generation Systems.

The B2B Marketer’s Quick Start Guide: Content Experience

Heinz Marketing

In a CMSWire article , Uberflip CMO, Randy Frisch, breaks down content experience into three factors: Environment: That is how your content is contained, according to Frisch. Structure: That’s how it’s organized. Hushly has greatly increased our lead generation from our content.

50+ Statistics Designed to Influence B2B Marketing Budgets in the New Year

KoMarketing Associates

Hopefully, the performance metrics associated with your organization’s marketing programs have yielded success and validation for tactics proposed at the beginning of the year. Based what we’ve seen, experienced, and reported on, here are insights from over 50 surveys and benchmark reports, organized by overarching theme, we recommend for review, in preparation for developing B2B marketing budgets and program goals for the new year and beyond. Demand Generation.

How Today’s Most Successful CMOs Are Achieving Marketing Alignment With Their CEOs & Boards

Heinz Marketing

And while it’s hard enough for CMOs and their marketing teams to successfully navigate the increasingly complex landscape of sellers, buyers, and competitors, it’s another challenge altogether for these marketing leaders to effectively communicate marketing’s success across the organization.

How to Scale Your Account Based Marketing Efforts Faster


One of the first questions we get from teams making the transition from traditional demand gen to ABM is, “how do I balance to two strategies?”. There’s no hard and fast rule about what percentage of your programs should be dedicated to ABM versus demand generation.

MarketingProfs B2B Nuggets of B2B Wisdom


If you didn’t make the event, take a look at the conversations on Twitter via #mpb2b or take advantage of the 58 recorded sessions available on demand. The important part of the definition is to remember to work to achieve measurable business goals as too often that important part is forgotten. Mary Ann Fitz Maurice Reilly, Margaret Malloy and Doug Bewsher : From Modern Marketer to CMO to CEO.

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B2B Marketers Who Achieve Higher Marketing ROI Do These 5 Things Differently


For more reporting on our findings from the State of Pipeline Marketing, catch up on our industry comparison and article on 2016 CMO budget priorities. We asked whether they will focus on generating leads, converting leads into revenue or understanding the ROI of their activities. High ROI marketers are more likely to prioritize converting leads into customers over generating more leads or more demand. pipeline marketing demand generation

The Rise of the Marketing Technologist Part 3: People, Process, Content and then Technology


I was sitting in some client meetings recently going over their Demand Generation Strategy, and something struck me as out of the ordinary…but in a good way. As I mentioned in my last post , the Marketing Technologist role is a difficult one to fill, and would likely not be as effective as a CMO acting as the “Chief Marketing Technology Strategist.” And as I said last time, the CMO needs to own the strategy, and understand (but delegate) the tactical.