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B2B Advertising: 20 Examples of Terrific B2B Social Media Ads

KoMarketing Associates

It gives marketers room to create more engaging, more distinctive creative… and that usually translates into better return on ad spend. And honestly, a lot of the marketers who are advertising are paying to promote ad creative that is just unnecessarily bland. A great deal of B2B marketers do use LinkedIn ads, for sure.

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9 Killer Social Media Call-To-Action Examples


Studies have shown that adding a CTA button increased conversion rates by a whopping 83%. Outlined in this blog are the steps to create a CTA with a higher click rate and brand examples who are implementing it the right way. As you can see in this example from SocialPilot’s Facebook page, click through to read a blog post.


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What Is Gamification in Marketing? Benefits & Examples


Gamification Marketing Examples Gamification Marketing With OptinMonster What Is Gamification in Marketing? The Benefits of Gamification Marketing Gamified content makes your sales funnel better. For starters, most examples of gamification in business are interactive. Here are some notable examples: 1.

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B2B Lead Nurturing Examples to Groom Business with Expertise & Assurance

Binary Demand

This blog post will delve into the importance of lead nurturing and the best B2B lead nurturing examples to enhance your lead nurturing efforts. It is the process of engaging with potential customers at different stages of the sales funnel to cultivate relationships. Let’s understand this with the help of examples.

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Top Social Selling Examples: 7 Mistakes To Avoid


This is also an entirely organic approach, as your employees post and share company content manually (no paid ads involved). Top Social Selling Examples: and Mistakes to Steer Clear of Here are the top social selling mistakes you need to avoid to maximize the impact of your social selling strategy: 1.

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13 Social Media Video Content Examples: Amplify Your Social Media Traffic


Here’s a fantastic example done by HubSpot that is both engaging and informative for a B2B audience. While this example, a promotional video for a video marketing conference , uses footage from previous events, it’s fine to use simple, dynamic text or a selfie video providing information in a new format.

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7 Essentials for Paid Media Plan with Examples


Jump ahead: Examples of Paid Media for B2B Marketers Why Do You Need A Paid Media Plan in Digital Marketing? 7 Essentials for Paid Media Plans Take Your Paid Media Results to the Next Level with Oktopost Examples of Paid Media for B2B Marketers There are three main categories of media: paid, earned, and owned.