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Sales Training Software: Transform Sellers into Superstars


There is no better time in the ever-changing environment that is the global business arena to have an effective sales force to meet all its needs. This is because as we enter 2024, it is important to know the ten sales training software that enable the business to outcompete rivals and transform revenues Up.

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How to Grow Your B2B Firm by Making Every Employee a Sales Rep

Marketing Craftmanship

Providing all employees with basic marketing and sales skills can help your B2B firm to grow and succeed. From the front desk to the corner office, “Every Employee a Sales Rep” should be fully ingrained as part of your company’s operating culture. Ask for Referrals – This is a tough task for most employees.

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Five Sales Enablement Tactics B2B Marketers Need to Master


Sales enablement significantly drives higher conversion rates and revenue. Nearly 75 percent of organizations using sales enablement tools say it greatly influenced sales growth over the past 12 months. Since it promotes an integrated approach to selling, sales enablement involves both marketing and sales teams.

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How AI is Changing the Sales Process


For sales professionals, AI is not only impacting your personal life, but it will soon influence your professional work too if it hasn’t already done so. Many of today’s forward-thinking companies have already begun using AI in their sales strategies. Strengthens Communication With Sales Leads.

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Essential Guide to Sales Engagement – Overcome the Challenges of Remote Selling

Sales teams are trying to prospect, connect, and manage an effective sales cycle, yet many companies are falling short of hitting their sales numbers. You will learn: What sales engagement is. Critical training and coaching tips. How to measure your sales engagement efforts.

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Better Sales Coaching: 7 Effective Sales Coaching Techniques


It’s true that most sales professionals improve with experience, but if you can provide feedback and personalized goals, it’s possible to accelerate the learning process and get your sellers engaging with prospects faster. This is the time-tested practice of sales coaching. What is Sales Coaching?

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Effective B2B Sales Coaching Via Situational Fluency

Marketing Insider Group

In the B2B selling world there is near universal appreciation for the value of sales coaching. Research from The Sales Management Association show sales people believe it’s the most important, least supported sales resource. Training prepares sales reps to execute. What Are We Coaching For?

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The Essential Guide to the Buying Experience of the Future

They hold sellers to a high standard, and that means the buying experiences of the past — in-person meetings, transactional conversations, and linear sales funnels — no longer deliver. But how do you prepare your sales teams to do that? You’ll learn how to: Scale training and coaching with modern technology.

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The Critical Role of the Front Line Sales Manager

Sales managers play an integral role in improving reps’ performance and growing an organization’s revenue. However, they often face a number of challenges, starting with a lack of training and preparation for their responsibilities to overseeing large, globally-dispersed teams.

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Core Principles of Great Sales Enablement are the Same: It's The Tactics That Have Changed

If your role includes supporting sellers, then this in-depth sales enablement guide is for you! Discover valuable insights and practical steps on how to: Adjust your tactics to deal with the impact of 2020. Keep remote onboarding and training engaging (including SKO). Take the next steps from Sales to Revenue Enablement.

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Three Simple Ways To Increase ROI From Your Current Sales Process Immediately!

Speaker: Donald Kelly, Founder & Chief Sales Evangelist at The Sales Evangelist LLC

The average B2B sales cycle can take anywhere from 3 to 9 months to close, depending on the complexity of the product or service being sold. Now add the fact that we're facing a global pandemic and it could add an extra 2 - 3 months or more to a sales cycle. How to tap into growing markets for new sales opportunities.

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How to Successfully Coach Your Sales Team to Drive Efficiency

Speaker: Steve Benson, Founder and CEO, Badger Maps

A great sales team starts with a manager who’s a great coach. You can manage activities and processes but people need to be guided to reach their full potential. Every sales rep has their own unique strengths and you need to be able to identify them to leverage their skills accordingly and empower your entire team.

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B2B Marketing Trends to Engage Target Accounts and Skyrocket Demand Gen

Speaker: Ari Capogeannis, Director - Revenue Marketing at NVIDIA

Since businesses can no longer engage key accounts through traditional channels, digital marketing and sales transformation has accelerated. In order to win the competitive battle of engaging target accounts and driving sales opportunities, data-driven insights are essential.