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ChatGPT, BARD & The Death of the Search Engine Long Tail

But artificial intelligence is shaking up the search world more than those 10 blue links ever did nearly three decades ago. Here’s a glimpse in how AI is changing search and what you can do to stay relevant. Searches like: “How does … ?” Rightfully so. ” AI is changing that game.

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8 Advanced Google Search Tips To Optimize Your Web and Content Marketing

Marketing Insider Group

No matter what tools you have, you probably do a lot of your marketing research on good old Google. The search engine giant stomps the competition with over 90% of the market share, while the closest challenger barely gets 3%. That’s the reason you need advanced Google search strategies.


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The best of micro-influencer marketing and long tail blogger outreach articles


Today is one of those best-of Chris Abraham’s blog posts on blogger outreach, long tail blogger outreach, influencer marketing , and micro-influencer marketing. “In this free 30-minute Biznology® webinar, Chris talks about earned media marketing: how to get off your duff and get out there online.”

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SEO Terms: A Glossary of Common Search Marketing Phrases

Top Rank Marketing

With any B2B marketing strategy, it’s easy to get lost in the jargon. This is definitely true of search engine optimization. Here’s a glossary of the top SEO terms tailored specifically for B2B marketers: Bounce Rate: The percentage of visitors who navigate away from your website after viewing only one page.

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Boost Your Firm with Attorney Search Engine Marketing

Go Beyond SEO

Ever wonder why some law firms always top Google searches? It’s about using attorney search engine marketing , or SEO. Attorney search engine marketing , or SEO for law firms , is crucial for boosting the visibility and success of your law firm online. It helps your firm show up when people search for legal help.

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5 New Tips to Convert on Long Tail Search Queries

Convince & Convert

Today’s Internet users are looking for something specific using long tail search queries : deals on Samsung 46 inch LCD 1080p TVs, new high heels in style for spring 2016, best suit to buy for summer wedding in South, and safest new 2016 sedan for family of five. Conceptual Understanding. Identifying User Intent.

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What Are Long-Tail Keywords?


What are long-tail keywords? Long-tail keywords are keyword phrases that don’t have a large number of monthly searches, but are lucrative entrances to your content. The term “long-tail” refers to a graph of competitiveness vs. conversion rate of keywords. Long-tail keyword examples.