Email, SMS & Push: How to Automate a Multi-Channel Experience


As a marketer, you only have to digest a few statistics to understand that your marketing strategies demand a multi-channel approach—more so than any other time in modern history. Developing an automated multi-channel marketing strategy.

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Vroooom! 3 Ways Consumer Marketers Can Accelerate Growth in a Multi-Channel World

Modern B2B Marketing

Today, as consumer spend is returning, consumer marketers of luxury goods must do more to attract and engage buyers and maintain loyalty with their brand. Consumer marketers now need to be wherever their customers are, not just in-store. Engage in Linked Multi-Channel Marketing.

31 Expert Guides to Maximizing Online Brand Visibility – WPO


How can paid and organic content promotion channels be used together most effectively? Creating a Multi-Channel Content Marketing Strategy by BlueGlass. You’re losing customers! Enterprise SEO requires a search across traditional techniques and social media channels.”

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B2B Content Marketing; A Masterclass in Content Amplification

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This is achieved through connecting the right content, to the right audiences, at the right time, using the best channels. Although potential customers will be the focus of much of your efforts, they aren’t your only audience. Improve customer loyalty or increase lifetime value.

Automating Your Healthcare’s Referral Marketing


Although attracting new customers will always be important, referral business is essential, especially if you specialize in a practice less common. Automation of Building Brand Loyalty. Developing brand loyalty is key to having long-term referral sources and to keeping referrals coming.

How to Create Customer-Centric Email Campaigns


The event brought together top marketers to discuss digital initiatives, consumer insights, customer experience and marketing strategy. Is the purpose of the email to make your customers aware of a current promotion or is it building a relationship between you and the recipient?

Responsys Buys Loyalty Matrix

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Speaking of integrated systems, consider yesterday’s announcement that email marketing provider Responsys has purchased Loyalty Matrix , which offers on-demand marketng analytics. According to the press release, Responsys hopes to become “the only on-demand marketing company capable of helping marketers not only deliver – but predict and deliver – the right messages to each customer, via email, direct mail and mobile.”

Mastering Brand Loyalty: What Subscription Service Companies Do Differently

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As a brand and a business, you need brand loyalty, and you only have a few chances to create it. It almost goes without saying these days, but marketers don’t define customer journeys. Customers do. Offer your customers a “pick me up”.

Technically Speaking: An Interview with MeritDirect’s Data + Media Services SVP Chris Blohm

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For nearly two decades global multi-channel marketing leader MeritDirect has thrived as a data-driven, integrated direct marketing partner, elevating their clients’ marketing efforts to “Higher Ground” – a cornerstone of the company’s customer-first approach and corporate culture. Today, MeritDirect is a data- forward, omni-channel marketing business with a spotlight on digital, data, and analytics.

B2B Marketers Are Buying Customer Data Platforms. Here's Why.

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I’m currently drafting a paper on use of Customer Data Platforms by B2B SaaS marketers. I think the reason is that banks, airlines, and telcos all capture their customers’ names as part of their normal operations.

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Technically Speaking: An Interview with MeritDirect’s Data + Media Services SVP Chris Blohm

HG Data

For nearly two decades global multi-channel marketing leader MeritDirect has thrived as a data-driven, integrated direct marketing partner, elevating their clients’ marketing efforts to “Higher Ground” – a cornerstone of the company’s customer-first approach and corporate culture. Today, MeritDirect is a data- forward, omni-channel marketing business with a spotlight on digital, data, and analytics.

Insights Drive Better Customer Experience

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We recently launched an e-book on slideshare covering The Future of Customer Experience. Here is the one of the most popular future of customer experience interviews from my colleague, Jamie Anderson ( @ collsdad ), the Global Vice President of CRM Marketing here at SAP.

78 Customer Engagement Statistics


On the most basic level, customer engagement can be defined as the ongoing relationship between a brand and its customers. And, even though customer engagement is only a piece of the marketing puzzle, it shouldn’t be ignored. The Current State of Customer Engagement.

How to Treat Your Customer Like Prospects

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by Amy Bills | Tweet this I love The Office episode “ Business School ,” when Ryan schools Michael Scott on the cost difference between keeping a customer and finding a new one. Other than “Don’t let Michael Scott speak to your MBA class,” the underlying message is that your customers are your best, well, customers. Upselling is most effective when the customer is treated like a prospect. Oddly, we often forget our own customers are eager to consume that content.

Cross-Channel Marketing and How to Not Lose Sight of the Customer

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The best cross-channel marketers have data in their DNA. But in all the mechanics, a marketer’s relationship with the customer can easily get lost. Evaluating the current “customer data platform” trend. Rise of the Customer Data Platform.

The Benefits of Call Tracking: What You Can Learn from Customer Calls


It allows you to get to know your customers—not just as numbers in a spreadsheet but as real customers —you know, human ones! However, here are a few reasons why you may want to take your customer profile to the next level with call tracking: See where you can improve your services.

Marketers Know They’re Bad at Customer Engagement

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Despite the feeling that customer engagement should be second nature to marketers, many struggle to consistently connect with consumers and build relationships with key micro-audiences. Want to read more stories about how new technologies can improve engagement with customers?

B2B Imperative: Reinvent the Sales Experience

Tony Zambito

  The digital age bringing new expectations on the part of buyers for learning experiences, subject matter expertise, innovative customization, and varied channel engagements.  Image via Wikipedia.

How One Organisation is Becoming More Customer-Focused – and How You Can Too

Modern B2B Marketing

The key difference between those low-cost airlines and RyanAir, however, has always been their customer service – or complete lack thereof. Indeed, a few Google searches will reveal many examples of their marketing antics over the years – and a barrage of customer complaints.

Learn from Innovators Transforming Companies to Align with Customers


Now, innovative companies are transforming themselves and developing new products/services built specifically to deliver on the changing needs of customers. VoC research we have conducted indicates that consumers feel that actions which demonstrate a commitment to personalization and value, build strong ties and reinforce loyalty. This move is a direct action to demonstrate that they are serious in their promise to change the way customers shop for groceries.

Customer Centricity Isn't Marketers' Major Concern--Yet

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Contrary to my initial impression that “customer centricity” was the major topic at the National Center for Database Marketing conference this week, a close look at the program shows just four of the 45 sessions had this as their focus. This includes three related to multi-variate testing (e.g. But despite all these caveats, it would be denying reality to claim that moving to customer-centricity is a common priority. Reality can be so annoying.

THE HACKIES: A customer-centric approach to building marketing and sales stacks


What used to generally be a straightforward problem-solution-benefit sale has evolved into a complex, multi-phase, multi-channel engagement. Individual preferences, loyalties, and demands all change over time and affect how they evaluate new products and services.

Buyer Interaction Shapes Buyer Experience Design

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has as one of his main premises in his fantastic book that we must engage in meaningful conversations with customers to make them true empowered participants in social media.  Engage : The buyer experiences multi-channels of engagement options that allows for adequate assessment.

4 Cross Channel Marketing Stats Marketers Need To Know Going Into 2017

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As 2016 winds down and we all look forward (hopefully) to some time off from work and spending time with family and friends, I thought it a good time to give some marketers some cross channel marketing stats to get to know up close and personal as we head into 2017. Cross Channel Marketing

Why Cross Channel Marketing Needs To Be Visual

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Imagine you are working on building a cross-channel marketing campaign. According to 2016 Forrester Wave Report, “Rich media content is the soul of customer experience.” Since they aren’t selling a product directly, the customer touchpoints look a little different.

How a Branded Hashtag Campaign Helped Tommy’s Superfoods to Reach More Than One Million People


Tommy’s Superfoods needed a way to simultaneously increase brand recognition and brand loyalty. Building a successful multi-channel marketing campaign.

Retail Trends Changing the Landscape in 2019

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In the US, customers make an average of 19 purchases online per year, the second most in the world behind Asia. Most consumers don’t shop on only one channel or another, but shop across multiple channels. 55% – an increase in customer loyalty.

The Challenge of Campaign Engagement in a Fragmented Yet Hyper-Connected World


When building out advertising campaigns, especially ones that follow customer journeys that are often indirect, advertisers need to find what engages the audience at scale. Many metrics will provide benchmarks for success—interactions with ad units, click-through rates, conversions, long-term customer value, loyalty, etc. So they shifted their focus from pitching products to learning more about their customers. Map your customer journey.

Come See Us at SugarCon!

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Drop by Booth 112 and learn how you can seamlessly use information stored in your SugarCRM system to execute targeted, multi-channel campaigns using email , social media , webinars and inbound website visitor tracking.

5 Examples of Brands Using Cross-Channel Tactics to Drive Real Results

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The goal of your cross-marketing strategy should be to tell all your audience and customers a similar brand story across multiple channels. Your story has to be slightly different for each channel due to the fact that people on those channels interact with these channels in unique ways.

The Rocket Science of Social Media Marketing


This means fully understanding your company, its intention with customers and its future goals. What emotions are you trying to evoke in your customer? Telling a multi-channel story , as NASA does across the many social platforms, all connects back to your central goal.

5 Easy Steps to Improve Your Lead Nurturing Efforts

Opt Intelligence

Effective inbound marketing can draw customers to your brand and get them interested, but you are leaving a lot of sales on the table if you are not putting any effort into lead nurturing.

14 Key Takeaways from the B2B Content Marketing Report


Current customers may be under-valued. However, just 17% of survey respondents identified “Customer loyalty/retention” as a goal. Yet existing customers can be a company’s most effective and valuable advocates.

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7 Ways to Grow Your Luxury Brand


To elaborate on this, here are the six P’s of luxury marketing: People : Recognizing the value of your customers and their investment in your brand is of utmost importance. Provide Assistance Before Customers Ask for It. Make Customers Fall in Love at First Sight.

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Google and Consumers Agree: You Need a Mobile-Friendly Ecommerce Site


Department and chain stores, in an effort to remain relevant, are spending upward of $4 billion on ecommerce platforms, redesigns, loyalty programs and in-store technology to keep consumers connected at all times.

10-Point Checklist: Getting C-Suite Buy In for Social Media


It’s free”, “We need huge numbers”, “We need a multi-channel presence”, all of these and other confused C-Suite perceptions about the role and purpose of social media make it increasingly difficult for social to be adopted as a must-have. Our customers expect it. You need trained and experienced hands that understand customer relations, branding and lead generation. Part 1. What do you mean we need to increase our social media budget? Isn’t it free?

Why CMOs Need To Remember They Are Consumers, Too

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Ask yourself this question Mr. and Mrs. CMO: Where in the hierarchy of priorities is the customer? Executives at some of the worlds most recognized brands have been heard to say the following: “I will tell the customer what to like.” Customer view. The time has come.

THE HACKIES: 6 areas to make your martech stack work with people, processes and data


All of these technologies are becoming the customer engagement ecosystem. In order to use marketing and customer engagement stack, you need to think about the customer relationship cycle: acquire, maintain, upsell/cross-sell, loyalty and retention.

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What is Multichannel Marketing: An A-Z Guide (with Strategies & Examples)


On the internet, this is synonymous with expanding your reach from just a website to multiple channels: SEO , email, social, PPC, and more. . Today, 72% of consumers say they would rather connect with brands and businesses across multiple channels. Multi-channel marketing. . .

18 of the Best Content Marketing Strategy Guides of 2013


The format, channels, platforms, devices and timing of how that story is told will be dictated by what you want your audience to feel”). ”) to analyzing competitors, to determining the driving factors behind customer purchase and loyalty.

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