How to simultaneously attract new prospects and retain loyal customers


One of the challenges business owners face is attracting new customers while trying to retain current customers. B2B companies tend to focus more resources on attracting new customers than retaining current customers. Understand what really matters to your customer.

Did Millennials “Kill” Brand Loyalty? Not Really

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We are also often accused of not having brand loyalty, making marketing to millennials a daunting task. These two forces—our tendency to seek peers’ opinions and our bargain hunting—can appear to work in opposition to brand loyalty.

Your Customers Called. They Want You to Know These 6 Things


The customer experience has always been top of mind, of course. Flash forward to now, when one person who has a poor customer experience can post a bad review on just one site and cause all kinds of havoc. But the power to damage your brand isn’t the only power The Customer now wields.

The 10 Best Customer Service and Customer Engagement Platforms


The emergence and spread of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has dramatically changed the game for both B2B vendors and customers. But it also means a dramatic leap in customer expectations. Professional customers (i.e., Customer Service Management Tools.

Is your brand making maximizing interest from potential customers?


Engaging customers long before a sale, and even longer after it, are keys to building brand confidence and growing your revenue. At each of the four stages of a sales funnel your goal is to be front of mind, engage, provide value, and move the customer to the next stage.

How to turn your business blog into a publisher


Regardless of the products or services you sell, your goal likely boils down to one objective: solving customers’ problems. Today, when consumers fire up Google and type in search queries, they’re typically looking for answers to questions.

Customer Feedback Fundamentals: What Do Your Customers Really Think?


What do your customers think of your business? You may be terrified at the notion of soliciting customer feedback. Asking customers what they think of your products and services is basically an act of cold-call torture. But, when giving customers a venue or direct channel to talk, you also may be on the receiving end of a litany of things you’re supposedly doing wrong, and/or an unending barrage of complaints. Polling your customers for feedback.

5 Ways CMOs Can Master Their Online Customer Experience

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Posted in Behavioral Targeting Customer Experience eCommerce Online Testing Optimization. While being a CMO connotes leadership and authority, it doesn’t inherently mean brands need to be forceful or intimidating in how they speak with their online customers.

Social media strategy leaders: Lisa Marcyes


Customer support channel to answer inquiries and provide customer service. What is the unique role social media plays in the customer journey with your organization? . The goal in social media is always to offer a great customer experience. Customer LTV.

How Trump’s unpopular decisions can strengthen brand engagement


But now many big brands see these emotional reactions as an opportunity to more positively engage with their customers and strengthen their bond with them. Major brands have always been apolitical on such social issues, as they don’t want to alienate any segments of their customer base.

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8 Key Changes In Google Search B2B Marketers Should Know

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As detailed in an article on Search Engine Land this past month, a new Google eye tracking study outlines the evolution of Google search results from 2005 to today. The Demise of Google Authorship. Mobile Prioritization in Google Search Results.

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10 Customer Experiences You Need To Deliver Today

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The customer experience is your next competitive battleground. You can claim victory by way of this competitive differentiation war by offering the lowest prices or providing a superior, surprising and spectacular customer experience! 5 Key Customer Experience Facts.

Do You Want Sales or an Audience – or Both?

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Those audiences can then be tapped for anything from advertising (Google) to sales of goods and services (Amazon) to tracking their needs to fine tune new products and services. Uncategorized content marketing Content Marketing World customer loyalty lead generation

Why Data and Customer Experience Should Go Hand In Hand For CMOs

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For nearly three in 10 enterprises, data-driven CX is already delivering a significant shift in elevating customer experiences. The reasons why we're seeing such growth in the importance of data and analytics when it comes to customer experience should be, yes.

Rethinking Market Strategy In A Digital Economy

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The primary course of conversation in the past few years for CMO’s and their marketing teams has centered around customer centricity, customer experience, and content marketing. Missing out on important correlations that can illuminate both important customer and market dynamics.

6 types of content your readers hate


Unfortunately, some types of content can send readers running in the other direction, especially if you haven’t yet earned their loyalty. If you want to create the best content for your brand and to prevent alienating potential customers, avoid creating these six types of content.

Don’t Let Prospects Get Lost: Create a Customer Journey Map

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When you embark on a journey, a map is a handy thing to have, whether it’s a Google Map on your smart phone or the old-fashioned road map in your car. The same is true for the buyer’s journey, especially for B2B customers with a long and possibly complicated trip ahead of them.

5 Surprising Studies on What People Consider "Good" Customer Service


In theory, the “tricks” to delivering awesome customer service are pretty straightforward: Empathy. But in practice, delighting customers isn''t so straightforward -- what actually works doesn’t always reflect what most of us would assume. 4) Want loyal customers?

Who Does Google Love More: SEO or Content Marketing?


Just a few years ago, many were saying “It looks like Google has tired of its old friend SEO and is instead cozying up to the new kid on the block, content marketing.” [1] 1] When Google updates Penguin (which removes link authority from spam sites) and Panda (which penalizes keyword stuffed websites) were released, it became increasingly clear that search engine optimization (SEO) would require a much more varied skill set – specifically, high-quality writing.

9 Stellar Referral Program Examples

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Referred prospects are also 30% more likely to convert than leads generated through other marketing channels, and have a 16% higher customer life-time value. And how do you motivate your customers to consistently submit referrals without annoying them? Google.

Fathom SEO Pulse #45: Google’s Artificial Intelligence, SEO Traps in 2016 & More


Google: HTTP2 Support for GoogleBot Coming Soon, Maybe by End of Year”. However, Google’s John Mueller announced that it soon will… Most likely by the end of the year. Avoid the One Digital Marketing Mistake That Will Alienate Your Customers”.

Getting Your First 100 Customers: Strategies That Work

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Ok I realize I usually and generally deal with and write about brands that are way beyond their first 100 customers. Anyone with experience with startup companies and sales and marketing knows how hard it can be to engage those first 100 customers.

What Google Thinks about Influencer Marketing

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The influencer premise is simple: Leverage a cadre of celebrities, bloggers, and industry experts to post about your brand, and expect to boost leads, brand awareness, and customer loyalty. Google’s Influencer Guardrails. Influencer marketing is big and getting bigger.

Google and Consumers Agree: You Need a Mobile-Friendly Ecommerce Site


Department and chain stores, in an effort to remain relevant, are spending upward of $4 billion on ecommerce platforms, redesigns, loyalty programs and in-store technology to keep consumers connected at all times.

3 Tips for Repurposing Digital Content Creation Strategies That Boost Audience Loyalty

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We place buyer personas in our workflows in the Skyword Platform for brands, so contributors (writers, photographers, videographers) view them each time they create custom content. Think business partners, customers, and industry influencers.

The 3 Pillars of B2B Customer Service

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Understand Your Customers. Understanding your customers is essential to establishing and maintaining relationships that deliver returning revenue as well as up-sell and cross-sell business. The best way to get to know your customers? Create a Vibrant Customer Relations Team.

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year to Engage Customers: Tips for Holiday Marketing

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and 4% from last year, consumers will be shopping more and spending more money , meaning marketers and brands must work harder to connect prospective customers before their competition does. When you personalize the customer experience , your customers will understand you respect their time.

Don’t Be a Sea Sponge: Use Customer Data to Improve Digital Content

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Customer data—what would marketers be without it? If we think of marketing as the brain of our business—the place where we decide what we want our brand to look like and how we’ll take it into the marketplace, our customer data are the nerves.

Getting the Most Out of Google Shopping as a B2B E-Commerce Vendor

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Google Shopping is one of the more underutilized PPC strategies for B2B companies, especially those that have an e-commerce component to their online marketing strategy. Because the Google Shopping results utilize photos, they tend to draw more attention than the other text ads on the page.

How to Use How-To Content to Create and Retain Loyal Customers

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Its library of how-to content, which contains over 500 in-depth articles and videos , is proving that how-to content (aka utility content) can create and retain loyal customers. REI proves how-to #content can create and retain loyal customers, says @HessinSeattle.

8 commonly overlooked ways to make social media work for you


You probably have Facebook , Twitter , Instagram , and Google Plus accounts. Instead, title your headline “You’re Missing Out: 5 Ways to Improve Your Google Search Rating.” Are you getting the most out of social media?

How to Get a Bigger Bang from Your Press Releases

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Google would note that traffic and take it into consideration in SEO rankings. This was abused and manipulated (surprise, surprise) and Google now may consider any follow-enabled link in a press release an unnatural link and an indication of spam.

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4 Lessons from Responsive Design for CMOs

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Posted in Advertising Content Marketing Conversion Optimization Customer Experience Design Innovation Interactive Marketing Internet Optimization Web Design. It’s important to strike the right balance between optimal performance (page-load time) and customization, as the two are interrelated.

How One Organisation is Becoming More Customer-Focused – and How You Can Too

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The key difference between those low-cost airlines and RyanAir, however, has always been their customer service – or complete lack thereof. Indeed, a few Google searches will reveal many examples of their marketing antics over the years – and a barrage of customer complaints.

Are You Crushing Your Customers with Content?

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That’s because proactive companies are constantly developing customer content that addresses customer challenges. As Valeria Maltoni explains, customer loyalty is the byproduct of continued conversation. The same is true with customer content. Google Bookmarks.

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Tuning Your Investment in the Digital Marketing Funnel


A typical way to slice up the funnel is in terms of Awareness, Consideration, Conversion, Loyalty, and Advocacy as shown in the diagram from Adam Cohen’s blog at right. It is for those with whom you have already developed trust, but are not necessarily existing customers.

Viewership for “How-To” Video Content Is on the Rise, According to Google

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This is a shining example of video content that serves an educational purpose while also luring customers to the brand. Not so long ago, finding the answer to a real-life question required a phone call to mom or dad, tracking down an expert, or calling customer service.

Survey: Brands Aren’t Ready to Commit to Native Publishing


Instant Articles—and other similar formats such as Apple News, Facebook Video, LinkedIn native publishing, and Google AMP—promise speed and user-friendliness in exchange for hosting the content. Google AMP is widely used, though it has come with a few hitches.

36 (of the) Best Facebook Guides, Stats and Rants of 2010


Having long ago passed MySpace as the most popular social network, Facebook recently replaced Google as the most-visited website in the U.S. The 12 Best Ways To Customize Your Facebook Pages by TechCrunch. Post on Google Buzz. It’s hard to overstate the impact of Facebook.

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10 Ways to Use Social Networks for B2B Marketing


The “big 5″ social networks have a definite “order of familiarity” to follow for proper social media etiquette: • Twitter, YouTube and Google+: you can follow/add virtually anyone you find interesting/relevant/influential. Google, Yahoo and Bing aren’t the only places people go to look for information. Improve customer service.