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Content Marketing and Social Media: 25 Insights and Stats from Three Research Reports


Nearly three-quarters of companies plan to maintain or grow their content marketing teams over the next year. Those are among the findings from a trio of this year’s best research reports, from WordPress VIP , Hootsuite , and Metricool. How are goals and strategies for content marketing changing? Budgets are growing.

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Event Marketing Trends for 2022 and Beyond: Insights from 10 Timely Research Reports


In that light, marketers, event producers, and prospective attendees are all expressing optimism about the road forward. Here are key findings from 10 research reports released since the beginning of April, 2022. Here are key findings from 10 research reports released since the beginning of April, 2022. Here are a few more.


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Marketing Research and Studies News Reports: Twitter’s Decline?


As we close out 2021, we assume you’re spending most of your time explaining to executives and colleagues why the data and reports you shared with them earlier this year are no longer relevant. Your coworkers may not always understand how quickly digital marketing reports and estimates can change, but we do.

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More than 50% of B2B marketers report bigger budgets


A little more than half (53%) of B2B marketing managers say their budgets are up this year compared to 2022, according to a new study. Despite this, the marketers don’t believe that they’re getting the funding they need. Judging by this survey it looks like B2B marketers are being told to hold steady, but add AI.

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Do Self-Service Systems Really Lead to Better Results? Our Member Survey Offers Surprising Answers to Industry Questions

Customer Experience Matrix

The CDP Institute just published its annual Member Survey, which is always a treasure chest of interesting data. That has been true since the survey began in 2017 through last year’s survey: both CDP deployment and presence of a unified customer database have increased steadily. But both measures fell in the current survey.

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Three Essential Takeaways from CMI’s Annual B2B Content Marketing Report

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The Content Marketing Institute’s 13th Annual B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends report has just been released and has some excellent insights for marketers as we move into 2023. The best news from this year’s report? Content marketing isn’t going anywhere.

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Survey says: CEOs getting back to basics in marketing

SmartBrief - Marketing

What are CEOs thinking when they contemplate marketing and their chief marketing officer? Boathouse Group’s Third Annual CEO Study on Marketing and the CMO answered these questions, yielding some surprises and flagging some back-to-basics trends. Ultimately this year’s survey offers a lot to chew on.