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Why Marketers Should Prioritize Lower Funnel Keywords to Get Better Results


With higher traffic and more page views, it’s only reasonable to expect a bump in conversions and sales. Lower funnel keywords are an often neglected SEO strategy for marketers. We have a Yahoo mail blog that has scored high-traffic keywords for almost a decade. But here’s the question. We’ll give you an example.

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The Best SEO Strategies That Actually Work Today

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The top SEO strategies include measuring your results, optimizing for mobile, focusing on the user experience, and targeting the right keywords. Those calculations might include conversions, indexed pages, session duration, and bounce rate. Then use an SEO tool to discover appropriate keywords.

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Five Advanced Strategies for Improving Your B2B Website SEO


Understand the context behind keywords. One key part of understanding your target audience is identifying the keywords they are most likely to use in search. The intent behind these keywords will likely differ from consumers performing similar searches. Many of the keywords you target won’t look like B2C SEO keywords.

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Maximize Conversions With These SEO Keyword Selection Strategies

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Table Of Contents Introduction Why Are Keywords Important in SEO? Foundations of Effective Keyword Research What is Keyword Relevance? Understand Search Volume and Competition Top-Rated SEO Tools For Effective Keyword Research Find the Right Balance by Evaluating Keyword Competition What is the User Intent of Keywords?

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Voice Search Optimization: How to Rank Higher in Voice Assistant Queries


Crafting Conversational Content One of the fundamental shifts brought about by voice search is how people interact with search engines. Unlike traditional text-based queries, voice searches are more conversational. Users are more likely to ask questions in a natural, spoken language.

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Six Successful Strategies for Voice Search Optimization


Use Conversational Keywords. The way to do keyword research is drastically different for voice searches and regular searches. Voice searches tend to be more conversational in nature, while text-based searches are usually short. In fact, it was found that text searches are most commonly one to three words long.

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What are keywords? Simply put, keywords are the backbone of search engine optimization (SEO). Keywords are how you tell your audience that your content (and, by extension, your product or service) is the answer to their problem. Why are keywords important? That’s where keywords come in. No clicks, no conversions.