How to Effectively Scale Your B2B Business: Five Points to Cover


Upsell and Cross-Sell. Existing clients provide a readily available market you can further capitalize on through upselling and cross-selling. One of the best-selling points you can offer a business is a (credible) promise to streamline its operations.

Beyond Events & Trade Shows: Upsell/Cross-Sell Automated SaaS Campaigns Part 1

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Trade shows and events are important—and often powerful—customer acquisition channels for SaaS organizations. What Is Upselling and Cross-Selling? Sometimes, upselling and cross-selling are used interchangeably as if they are the same. Cross-selling: “Cross-selling is encouraging the purchase of anything in conjunction with the primary product. Strategy 1: Upsell/Cross-Sell Automated Campaigns.


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6 Steps for a Successful B2B Cross-Sell and Upsell Strategy


To thrive and succeed in today’s competitive environment, you need to incorporate cross-sell and upsell into your marketing strategy to reap the full benefits of your hard-won customers. Follow these six steps to build an effective customer demand generation strategy for cross-sell and upsell: 1. By understanding your goals from the start, you can ensure that everything in your cross-sell and upsell strategy is aligned to help you achieve them.

Lessons from Financial Services: Cross-Sell to Your Customers Without Pushing Them Away


” While a healthy customer base indicates that there is a clear need for your product or service, failing to build on your knowledge of these existing customers and capitalize on cross-sell opportunities can stunt your revenue growth. Successful brands look past acquisition and focus on increasing the customer lifetime value (CLV) by retaining their customers and continuing to sell to them. When it comes to cross-selling competencies, bigger is not better.

13 Customer Acquisition Tools to Grow Your Sales Today


Are you looking for the best customer acquisition tools to attract new leads to your business and drive MORE revenue? That’s why, in today’s post, we’re going to share 13 of the best customer acquisition tools on the market. 13 Customer Acquisition Tools.

Customer Success—and PLG—as a Profit Center

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While the idea of customer success as a profit center is not new, it is regaining momentum and overtaking new logo acquisition as the main strategy for B2B revenue growth. Takeaway #3— Lower churn and higher upsell leads to greater customer lifetime value without additional acquisition costs.

How To Execute A World-Class Expansion Strategy with ABM


Then it hit him – sell a larger bag at a discounted price. The add-on of fries has become the prime example when it comes to cross-sell strategies. Upsell and Cross-Sell in B2B Markets. Of course, that’s a highly simplified consumer example of upselling and cross-selling opportunities. This looks much different if you’re selling to other business. Who owns the cross-sell programs and initiatives?

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57% of B2B Marketers Name New Account Acquisition as Top Objective

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The majority (57 percent) claimed that their top goal this year is to influence revenue through new account acquisition. This is followed by increasing brand awareness (52 percent), influencing revenue by cross-selling/upselling existing accounts (39 percent) and aligning sales and marketing efforts (30 percent). Spiceworks recently surveyed about 200 B2B marketers to determine what is most important to them in terms of key objectives.

Expand Selling: The Requirement to Prove Realized Value

The ROI Guy

Growing Revenue with an "Expand Selling" Strategy The solution, according to the TSIA, is to not invest ever more sales and marketing budget on new customer acquisitions, but rather to focus on up-sells and cross-sells to existing customers. This has been termed Expand Selling, and according to TSIA’s research: Expansion revenue from existing customers is 3 to 4 times less expensive to acquire than revenue from new-logo customers.

Mergers and Acquisitions as Part of Your Growth Strategy

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Mergers and acquisitions have become a popular business strategy for companies looking to expand into new markets or territories, gain a competitive edge, or acquire new technologies and skill sets. There are essentially two kinds of mergers and acquisitions: strategic and financial. A financial merger or acquisition is pursued, as the name implies, for financial reasons—often to pick up some quick cash or as an investment. The acquisition seems very strategic.

The Cost of Customer Acquisition vs. Customer Retention


Customer Acquisition Is Costly. It initially makes sense that we spend more time and money on acquisition as opposed to retention. Here’s a breakdown of common customer acquisition cost centers: Outbound, or traditional, marketing (including advertisement, direct mail, cold calling, etc.). To keep acquisition numbers growing, these programs, and their budget, must keep running.

Top 5 Measures of M&A Success [Video]

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For this discussion, we’re going to assume that your firm is somehow involved in a merger or acquisition. Next, let’s think about the cross-selling of services. This is often a starting place for strategic mergers and acquisitions.

How to Measure M&A Success

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Once a merger or acquisition deal is signed and moving forward, how do you measure success? If the deal is a simple acquisition of a smaller firm that does essentially the same thing as the larger firm (for instance, a regional law firm that buys a small practice in another town), the culture shift may be fairly small and the friction minimal. Next, let’s discuss what metrics you might monitor to determine how your merger or acquisition is performing.

Marketing to Prospects vs. Customers: Why Your Messaging Should Be Different


To illustrate the importance of customer context, Riesterer walked through two frameworks, one that guides acquisition messaging and one that guides retention messaging. For acquisition purposes, marketers should use the “Why Change” model. Finally, Riesterer spotlighted the “Why Evolve” model, which marketers should use when they want to win cross-sells and upsells. Do you have different messaging frameworks to address customer acquisition and retention?

How to Use Predictive Analytics for Better Marketing Performance

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Upselling and Cross-Selling Readiness. CAC or Customer Acquisition Cost. This helps to inform the next step in marketing or selling to a prospective lead based on predictions about their future buying habits. These estimates can help you to set budgets for customer acquisition, giving you a more accurate and expected ROI. 6) Upselling and Cross-Selling Readiness. The Customer Acquisition Playbook: Email & In-Person Outreach.

8 key tips for marketing to existing B2B customers

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When it comes to B2B marketing, businesses often focus on customer acquisition. Reevaluate your organisation’s upselling and cross-selling strategies. You might be tempted to upsell or cross-sell to all of your existing customers, but this can severely backfire.

7 Advanced Metrics to Measure the Success of ABM

Marketing Insider Group

There are two types of ABM metric groups: Acquisition and Expansion. Acquisition refers to the number of new leads and conversions achieved by targeting prospects and accounts, while Expansion measures the number of repeat customers and the growth in customer lifetime values (CLV).

How to Build Trust With Your Customer Marketing Strategy

Marketing Insider Group

Many B2B companies spend a large amount of their marketing budget on customer acquisition. Customer marketing focuses on different metrics and tactics than marketing for acquisition purposes, so it’s important to include these in your existing marketing plan to ensure they’re captured.

Trust 283

Pick The Right Plays: Using the Go-To-Market Framework


Doing so may also offset declines in aging products a company sells. Go-to-market plays : Add-on campaigns, cross-sell campaigns, in-app message campaigns, user research, and product launches.

CRM Vs Email Marketing: Which Is More Suitable For My Business?


81% of small businesses depend on email marketing as their main customer acquisition channel. This will inform you of the right product to promote to them and the email marketing strategy to sell to them over and over again. This strategy might be to cross-sell them.

CRM 195

Sales Account Management: Your Go-To Guide for Greater Growth


Sales account management, like sales, is selling. While both focus on selling, the ‘roles’ are different. Sales account management, however, focuses on building long-term relationships with key customers for up-selling and cross-selling purposes.

How the subscription economy is transforming the B2B revenue model

Ledger Bennett

It increases return on customer acquisition costs – one time payment models have a set rate of return on your cost of acquisition. What is a subscription model?

5 Lessons B2B Marketers Can Learn From Costco

Heinz Marketing

If you are selling a product or a service, make sure it is user-friendly. If you focus as much energy on customer retention, as you do on customer acquisition, there is no doubt you will have a happy customer in the end. Cross-sell and Up-sell.

Tips for Increasing Customer Retention via Email Marketing


Emails are used by marketers for their customer acquisition, traditionally. It is a great soft selling technique. Customers can get many products via upselling cross-selling. Emails are an effective, easy, and great way for companies to improve customer retention.

Email 195

Is Account-Based Marketing Right for You?

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The reason for this is simple: if your campaign goes deep into cross-selling and upselling to your existing customers, you’ll save big on your marketing budget. Account-based marketing (ABM) is a strategy that is especially beneficial for B2B companies.

LiveRamp Acquires Faktor


That’s why today I am proud to formally announce LiveRamp’s acquisition of Faktor, a consent management platform (CMP) that enables us to expand our suite of privacy offerings, and reinforce our commitment to data stewardship in Europe, North America, and across the globe. Through the acquisition of Faktor, we will be able to offer a product benefiting not only consumers, but also publishers and brands.

How to Calculate Your Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) for Revenue Success


And this requires your sales and marketing teams to prioritize retention strategies over acquisition strategies. But if lead generation and acquisition are still necessary for your company, consider investing in self-servicing for your customers.

B2B CMOs: Shift Your Priorities Beyond Leads


It’s no wonder CMOs focus an estimated 85% of their efforts on acquisition. Communications focused on existing-product upsell and cross-sell opportunities. It seems like every week I see a new research report naming leads as the top priority of B2B marketing departments.

Leads 149

Market Expansion: Three Approaches for Companies Looking to Grow


Most companies looking to expand into new markets want to boost their sales and have identified a market in which they can see the potential for growth,” according to Marketo, which sells a marketing automation platform. Figure 1 : The pandemic put a damper on mergers and acquisitions.

The Bow Tie Funnel

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This is because we know that cost of acquisition for a new customer is much higher than their retention cost. According to customer retention is 5-25 times cheaper than customer acquisition.

Top Sales KPIs for Your B2B Sales Reps


Customer acquisition cost tracks the amount it costs your company to acquire a new customer. This KPI indicates the health of business growth through successful customer acquisition. Unclear sales goals are costly.

Best Practice: Four ways to leverage lifecycle marketing


Greenberg’s best practices include: tracking digital behaviors, defining segments pre- and post-acquisition, engaging around your offering, and developing advocacy programs. Expansion: upselling, cross-selling. 2) Define segments pre- and post-acquisition.

Account-Based Marketing or Response-Based Marketing: Which Strategy Is Right for You?

Full Circle Insights

The next step is defining targeted opportunities, i.e., acquisition for prospective accounts and retention, upsell or cross-sell for current accounts. .

The 9 Most Important Types of Sales Objectives [+Examples]


They provide a direction for the sale department to reach goals like closing more deals, increasing revenue, retaining customers, and cross-selling. Customer acquisition costs. Cross-sell and upsell. Reduce customer acquisition costs by 15% this month.

How AI is Changing the Sales Process


Here are three of the top ways AI is impacting today’s sales process: Increases Time Spent Selling. Today’s sales reps are facing a major problem: they can’t find enough time in their day to actually sell. In fact, sales reps spend just one-third of their time on selling, and they are instead struggling to keep up with their many administrative responsibilities in data entry, quote generation, and other tasks that take them away from customers.

How Customer Lifecycle Management can increase your company’s engagement


Such stages are brand awareness, acquisition, conversion, retention, and loyalty. Acquisition. The acquisition is how we refer to the point of the process where your customer decides to give you contact information , such as an email address or a telephone number.

The 7 Most Useful Sales Funnel Metrics


Metric Three: Acquisition Costs. Do you know your lead acquisition and customer acquisition costs? To calculate your lead acquisition cost, divide your total acquisition cost by the number of leads generated.

How Adobe uses AI internally to drive growth


The hypothesis is that if Adobe stops all their marketing efforts, they would still sell products. Cross-selling/Up-selling. For customer acquisition, Adobe is asking: Who has the propensity to buy from us?

5 Ways to Justify Intent Data To Your Boss


A shorter sales cycle reduces the cost of acquisition to a great extent. Identify cross-sell opportunities and reduce customer churn. Intent data gives you the power to identify cross-sell opportunities and uncover churn indicators by monitoring online behaviors.

How Marketers Should Think About Customer Marketing in the Engagement Economy


This starts with acquisition—the kind of outreach that you and a majority of marketers are probably already comfortable with—but from there encompasses adoption, cross-sell, and advocacy. Without some form of adoption marketing, attempting to sell a customer anything else–be it another product or the renewal of a service–is a fruitless pursuit. Cross-Sell Takes On More Importance.