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The latest in AI-powered marketing technology releases


AI is putting a lot of professions at risk, but here’s one that may surprise you: the clergy. The UK’s Department for Education’s “The Impact of AI on UK Jobs and Training” report ranked the clergy as the 15th most likely to have their jobs reduced or replaced by AI.

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Role of artificial intelligence in marketing

Sprout Social

And the world of marketing is going through a tremendous change right now. Artificial intelligence (AI) marketing is taking on a bigger role with the advent of intelligent marketing tools and generative AI like ChatGPT, creating an abundance of opportunities for marketing teams to do more of what they already do best.


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Authenticity in The Age of AI

Marketing Insider Group

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly changing the way marketers communicate and create content. As AI-generated experiences become more pervasive, it’s getting harder to tell the difference between what’s genuine and what’s automated. What is Authenticity?

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What Is Generative AI and How Can Marketers Use It Now?

Marketing Insider Group

Well, they do, and it’s called generative AI. Generative AI has the power to speed up the process and still produce top-notch content. In this post, we’re discussing why every marketer should be using Generative AI in 2023, and 7 specific ways you can start leveraging this technology. What Is Generative AI?

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Can’t Afford Artificial Intelligence for Your Small Business? Think Again.


The market for Artificial intelligence (AI) solutions has grown 54% year over year in 2020 to a $22.6 Billion market size in the United States alone. No longer considered futuristic, AI is here to stay. AI is applicable to almost every business function. That’s AI too.

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Artificial Intelligence for Sales: Discover How Sales is Changing


Artificial Intelligence. If you’ve been online in the last few years, you’ll see talk of AI everywhere. Experts across the globe are offering up their own take—trying to be first to tell you exactly how artificial intelligence will impact your industry, your company, your product, your job. Keep reading.

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Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing: Beat the Jargon…

Inbox Insight

Artificial Intelligence in digital marketing is a concept many B2B marketers struggle to get their heads around. However according to our latest research Full Disclosure; The B2B Content Intelligence Report , 67% of senior B2B marketers perceiving a high threat level from new market entrants leveraging AI.