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Report: Most Marketers Struggling to Find Multi-Channel Strategy Success

KoMarketing Associates

It’s becoming more important than ever before for marketers to connect with customers and prospects across multiple channels. However, new research indicates that many are failing to achieve the objectives associated with utilizing existing multi-channel strategies. Balancing Paid and Unpaid Marketing Channel Investments.

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5 Common Multi-Channel Marketing Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Marketing Insider Group

In e-commerce, investing in multi-channel marketing can help you quickly take your business to the next level, but it can also come with a number of challenges that you may or may not be aware of. Quick takeaways: Consistency across each marketing channel is critical for a successful multi-channel marketing strategy.


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Multi Channel in B2B Marketing: Beat the Jargon…

Inbox Insight

Understanding the importance of multi channel in B2B marketing is one thing, but understanding what all of the related acronyms, tactics and individual channels actually mean is how you can truly begin to understand this comprehensive topic. What is Multi Channel and How is it Being Used in B2B Marketing?

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Using Digital Channels with Precision: Mastering Multi-Channel ABM

Madison Logic

Enter multi-channel account-based marketing (ABM). Multi-channel ABM helps you meet buying committee members where they are with a persistent and cohesive experience. Because B2B buyers research solutions on various channels and their journey isn’t confined to one place.

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Your Playbook to B2B Conversational Marketing

Speaker: Tyler Pleiss, AMB Manager - Strategic & Kristen Rauch, ABM Manager - Expansion

Join expert ABM managers Tyler Pleiss and Kristen Rauch to learn real chat strategies you can put into action, as well as how chat can fit into a multi-channel engagement strategy. How chat fits into your larger omni-channel engagement strategy.

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Cross-Channel, Multi-Channel and Omni-Channel Marketing Explained


The days of measuring the marketing performance of one channel, because you only ran a TV ad with an 800 number to entice customers, are long gone. Today’s successful marketer runs campaigns across multiple channels to reach consumers wherever they may be. WATCH THE VIDEO.

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Multi Channel vs Omnichannel Marketing: What’s the Difference?

Inbox Insight

B2B marketers often get hung up about the differences between multi channel and omnichannel marketing, when in fact the two approaches actually possess an array of similarities. Take the fact that both involve more than one channel to communicate, reach and engage with their target audience.