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Five B2B marketing predictions that will come true in 2018

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That’s exactly what Circle did with our friends at B2B Marketing. In November/December 2017 we surveyed 350 B2B marketers and asked them to indicate how focused they were on 14 different trends right now. The B2B Marketing Trend Tracker reveals that five trends will become mainstream in 2018, with the majority of B2B marketers investing considerable time and money into them as we speak: Improving the customer experience.

The big trends in B2B marketing

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I recently shared a view on the big trends in B2B marketing at the MRS B2B Conference. Nope, it was a far more informed perspective – that of leaders from the UK’s 75 largest B2B marketing agencies who were recently surveyed as part of the B2B Agency Benchmarking Report. We asked them to name the single biggest trend in B2B marketing, and here’s what they told us: They reckon that we’re entering an era of greater creativity , and boy do we need to.

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3 tips when deploying a B2B Marketing Automation platform

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There are five key ingredients for B2B marketing success (see the full blog post here ): Have a clear strategic vision. Invest considerable time and effort into sales and marketing alignment. Central to that latter point is the adoption of marketing technology, especially automation. The case for marketing automation (MA) is persuasive, and the B2B Marketing Automation Sophistication Index produced by Circle Research and B2B Marketing reveals it has reached a tipping point.

A wake up call for market research agencies

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The study, now in its 11 th year and based on the opinions of 1,400+ practitioners, monitors trends in the market research industry. The report is a real wake-up call for market research agencies. There’s a good connection with marketers (i.e.

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Increase Marketing ROI 10X and Prove It

See how a marketing team demonstrated 10X ROI and increased sales by 35% with marketing automation

Using Regression Analysis in market research

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They may give undue weight to ‘rational’ factors such as price, especially in B2B markets. Regression Analysis in market research – an example. The post Using Regression Analysis in market research appeared first on Circle Research - B2B market research company.

Is customer satisfaction really important in B2B?

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Following on from this logic, market research studies tend to focus on measuring customer satisfaction and its cousin the Net Promoter Score (NPS). These insights have important implications for customer satisfaction and loyalty research in B2B markets.

Finding the brand positioning sweet spot

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In a recent survey of 100 senior B2B marketers conducted for the B2B Leaders Forum by Circle Research , they named three major challenges: Resources: Brand building is a lower priority than activity which directly builds revenue in the short-term. Managing a B2B brand isn’t easy.

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B2B market research – 10 unique features

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Is B2B market research really that different from B2C? There are fundamental differences between B2C and B2B markets. In fact, as illustrated in the infographic below, there are 12 key features which make B2B markets unique. B2B market research Uncategorized B2B differences

Effective B2B Marketing Content That Will Lead to Sales Growth

Effective marketing content leads to increased sales productivity, more revenue, greater marketing effectiveness and stronger alignment between marketing and sales

Business to business market research just 4% of spend

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In their latest report on the state of the market research industry , ESOMAR estimate that just 4% of research spend is on business to business market research. This reveals that 45% of UK companies operate in business to business markets (and many more have some business to business component to what they do). Yet despite this, business to business market research accounts for less than a twentieth of total market research spend.

What system 1 and 2 thinking mean for B2B marketers

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Now, what does all this mean for B2B marketers? So, when your target market is choosing between suppliers it’s likely that they’ll be using system 2. This has two further implications for marketers. So position yourself as an active citizen in your target market’s industry and profession. So communicate with the target market often and be omnipresent in their environment. A clever chap called Daniel Kahneman has a theory.

Branding is b t

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“Branding is marketing b t. As a marketer you no doubt recognise the value of a strong brand. 77% of the 100 B2B marketing leaders we recently surveyed for the B2B Leaders Forum went so far as to describe branding as critical to their company’s future growth. So you might be convinced, but how do you persuade others who see branding as ‘marketing b t’? It is a point of differentiation, especially in commodity markets.

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Email marketing: Overcoming message overload

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I’ve always felt my groaning inbox bore testament to the popularity of email marketing. The latest report in B2B Marketing’s Benchmark series reveals that a whopping nine in ten (88%) B2B marketers make use of the technique.

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Understanding brand personality through projective techniques

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In B2B markets brand personality is an especially important concept as ‘corporate fit’ is often an important consideration for B2B buyers – “are these people on my wavelength and can I see myself working with them?”. You can shape your corporate brand personality through marketing communications and, most importantly, by developing an appropriate corporate culture. Most brands have a set of human traits associated with them – a brand personality.

5 Pillars of Marketing Automation Success

Ensure Your B2B Marketing Clients Get the Best Results

What makes a good marketing leader?

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There are two universal truths about all marketing plans. Two marketing teams with identical skills and resources, both looking to achieve the same goals, can achieve very different results. The latest B2B Marketing Leaders Report, produced in conjunction with Circle Research, explores how to lead well. It’s based on a survey of dozens of B2B marketing teams (76 to be precise) which explored what motivates them at work and what they look for in a leader.

B2B competitor research – 8 free sources of information

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That said, having an eye the competition is a useful check to ensure that you’re keeping pace with the market and not missing a trick. Here are eight free sources of competitor information for those operating in B2B markets: Companies House. Often the Annual Report will include details of how the market is structured, sources of sales, company strategy, risks faced and more. Competition and Markets Authority. Competitor sales and marketing material.

Does Big Data mean market research is dead?

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When Big Data finally becomes a reality, does that mean market research will become surplus to requirements? But it’s a complement to, not replacement for, market research. For example, what untapped needs are there in the market? How persuasive are different potential marketing messages? Big Data and market research are complementary to each other. The post Does Big Data mean market research is dead?

It’s official – in B2B, content is king

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The latest B2B Marketing Benchmark report produced in association with Circle Research reveals that 71% of B2B marketers consider content marketing to be a critical activity. Content marketing in some shape or form now consumes 40% of the average B2B marketing department’s time. So it seems that marketers are adapting their approach to content as a prospect moves down the funnel. That’s smart, but many are missing a trick. It’s official.

7 Common Marketing Mistakes and strategies to avoid them

This white paper addresses the 7 most common challenges marketers hit when marketing products, solutions, or services and offers proven advice on how to avoid these missteps and improve the success of your marketing efforts

How to conduct a business to business survey

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With the plethora of DIY research tools on the market nowadays, every man and his dog reckons they’re a market researcher. That’s especially true in business to business markets where the target market is small and relationships are critical. Now it’s a case of getting the market at large to respond to the survey. the distribution of survey responses reflects your market structure).

B2B brands are dead. Long live B2B2C brands!

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Interestingly, IBM is now positioned as a specialist B2B brand, having exited the PC market a few years ago. appeared first on Circle Research - B2B market research company

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B2B social media: Highlights from new benchmarking research

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The latest B2B Marketing Benchmark Report – based on a survey of 274 client side B2B marketers conducted by us here at Circle Research – finally seems to provide a definitive answer. B2B social media; is it a case of the Emperor’s New Clothes?

Financial benchmarks for B2B marketing agencies

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You may have read my recent post about B2B Marketing’s 2014 Agency League Table (if not, take a peek here ). The post Financial benchmarks for B2B marketing agencies appeared first on Circle Research - B2B market research company. Uncategorized Agency financial benchmarks B2B Marketing League Table By now you may even have read the full report. In this post I’d like to share a few gems which you won’t find in either.

Flip My Funnel - Guide To B2B Account Based Marketing

As modern B2B marketers, we have been lucky enough to witness some of the most dramatic shifts in marketing strategies and technologies

The month in #mrx

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Every four weeks we here at @circle_research find the most popular Tweets about market research (#mrx in Twitter talk) and take a look at what’s hot. I admit privacy isn’t as exciting as Mr. X but it is important, especially to the market research industry.

The benefits of a strong brand in B2B markets

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Some don’t think that branding matters in B2B markets. And anyway, it’s all just fluffy marketing crap and a brand is really just a logo isn’t it? . B2B marketers disagree. In fact, our surveys have found that 77% of B2B marketing leaders believe that branding is critical to growth. These enlightened marketers have also seen the benefits of building a strong brand: It makes you a must-have on short-lists.

Driving action from a customer satisfaction programme

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The post Driving action from a customer satisfaction programme appeared first on Circle Research - B2B market research company. Most companies have a customer satisfaction research programme in place, but not all are made equal. Some are active agents of change – they spur the organisation to act, building stronger customer relationships, boosting customer loyalty and ultimately improving commercial performance.

Time to get with the programmatic

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If you’re a B2B marketer, annual planning is on your mind. In particular the B2B Barometer suggests that, on average, B2B marketers spend 39% of their budget on digital. If online advertising is in your marketing plan, it’s not programmatic (i.e. A new study from Appnexus, WARC and IAB Europe has found that only 22% of European marketers currently use programmatic advertising. Aside from that old chestnut budget, marketers cite three key barriers.

The Marketing Landscape: Where Data and Content Merge

Understand the importance of good data and good content and how they work together to help your marketing efforts

Which B2B brands do you most respect?

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We recently posed this question to 100 marketing leaders in B2B companies. My interest piqued, I asked Xabier Ormazabal (Salesforce’s head of UK marketing) and Paul Smith (VP EMEA Salesforce Marketing Cloud) what the secret of Salesforce’s success was. Marketers can influence these perceptions but not control them. It’s not the marketing department’s brand. Most brand positionings are based on what marketers would like the company to be known for.

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The secrets of successful B2B marketing

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What’s the secret to successful marketing? A recent survey by B2B Marketing and Circle Research asked 104 client-side B2B marketers that very question – ‘what would you say are the key elements to successful B2B marketing?’. First, marketing needs to have a strategic vision. It’s a rallying cry to give the marketing team a sense of purpose and, if communicated well, a source of inspiration. And finally, aligning marketing and sales is essential.

Tips for B2B customer satisfaction research

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The post Tips for B2B customer satisfaction research appeared first on Circle Research - B2B market research company. Customers are your lifeblood. But it’s tough to actively manage these relationships unless you understand how they feel about you. That’s why every B2B business needs a programme of regular customer satisfaction research. Take care though. Get it wrong and you can actually make things a whole lot worse… Relationships matter.

How B2B brands approach Twitter

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I’ve been observing B2B marketers in their natural habitat. It all began with a study Circle Research conducted for B2B Marketing late in 2011 to establish the ‘state of the nation’ in B2B social media. Consumer marketers envy @cocacola’s score of 72. Specific marketing activities have a dedicated channel (e.g. B2B marcomms B2B Marketing Magazine column B2B social media TwitterSocial media has become a bit of an obsession for me.

Empathy: Your Lead Generation Superpower

Speaker: Brian Carroll, CEO & Founder of markempa

Today’s sales and marketing environment is a paradox. There has never been more marketing channels to reach potential customers. That's why we need to go beyond rational-logic based marketing to understand how our customers feel.

Branding terminology and jargon explained

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This short, simple statement defines the space that you want your brand occupy in the target market’s mind relative to other brands – when they think of you, what core associations ( ‘brand attributes’ ) do you want to be triggered and how will these set you apart from competitors? The post Branding terminology and jargon explained appeared first on Circle Research - B2B market research company.

How to measure customer satisfaction in B2B markets

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How do you measure customer satisfaction in B2B markets? It’s counter-intuitive, but in B2B markets sometimes customer satisfaction doesn’t actually matter. The post How to measure customer satisfaction in B2B markets appeared first on Circle Research - B2B market research company. What questions should you ask in a customer satisfaction survey? Fair questions, but first ask yourself this: should you measure customer satisfaction?

Tapping into emotions in the B2B buying process

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Yet marketers often treat B2B buyers as automatons making careful, logical and completely rational decisions during the buying process. As a B2B marketer you can use this to your advantage by tapping into the emotional dimensions of decision making. The first step in this respect is to identify the relevant emotions at play in you market. Affinity important in your market? Shock! B2B buyers are people. Seems obvious, right?

Insights from the B2B Barometer

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The B2B Barometer explores economic confidence and spending patterns amongst B2B marketers. Launched 5 years ago in 2009 and now representing the view of B2B marketers with a collective spend of £95 million, it is the industry’s state-of-the-nation study.

Best Practices for a Marketing Database Cleanse

A framework comprising of best practices to consider and red flags to avoid