How to Create Cost-Effective Email Campaigns That Won’t Land In Spam


Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective marketing tactics, if done correctly. Spam filters are continually evolving, and that can mean bad news for your business. Staying out of the spam folder is just the first step in getting your customers, the loyal as well as the new, to engage with your content and lead to communication or sale. Follow these steps to create appealing emails that customers and clients won’t ignore, delete, or flag. Email Automation.

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Optimizing and Testing Your Email Campaigns


It can take a lot of trial and error to get your email marketing strategy delivering the results you want. If you treat each campaign separately or make dramatic changes every time, you’ll confuse your audience and miss out on valuable data that could help you improve.


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6 Surefire Strategies to Improve Your Bulk Email Campaign Performance


Yet email marketing, which can be rightfully considered to be the first form of online marketing, is still a dominant marketing channel. According to the Content Marketing Institute , 87% of B2B marketers say email is one of their top free organic content distribution channels.

How to Analyze Your Email Campaign Performance and Optimize It

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Launching a marketing campaign without tracking its performance is just like a buying car with a punctured tire. Therefore, reviewing the campaign and tracking the metrics are important aspects of any email marketing strategy. So how do measure your email marketing performance?

How to Audit your Email Campaigns for Better Results


Are your your email campaigns effective? Perhaps it’s time to put your email marketing through an audit. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to conduct an email audit plus tips on how to improve your campaign results using your findings. What is an Email Marketing Audit? An email audit is extensive examination of email marketing processes to evaluate their effectiveness. Why Should You Conduct an Email Audit? Email Design.

Make It to the Inbox—Not the Spam Folder—with Litmus Spam Testing


You work hard to craft the right message and perfect design for your email campaigns. But those hours and hours spent optimizing your copy and troubleshooting tricky rendering issues are wasted if those emails don’t make it to the inbox. What is Litmus Spam Testing?

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Make It to the Inbox With Litmus Spam Testing


If you’re like the nearly 60% of email marketing pros who responded to our 2021 State of Email survey, you invest more than two weeks into your email production cycles. But did you know 16% of all emails never make it into the inbox ? What is Litmus Spam Testing?

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How to Prevent Spam Registration on WordPress (3 Methods)


Do you want to learn how to prevent spam registration on WordPress? That’s why, today, we’re going to share 3 surefire methods for protecting yourself against spam registrations in WordPress. Why Spam Registrations (Really) Matter. Inline campaigns.

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How to Optimize Email Campaigns


Email campaigns are an essential part of any good marketing strategy, but they are only effective when they are well-thought-out. Optimizing your emails is a crucial step to better understanding and generating more leads. Write Your Emails Right.

What is Spam? The Truth About Unsolicited and Cold Email


What is spam? What is a cold email? And when is your email against the law? Many people seem to carry the misconception that any cold or unsolicited email is spam, and that spam is illegal. Spam” is not a legal term, and definitions vary.

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How to Avoid the Spam Trap


There’s something lurking out there, in the corners of the email marketing world, that scares a lot of people: the Spam Trap. They’re scary because most people don’t really understand how spam traps work or how common they are. Unsolicited email isn’t spam – but if you send cold email, you’ll want take precautions to avoid spam traps. What is a spam trap? Spam traps don’t just catch spammers: They can catch the good guys, too.

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How to Set Up a Cold Email Campaign


Do you want to plunge into cold email marketing but aren’t sure how to start? When it comes to cold email, the first campaign is the hardest. You need to figure out the best cold email software to use, create targeted prospect lists, write compelling email copy, and more.

29 Tips to Improve B2B Email Campaign Performance

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Email results not what they should be? Try these techniques to improve the performance of your next campaign: 1. Make sure that critical information (offer, key benefits, call to action – what, why, how) is “above the fold”, i.e. in the top left 2-4 inches (400-500 vertical pixels) of your email. Include a text link at the top of the email to give the recipient the option to view the email in their browser.

Lost in a Junk Folder Nightmare? Escape (and Never Worry Again) with an Email Deliverability Audit


We send email campaigns to prompt recipients to take a specific action—to start using a new feature in our app, register for a webinar, or make a purchase from our online store. All our efforts are wasted when messages go to spam folders. Email content.

12 Reasons Why Your Emails Go in the Spam Box (and How to Make Sure They Don’t)


Are you struggling with low open rates for your email campaigns? Because your emails are winding up in spam folders. So today, in this guide, we’ll share 12 reasons why your emails go to spam, and how to make sure they don’t. This is not spam.

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How to Avoid the Spam Trap


There’s something lurking out there, in the corners of the email marketing world, that scares a lot of people: the spam trap. Spam traps instill fear in marketers because most people don’t really understand how spam traps work or how common they are. What is a spam trap?

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Why I Don’t Care About Spam Rates and Sender Reputation (and Neither Should You)

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Like so many things in today’s B2B marketing world, the question of what does or doesn’t cause business emails to be classified as spam constitutes a moving target. For example, in this earlier post , I discussed how whereas in the past spam triggers were largely triggered by content (for example, the word “free”), we’re told that the biggest variable today is now sender reputation. Testing emails thoroughly prior to launch is just one.)

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Best Practices for Direct Email Campaigns


Direct Email Campaign Best Practices. When you run direct email campaigns, you want to do it in a way that maintains or improves your online reputation and avoids being blacklisted or marked as a spam. Making sure the email addresses you get are clean and deliverable with Versium’s Validate service is the first essential step to reaching people’s inboxes. What you do with that email afterwards is just as, if not more, important.

8 Spring Email Campaigns and Ideas for Inspiration


Spring: One of the best seasons for cleaning, starting fresh, and—sending email campaigns? It’s also the perfect opportunity for marketers to freshen up their spring email campaigns with interesting and personalized content. In this post, we’ll go over some common and not-so-common spring themes and ideas to spice up your emails. We’ll also provide some of the best spring emails as examples to use for inspiration. This well-designed email from St.

Spam Email Signups: 3 Ways to Protect Your Email List


Do you want to prevent spam from getting on your email list but not sure where to start? That way, you can avoid paying your email service provider for contacts that will never become customers. Why Spam Email Signups Are So Harmful. Temporary emails.

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Maximize Your Email Campaign Results with A Powerful Copy


Planning an email campaign? Most often, the answer is email copywriting. Yes, drafting an engaging copy and winning audiences can make most marketers steer away from crafting an email campaign. Often, marketers focus on creating a custom email template design and the best responsive HTML email template but overlook the importance of email copy. . An email’s first entry point happens to be the subject line. Personalize the Emails.

Why Do Emails Go to Spam? Here Are the Most Common Reasons


Dillana Lim talks about her favorite newsletters, the biggest no-no in an email campaign, and the best way to grow your email list. News Link email email marketing partners spam thought leadership zerobounce

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Delivering Ep. 15: How Gmail Detects Spam and Some Industry News


In this episode of Delivering, host Jason Rodriguez digs into how Gmail classifies messages as spam before looking at a potentially disruptive new email service and the state of email surveys in 2020. I’d wager that most email marketers are unaware of it.

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4 Tips to Deliver Impactful Email Campaigns That Are Truly Data-driven


Email Marketing is one of the most cost-efficient forms of marketing. But, email marketing has never been easy, right? You churn out potential customers’ email addresses with data sourced from the internet and from cheap, unreliable contact lists bought from various platforms.

Creating an Effective Nonprofit Email Campaign with an Automated Workflow

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Using automated email software and the right workflow strategy is one way to quickly improve your ability to reach. With the right automated workflow plan in place, optimize your marketing campaigns while maximizing the. is best for providing users with a sign-up link to your email newsletter. Sending Same-Day Emails. After you receive a new subscriber and they have verified their subscription, send your first automated email. Follow Up With a Blog Email.

72 Definitive Reasons Why Your Emails are Going to SPAM (Reason 27 Will Blow Your Mind)


If you are reading this it is highly likely that a portion of your email traffic is landing in SPAM. You must be pondering - " why are my emails going to spam ", “ What did I do wrong in the last few weeks that caused my emails to land in SPAM? ”, “ Am I being too aggressive with my email marketing campaigns? ” Or “ Is it the new Email Marketing Provider which we moved to recently? ”. Why are my emails going to spam?

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6 Tips to Remember When Crafting an Automated Email Campaign

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With email automation software, never miss an opportunity. Email marketing is still one of the most effective methods of. The next time you use your email marketing automation. software, there are a few tips to keep in mind to maximize your online reach and the overall success of your campaign. . Sending boring, robotic, or cliche emails is one of the quickest ways to lose the interest of your readers, and it may. Personalize Your Emails.

3 Copywriting Best Practices for Your Email Campaigns

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When you send a marketing email with a weak subject line or awkward copy, the interaction with the recipient ends right there – with your message in the digital trash. Even if you convince someone to open your email, how compelling is your content and the offer? It’s easier said than done in an era where we obsess over “Inbox Zero” and contend with complicated spam filters. For now, follow these quick tips to produce stellar email copy: 1.

8 Tips to Reduce the Email Bounce Rate


Creating an authentic and relevant email campaign takes a lot of strategizing, experimenting, and testing. via GIPHY One of the greatest problems email marketers face is high email bounce rates. Fortunately, you have the power to control the email bounce rate.

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Holiday Email Planning: 4 Reasons to Start Now (and Breathe Easy)


So here’s your friendly reminder that it’s time to start thinking about your holiday email planning. When do marketing teams start holiday email planning? If you hadn’t given much thought to your year-end email strategy before today, you aren’t alone.

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Five Ways to Improve Email Deliverability: Reaching More Inboxes


When you launch an email marketing campaign , you can look back on all the hard work that you’ve put into crafting each email message and smile. But what if those emails never see the light of day again, and end their lives in a spam filter or junk folder?

5 Best Tools to Test & Improve Your Email Deliverability


If you see a drop in the open- and click-through rates of your emails, see an increase in bounce rate, or find out that your emails are not getting delivered to people on Yahoo or Gmail or any other ISPs, then it’s time to suspect that something is wrong with your email deliverability.

Guide to Bulk Email Blasts (Best Practices That Work in 2020)


Let me tell you what you missed while you were busy segmenting but God of email marketing was sharing tips - you can send the same email to everyone and it won’t be a sin. via GIPHY Instead, it would just be called an email blast. Few characteristics of an email blast.

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My Go-To Recipe For Successful ABM Email Campaigns


Email marketing is one such shared strategy that is no longer as marketing-centric as it once was. But not just any email campaign will do. Doing this type of legwork ahead of time is critical for your campaign’s success.

SPF Records – How to prevent your emails from going to SPAM


Picture this: you’ve made the perfect email for your new campaign, uploaded your contact list, tested everything to make sure it’s working, got the green light to send, but after a couple days you see little to no engagement in your analytics. You need to use SPF records today.

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How to Get Your Emails in More Inboxes (And Avoid Spam)


Imagine spending valuable hours crafting your latest email campaign only to have it end up in Spam Land. Basically, it’s where emails go to die. Unfortunately, creating beautifully optimised emails doesn’t guarantee you a spot in your customer’s inbox.

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AWeber Review: Is It Worth It in 2022?

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AWeber is an affordable, reliable email marketing solution that helps businesses stay in touch with their customers and prospects. Overall, AWeber is a great choice for small businesses and entrepreneurs (particularly beginners) who want an easy-to-use, affordable email marketing software.

How to Properly Diagnose a Failed Email Campaign

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As Mark Twain said after his latest marketing promotion, “The reports of the death of the email campaign are greatly exaggerated.” ” As any marketing maven knows, email lives, with a vengeance, and remains one of the biggest hammers in any marketer’s toolbox. But as you know all too well, bad email promotions are death warmed over: email done wrong does your promos and your products a lethal turn.

Your emails aren’t spam

Exo B2B

As you know, email campaigns are essential to your B2B marketing strategy. As we often repeat here at Exo, Emails are fundamentally important for B2B lead generation, and getting the word out about your company, its products, services, your offers , and so on. You’ve undoubtedly heard about C28 , Canada’s Anti Spam Law (CASL). The purpose of this law is to protect Canadians from unsolicited spam. Configure your campaign.

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Avoiding the Spam Folder


While we know you have the best intentions when you hit send, even great emails from great companies can end up in spam. Why do emails go to spam or junk? Sometimes it seems pretty random, and there are lots of reasons that emails can go to spam. There are also many solutions to get your emails to the inbox. We know from first-hand experience that avoiding the spam folder is not solved by just one solution.

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