Contact Data Hygiene and the Future of Branding


Today, we explain the importance of a data-driven branding strategy and why contact data hygiene is the key to branding success. What is a data-driven branding strategy? A data-driven brand strategy is exactly what it sounds like—a strategy which requires the use of data to inform any and all decisions made about branding. Although it’s a simple concept to understand, data-driven branding isn’t always easy to put into practice. Branding.

Email Validation: How Email Verification Really Works


Email Validation and regular data hygiene is a key part of email marketing best practices. Email Validation


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Email Validation Defined: What do terms like bounce & deliverability mean?


At the surface, Email Validation is easy to understand. Email Validation helps identify which email addresses are deliverable without sending an actual email to that inbox. Email Validation is a big part of a data hygiene strategy. Marketers use Email Validation to ensure they capture and maintain good data. Email Marketing Email Validation

The 4 Steps to Marketing Data Hygiene in an Era of Big Data


Like data hygiene. Your marketing and sales data is among the most valuable assets your company has; yet for all the talk of “data-driven marketing” (another buzzword marketers love to throw around), most B2B organizations are in a state of denial about the state of their actual marketing data. In great part, that’s due to how frustratingly tedious data management and in particular data hygiene is.

How Quickly Should I Suspend or Delete Non-Responsive Leads?

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Just keep in mind that a lack of response doesn’t always equate with bad data or an individual that’s not a legitimate prospect for your solution. . * A client asks: How long should a lead be chronically non-responsive before they’re marked as “marketing suspended”?

6 thorny data problems that Vex B2B marketers, and how to solve them


Business-to-business marketers are plagued by data problems. Business data is complex and fast-changing. To shed some light on B2B data problems, Bernice Grossman and I compiled a working list of problems and solutions. Data entered by our sales people ends up as mush in our database. Here’s the best practice: Create a centralized data input group. Then, develop a very simple process by which reps pass their data to this group.

Creating a Culture of Accountability


Startups are built from the ground up and one of the major stepping stones is promoting an environment of accountability among your sales reps to properly input data and to follow sales best practices. If reps are not accurately updating opportunities properly (MANA, close dates, value, next step fields, etc) then the validity of your sales process diminishes. Don’t worry, most organizations have some sort of data quality issue and we’ve seen all sorts of Salesforce instances.

Report: Marketing and Sales Professionals to Team Up, Clean Up Data

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In addition, this may become the key to more accurate data and analytics. About 53% believe that insights into B2B customers will become clearer by focusing on data integrity as well, such as data hygiene, cleanliness and robustness.

27% of Marketers Say ‘Bad Data’ Costs Them 10% or More in Lost Revenue Annually

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Although marketers now have an abundance of data and analytics at their disposal, new research shows that those who do not regularly check their information for inaccuracies may be at a disadvantage. Marketers and the Investment in Data Quality.

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The Recruiter’s Guide to Candidate Database Management


Hear us out while we discuss the significance of candidate contact information, data hygiene , and why both of these things are vital in the face of the current recruiting environment. Although contact data is most commonly discussed in sales and marketing circles, data hygiene has a huge impact on recruiting and hiring. Once submitted, this information enters your candidate database where data decay inevitably renders it unusable in as little as a few months.

How to Avoid the Spam Trap


While it’s impossible to avoid spam traps entirely, good data hygiene will help you limit exposure. A spam trap is a valid, deliverable email address used exclusively to receive (“trap”) unsolicited emails.

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Four Actionable Tips to Integrate HubSpot and Microsoft Dynamics

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Before you start connecting data, there are some insider tips that will save you long-term headaches. Before you start digging into technical data and hooking up systems, it’s worth asking, “Do I need to integrate HubSpot and Microsoft Dynamics ?” Practice stellar data hygiene.

B2B Data – The Backbone of Your Sales and Marketing Strategy


That’s where data comes in to help you with hitting right on the dartboard every time. This article covers all that you need to know about B2B data. Whether you are just exploring B2B data or thinking about buying it, this article will help. Firmographic Data.

CRM Contact Data Quality: Impact on Sales & Marketing Results


CRM data quality is a critical variable in ensuring a strong ROI for your investment in a CRM system. Judging by this lack of out-of-the-box support, you would think that data is expected to be miraculously keyed into CRMs perfectly without the possibility of decay.

The Real Value of Email Hygiene: A Marketer’s Guide


Email hygiene is a crucial, yet often overlooked, element of email marketing. Today’s blog post explains why email hygiene is so important, and the steps you can take to maintain your email lists. Why is email hygiene important? As a result, companies that don’t prioritize email list hygiene are at risk of having their email marketing programs shut down. Best Practices for Email Hygiene. Implement email validation. Invest in ongoing data maintenance.

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Leveraging Integration Projects: How to Keep Your CRM Data Clean

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Before diving into a customer relationship management (CRM) platform integration project , one step to take is the always important but somewhat dreaded task of data cleaning. What Is Data Cleaning? Imagine if your bad data was the reason your organization made a specific decision.

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The Long Term Value of an Email Marketing Welcome Programme


Using data and this trigger-based approach, brands can create tailored welcome programmes that build a strong ongoing relationship with the customer. However, to do this successfully good data hygiene is also essential. For example, as customers sign up to an email mailing list, the brand can implement validation to ensure that the data being captured is accurate.

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Did Somebody Ask About Data Quality?


Yet, at no point did I hear a discussion of data quality, data hygiene, contact verification, field standardization, or company and contact enrichment. Except for a short discussion on de-duplication of records, you would think that data was miraculously keyed into CRMs perfectly and wasn’t subject to decay. So, while data quality went unremarked, it is a critical variable in ensuring strong ROI for your CRM investment. The math behind data decay.

How to Avoid the Spam Trap


While it’s impossible to avoid them entirely, good data hygiene may limit exposure. A spam trap is a valid, deliverable email address used exclusively to receive unsolicited email. It happens to nefarious spammers, it can happen to marketers following best practices with the cleanest data, and it can even happen to teams. To make sure you never hit a spam trap, Hubspot suggests only sending to opt-in contacts and to avoid purchasing data from a data provider.

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Infer’s Automated Form Monitor for Marketing Operations

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Supplying test values will prevent the plugin from creating dummy leads and otherwise undermining data hygiene. Note: To maintain a complete log of reports, you’ll want to ensure you’re using a valid, up-to-date email address.). Infer’s Automated Form Monitor , which is a simple WordPress plugin, helps marketing operations teams periodically test their site forms to ensure they’re operating properly.

Automating Your Data Enrichment Process With SalesIntel


Data hygiene has become increasingly important to marketers, and the increasing volume of data has only made processing harder. To overcome this challenge, the need for quality data has led to automated data enrichment tools. Improve the Accuracy of Data.

8 Ways to Increase Email Marketing ROI


Use Website Visitor Data. Google Analytics is a smart way to learn about a visitor’s location, items they are interested in (based on pages viewed), and other valuable data. Technographic and firmographic data can help you in drafting hyper-focused messaging when reaching to them.

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How Bad CRM Data Can Hurt Your Cybersecurity Business


Reaching out to the companies that need your solution requires reliable and accurate data, especially when the competitors are ready to grab any opportunity. However, data quality is one of the major roadblocks for cybersecurity marketers and sales professionals. Duplicate Data.

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Account-based Intelligence (ABI) - How to use it for ABM Success


Intelligence or data is the beating heart of Marketing. is informed by the intelligence, i.e. the data that is collated at the beginning of any strategy (and the data that is collated as the campaign is ‘in-situ’). 62% of marketers rely on prospect data that is 40% incorrect.

3 Ways to Operate a More Data-Driven Marketing Program


Enter data-driven marketing. What is Data-Driven Marketing? If you’ve worked in marketing over the last few years, you’re likely familiar with the concept of data-driven marketing. In essence, data-driven marketing is a strategy in which all aspects of a campaign-from channel to content- are designed and developed using insights garnered from data analysis. Data-Driven Marketing in 2018. 1. Prioritize data-management.

Chief Revenue Regrets: Relying on Reps to Provide Forecasting Deal Data


Fact: Your sales reps, regardless of how great they are, will never deliver the level of hygiene required to give you confidence in your CRM data. For the better part of my career as a CRO, I was frustrated with the quality of my CRM data. 10X the Data, 100X the Analytics.

5 Ways to Grow Revenue – Without Selling a Marketing List


While providing postal data and marketing lists is the bread and butter of many businesses, there may be room for increasing revenue at your company by expanding what you offer. Perform address hygiene and suppress unwanted addresses. Provide data visualization for clients with multiple locations. Another great way to increase marketing results is by adding data to an existing file. Data appends allow you to enhance an existing list and do more with it.

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#COSeries Recap: Top Priorities For B2B Strategies In New Reality


Vinas and Esposito suggested doing a content audit and shared an example of a financial data company they worked with to help identify content gaps by color-coding content based on whether it’s reusable (green), potentially reusable (orange) or when there are gaps (red).

Data Privacy 101: Considerations and Why You Should Care


It’s easy to write off the need for a comprehensive privacy policy, however, this is a recipe for disaster in the age of big data regulation and enforcement. The GDPR has created strict provisions for EU web users’ privacy and data rights, which extends to US browsers.

Why Successful Content Marketing is Dependent on Data Quality


Yet, to reach the right audience at the right time, organizations must rely on one important factor: Data quality. For those unfamiliar with the benefits of data quality, consider this statistic: Research reveals a strong organization can generate nearly 70% more revenue than an average organization purely based on the quality of its data. In today’s blog post, we reveal the top three reasons why successful content marketing is dependent on data quality.

Holiday Email Sending Mistakes to Avoid


When companies send to their entire database without proper segmentation and without regular data hygiene practices, spam trap addresses that normally aren’t included in a campaign make their not-so-happy appearance. Either way, hitting spam trap addresses will make it harder to get your emails delivered to valid and engaged customers. Thanksgiving! Black Friday! Cyber Monday! Hanukkah! Christmas! Kwanzaa! New Year’s! And more!

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The Future Is Now: SEO 2020


If you know these guys, it should be of no surprise we ran out of time as we covered data hygiene, mobile friendliness, security, and other fundamentals to your future search success and experimentation. Structured Data.

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Sales and Marketing Alignment: 45 Experts Explain How To Connect The Dots


Knowing why an opportunity was won or lost is treasure trove of actionable marketing data, but few companies take the time to do this. . 3: Centralize your data: Use a single data source for all of your lists, recording your activities, and reporting on results. If each team is using a different data source, you'll never be able to understand the end-to-end process or how to continually improve it. . . Identify any gaps in tools, resources, information/data, etc.,

Sales Pipeline Radio, Episode 112: Q&A with Raviv Turner, CEO at CaliberMind @ravivturner

Heinz Marketing

We entitled this episode : Data Intelligence 101: The Key to Faster Growth & More Efficient Marketing. We’re talking about Raviv sees a disconnect between Demand (buyers) & Ops (users) of data & analytics platform. Some highlights: Your data strategy is your B2B growth strategy (quick overview of the paper). But what does an effective B2B data-driven marketing strategy look like? Marketing data is a marketing problem!

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