Consultants Collective Corner: 2020 Can Be the Year You Conquer Work and Your Career


The following has been curated by Consultants Collective member, Kevin Jordan. ” “But new research demonstrates that performing at high levels can also come with some heavy costs: It can make our peers resent us and try to undermine our good work.

5 Skills Your Marketing Consultant Must Have

B2B Marketing Traction

Marketing is changing fast, and the changes require new skills on the part of marketing consultants and other providers. One that I observed in my early years as a marketing consultant was when a brand new marketing consultant proposed an expensive brochure to a small business.

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The Advantages of Adding Marketing Consultants to Your Team


Assuming you realize the importance and value of marketing, if you can’t do it personally, you’re left with one of two fundamental options: Outsourcing to a marketing consultant or agency, or. Benefits of Hiring a Marketing Consultant.

A/B Testing Pitfalls: How Marketers Can Avoid Costly Mistakes

Modern Marketing

Strategic Consultant for Strategic Services at Oracle Marketing Cloud (OMC) Consulting. “Testing definitely isn’t just for one-time promo emails,” says Helen Lillard , Principal B2B Consultant at OMC Consulting.

A/B 217

Does Your Marketing Consultant Have Bench Strength?

B2B Marketing Traction

Does your marketing consultant have the connections and network to make your projects happen cost-effectively, the right way, with “the right people on the bus”? How can you assess your marketing consultant’s resourcefulness or “bench strength”?

Should Your Consulting Firm Be Specialized?

Hinge Marketing

In the past, specializing could be risky for consulting firms. Consider the limits a pre-Internet consultant would be placing on their potential clients. Because specialization helps your consulting firm match specific needs, it also makes it easier to target your marketing efforts.

Consulting Firm Marketing Priorities in 2018

Hinge Marketing

With the recent release of our consulting services edition of the 2018 High Growth Study comes a new set of data on high-growth firms in the industry. Today, I want to focus on just one aspect of this study: how consulting marketing priorities for 2018 differ between high-growth firms and their no-growth peers. Download the 2018 High Growth Study: Consulting Firm Edition. Top Strategies High-Growth Firms Use to Address Threats to the Consulting Industry.

Is Your B2B Marketing Consultant Ethical?

B2B Marketing Traction

I had lunch recently with CPA Lynne Leavitt of Brakensiek Leavitt Pleger LLP , The Eclectic Accountants & Business Consultants , and Maureen Bernstein of Kaercher Campbell & Associates Insurance Brokerage. But marketing and consulting don’t have a requirement. Tweet.

Ethics 132

The real cost of cheap SEO

DAGMAR Marketing

That’s not a problem for businesses that hire reputable SEO consultants who’ve put in the hard work to become experts, however—those companies don’t have to be skilled at SEO to realize seriously impressive gains. The post The real cost of cheap SEO appeared first on DAGMAR.

Cost 58

SEO Consultant vs. SEO Agency: Which to Choose?

KEO Marketing

Do you know how to assess whether your organization needs to hire an SEO consultant or an SEO agency ? Working with an SEO agency can be rewarding as you can realize the power of an entire team of experts for the cost of one contract. SEO Consultant.

Why Is Marketing Automation Maturity Still Woeful?

The Point

Consultants, agencies and other service providers can help fill this void, but don’t necessarily replicate the institutional knowledge that an experienced MA user can build into a system. Previously it was the number of certified consultants on staff.

New Tool Helps SEO, SEM Consultants Pinpoint Local Clients


The SeoQuake team, the group behind the SEMRush tools for SEO and keyword research, recently released a new tool to help SEM consultants and agencies find local clients. For SEM agencies and consultants, the SEMRush Geo tool is a prospecting goldmine.

SEM 188

Connected consumption is the new customer experience (CX)


These systemic transformations lower costs and raise profits at every stage: Visible: Both the customers and supply chain will be visible from customer needs to suppliers, distributors, and local deliveries. Lesson for leaders. Today’s marketing is becoming obsolete.

New Workbook: Estimating the Cost of Marketing Automation

Customer Experience Matrix

One is about estimating the cost of a marketing automation system and the other is about evaluating vendor services. The cost workbook was a particular challenge because the subject is so complex. Most of these are marketing operations costs, and there may be others in sales and IT.

Cost 199

Cost Per Click Reduction Strategy in Google AdWords


We’ve seen click costs for many IT clients to be over $50 per click to be within the top 4 positions. The click costs, coupled with perhaps an average conversion rate landing page, and a long lead-to-sale process, can lead to a paid search ROI less than ideal.

Should Marketing Consultants Practice What They Preach?


Marketing consultants are a hot commodity. They can cost upwards of two hundred dollars an hour and they are responsible for driving your business success. Yet, hiring a stellar consultant is hard to do. ” The Best Consultants Lead by Example.

$3.5 million per spreadsheet: Shocking Cost of Bad B2B Data Management


We’ll say at minimum, this is investment is a $100,000 annual cost to the business, and ROI is not only expected, but these marketers jobs may be on the line if they don’t show results.

Cost 225

4 ways to modernize an outdated workspace


It could end up costing you big time (in more ways than one) if you don’t. . That’s because the dividends form an improved work atmosphere will far outweigh the initial cost. Consult the pros. Newer is almost always better.

POS 174

The Rise of the Specialist: The Advantages of Specialization in Management Consulting

Hinge Marketing

In the management consulting industry, the new ubiquity of online communication means that the barriers of distance have begun to crumble. Is this the end of the generalist management consultant? Management Consulting Branding C-Suite Topics Strategy

Next for digital transformation: operational transformation


Web service wars between Amazon , Google , Microsoft , and others have driven down the cost of Cloud computing while making it more reliable and secure. According to Panorama Consulting , more than 85% of these are still languishing in legacy local proprietary data centers.).

3 Marketing Myths for Management Consulting

Hinge Marketing

Today, marketing is a bit more complicated because of its strategic role, especially in online B2B marketing for management consulting. Research even helps identify market shifts and competitive activities – key concerns for many management consultants. Marketing is too costly.

What Costs More Than CRM?

Marketing Action

I believe companies should compare the cost of doing business with CRM to the risks of doing without it. Incoming search terms: blog act-on com what-costs-more-than-crm The post What Costs More Than CRM?

Cost 101

How Consultants Who Aren’t “Natural Born Sellers” Can Still Sell Successfully


They are also the first words that come to mind for many consultants (along with images of the overly aggressive, overly slick, walking sales cliché) when they are told they need to sell. While being salesy is ill-advised for almost any sales rep, it is particularly bad for consultants. Buyers of consulting evaluate the sellers. As a Consultant You Already Have Many Skills You Need to Be Great at Sales. Great consultants have a clear process that they follow.

Management Consultants: Three Considerations to Integrated Marketing Communications

Hinge Marketing

Do management consulting firms need an integrated marketing communications program? Constantly demonstrating expertise and value has become the mantra for how management consulting firms to survive, and they accomplish this through integrated marketing communications.

Is Your Marketing Consultant Strategic? Tactical? Or Both?

B2B Marketing Traction

Does your marketing consultant ask the right strategic questions? He had met with consultants who specialize in his industry, who, after a cursory review, told him they had no recommendations beyond what he was currently doing for marketing. Tweet.

$3.5 million per spreadsheet: Shocking Cost of Bad B2B Data Management


We’ll say at minimum, this is investment is a $100,000 annual cost to the business, and ROI is not only expected, but these marketers jobs may be on the line if they don’t show results. This issue had recently come to my attention in a 2-hour consultation with a B2B Marketer looking to borrow an ROI calculator ReachForce is developing, to try to demonstrate to her leaders the cost of data abuse and the significant business risk inherent in bad data practice.

Cost 181

Should You Outsource Your Marketing? A Cost Analysis

B2B Marketing Traction

To decide if outsourcing is an option for you, do a simple cost analysis. The cost of employing full-time staff over outsourcing is increasing, because of mandatory health insurance, workers comp insurance and other increasing costs.

How do you persuade big company executives that digital marketing is important?


Marketing is considered a cost center and gets as little investment as they think they can get away with. Dig up the consulting studies on how customer behavior is changing to require reaching them in digital channels.

Is what you don’t know about ad fraud costing you big money?


Special presentation sponsored by BarnRaisers, GaggleAMP, Marketing Science Consulting Group, MENG (NJ Chapter), and Unison. 2014-02-11 Is What You Dont Know about Ad Fraud Costing You Big Money? (Photo credit: IsaacMao).

Ads 187

How do you migrate to a new site search engine?


Maybe “there will be ads” is enough, but I often help clients show the revenue improvements and cost savings that stem from making the search results better. Consultants like me can help with this if you don’t know how.). Call center costs go up.

How Much Does Marketing Automation Cost?


When building a business case for marketing automation , in addition to estimating the revenue growth and cost saving benefits, you’ll also need to understand the investment required to develop the other side of the business case. How Much Does Marketing Automation Cost?

Cost 137

Why Marketing Automation Customers are Migrating Downstream

The Point

We work with both enterprise and mid-market companies , and at the lower end of that spectrum, we find the main factors driving clients’ decision to switch to a different marketing automation platform are: 1) cost, combined with.

The Real Cost of a Legacy Marketing Automation Package

Lead Liaison

Have you ever considered the real cost of a “spaceship” marketing automation platform (MAP)? The bells-and-whistles companies that tout large user conferences and an abundance of consultants usually have secondary costs which are rarely investigated.

Cost 72

Do You Know the Cost of Maintaining Your Industrial Digital Marketing Status Quo?

Industrial Marketing Today

You and I have very little control over those issues but it would behoove you to find out how much it is costing you in terms of lost sales opportunities by maintaining your digital marketing status quo. What will it cost and how long would it take to produce measurable results? You shouldn’t expect a marketing consultant to spend his/her time doing an in-depth marketing assessment for you for free.

“How I Work”: Stephanie Carrillo, Senior Marketing Consultant at Heinz Marketing #HowIWork

Heinz Marketing

This week I’m pleased to feature, Stephanie Carrillo , Senior Marketing Consultant at Heinz Marketing, one of the newest members of the team. This program has been a lifesaver in saving time in creating budgets and cutting costs. The post “How I Work”: Stephanie Carrillo, Senior Marketing Consultant at Heinz Marketing #HowIWork appeared first on Heinz Marketing. By Matt Heinz, President of Heinz Marketing.

The Cost of Delaying Marketing Automation


Once you’ve determined you’ll benefit from the investment, you stand to suffer the cost of lost opportunity. That said, you can hire consultants or agencies to help you get up and running. by Jon Miller You’re not a marketer if things aren’t hectic and your organization isn’t busy.

Cost 136

The Real Cost of a Bad (Marketing Automation) Decision

Marketing Action

In one particular deployment, I observed a bad decision spiral into a very costly mistake. Since Robert wasn’t consulted on the technology, he felt like it had been imposed on him, and he was grumpy about it. So what were the costs of our bad example?

Cost 107

PPC Agency Pricing Models & Costs: How Much Should You Be Paying?

Directive Agency

If you only need short-term projects or just consulting, the hourly model might work for you. You aren’t held responsible for lost costs if the agency doesn’t end up producing. This type of setup encourages your agency to find costly ways to manage your campaign.

PPC 52

Webinar Recap: Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact (TEI) of LiveRamp


LiveRamp commissioned Forrester Consulting to create that picture for our customers. By estimating the real business impact that customers achieved by using LiveRamp, Forrester was able to create a clear picture of the benefits, costs, and flexibility of LiveRamp. We invited Forrester Consultant, Sam Conway, and Christine Grammier, Managing Director at LiveRamp, to discuss the findings on a recent webinar.

Data Security: Spotting a scam before disaster


Data shows the average consolidated total cost of a data breach grew from $3.8 million in 2015 to $4 million in 2016, and the average cost to a business for each lost or stolen record of sensitive and confidential information rose from $154 to $158.

Spot 139