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Infographic – The Best Content Offers for Every Stage of the Buying Cycle

The Point

Aligning content offers with stages in the buying cycle is a critical factor in maximizing engagement. In a collaboration with our partner Uberflip we created the infographic below to help illustrate the types of content that work best at different stages of the buying cycle or in different types of demand generation programs.

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Survey: B2B Marketers Working Against Longer Buying Cycle

KoMarketing Associates

As B2B marketers look to fine-tune the way they reach out to customers and prospects, new research suggests that B2B buyers are taking more time to think about potential purchases.


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How to leverage intent and engagement in the buying cycle


Here are three ways marketers can better understand and leverage this valuable intent data to improve the customer buying cycle. Review your brand’s customer buying cycle. The buying (or purchase) cycle is a visualization that tracks customers as they move through the sales funnel to reach the purchasing stage.

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Crafting content for the buying cycle


The different prospects I’m encouraging you to focus on are really the same prospect at different stages of his or her buying journey. The post Crafting content for the buying cycle appeared first on Biznology. Please don’t view this as an invitation to try to be all things to all people. No marketer can succeed at that.

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Prove ROI and Make the Business Case for Industrial Content Marketing

Speaker: Achinta Mitra, Founder and President, Tiecas Inc.

It's the plight of an industrial marketer: over the course of a 12-18 month long buying cycle, you make contact with a whole host of influencers who read your content.who may or may not actually work in purchasing. buy-in from your higher-ups. By the time the RFQ comes in, the original project might be completely different.

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How Planful uses customer intent to speed up the B2B buying cycle 


Last year, Forrester reported that about 90% of 650 tech buyers surveyed want vendors to provide content that’s relevant at every stage of the buying journey. I probably buy the most technology out of any buyer here at Planful. The post How Planful uses customer intent to speed up the B2B buying cycle appeared first on MarTech.

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Use of social networks in B2B marketing (2) The buying cycle!

Exo B2B

I would like to discuss in this post, the importance of social networks in the B2B buying cycle. The buying cycle: “ads” Know your audience, it will be easier to create content that will suit them… Ideally, you will have a good idea of your personas and the value proposition addressing it.