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Cold Calling Scripts: Your Gateway to an Engaged Prospect

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Ask a sales pro if they want to do some cold calling, and you’ll likely get some form of, “Do I have to?” For many, the idea of calling a stranger out of the blue isn’t so appealing. But mastering the art of the cold call can spell sales success, and it doesn’t have to be painful.

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The Marketing Book Podcast: “Stop Starvation Marketing” by Christine Slocumb

The Forward Observer

Stop Starvation Marketing: 23 Power Growth Moves For Health Tech, IT, Biotech Companies by Christine Slocumb About the Book Get ready to embark on a journey through 23 power moves that will help you grow a successful healthcare, biotech, or IT company. No Cold Calls.:

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23 Cold Calling Statistics That May Surprise You (2022)


Is cold calling dead? Read on to discover some statistics about the state of cold calling in 2022. B2B Cold Calling Statistics. The majority of businesses and consumers predict their use of the voice call will increase or stay the same over the next 12 months. Call Hippo ). Call Hippo ).

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Cold Calling: What It Is & How to Do It Right


Cold calling — a staple of several (if not most) sales org's operations that's every bit as frustrating as it is prevalent. Here, we'll take a closer look at what cold calling is, review why sales orgs still leverage it, and see some strategies you can employ to do it right. Let's jump in. Gather intel ahead of time.

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Top book and podcast recommendations for martech professionals


Here are some marketing technology professional development books and podcasts that I find useful. Recommended books ‘Hello $FirstName: Profiting from Personalization’ by Rasmus Houlind and Frans Riemersma This is a brand new book from European martech thought leaders Houlind and Riemersma and it’s badly needed. No Cold Calls.’

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Top 7 Sales Books for Sellers of SaaS – for Spring Break 2019


So order the margarita, stroll down to the beach, and grab a book for a little beach reading. We assume you have an old copy of How to Win Friends and Influence People in your bookcase, and certainly Dale Carnegie’s book is a must-read for anyone in customer-facing roles. What will it be? it’s not beach reading, and b.)

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Chairs are Dead—and Other B2B Marketing Hogwash


It seemed like, suddenly, a lot of things were dying: cold calling was dead; telephone prospecting was dead; outbound marketing was dead … many said that even marketing was dead. How about this quote from one of my favorite authors/speakers, Mike Weinberg (from his book New Sales. Maybe I was just sensitive.