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9 Tools & Tactics for Effective Paid Content Distribution

Marketing Insider Group

Programmatic Native Advertising: Zemanta Image Source: Zemanta At Marketing Insider Group, we use Zemanta , an Outbrain company, for all our clients. Zemanta revolutionizes programmatic advertising with its comprehensive native advertising platform and Demand Side Platform (DSP). It is advertising for the modern internet.

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7 ways to increase mobile display advertising performance


Optimising display advertising for mobile is one of the cornerstones of of increasing advertising performance. In fact, we believe its essential teams can produce engaging and creative display ads from the smallest screen to the very largest. In this article we will cover: What is mobile display advertising?


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Discovering New Ways of Mobile Advertising with TikTok

Martech Advisor

When it comes to unlocking new ways of advertising, it’s crucial to strike the iron while it’s hot. While performance marketing, search engine marketing and social media advertising are “safe bets” and here to stay, they are also already saturated with advertising dollars driving up costs.

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Why we care about advertising: A marketer’s guide


With digital transformation, advertising isn’t just about growing brand awareness or planting a seed. Advertisers and their adtech partners can reach audiences big and small at any stage of the funnel, delivering cross-channel ads across multiple touchpoints. Changes in the advertising landscape today. Be adaptive.

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Creating Advertising Strategies That Work

Stevens & Tate

Advertising is an integral ingredient of building a successful business. You must devise creative advertising strategies if you want your customers to choose your products or services over the competitors’ While there are many ways to advertise, your chosen strategy must fit your brand objectives.

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Omnichannel E-Book Chapter 4: Winning Creative Strageties


seconds on mobile content, the competition for engagement is fierce. We emphasize that creative should not be an afterthought but a fundamental pillar of effective advertising. Create content tailored to each marketing funnel stage, aligning your message with your audience’s needs. With users spending an average of just 1.7

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How smart brands score big in Super Bowl ads

SmartBrief - Marketing

Ad inventory for Super Bowl LVIII has been virtually sold out since early November, according to CBS – the network broadcasting the Big Game matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers. The big question about investing in ad space during the Big Game is whether or not it’s worth the cost.