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7 ways to increase mobile display advertising performance


Optimising display advertising for mobile is one of the cornerstones of of increasing advertising performance. With that in mind, this article is designed to help marketers such as yourselves create brilliant mobile display ads that convert and provide return-on-investment (ROI). Branch out from the main sizes on mobile.

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Guide to mobile advertising: Types of ads and main platforms


By 2025, GSMA has estimated that more than 5 billion people will have mobile devices, and over half of these connections would be smartphones. Research reports have also shown that marketing organizations have also started spending 22% of their budget on mobile marketing. Why mobile advertising?


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Omnichannel E-Book Chapter 4: Winning Creative Strageties


seconds on mobile content, the competition for engagement is fierce. We emphasize that creative should not be an afterthought but a fundamental pillar of effective advertising. Create content tailored to each marketing funnel stage, aligning your message with your audience’s needs.

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Creating Advertising Strategies That Work

Stevens & Tate

Advertising is an integral ingredient of building a successful business. You must devise creative advertising strategies if you want your customers to choose your products or services over the competitors’ While there are many ways to advertise, your chosen strategy must fit your brand objectives.

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Using Desktop and Mobile Digital Advertising for Cross-Device Success


The number of mobile users engaging with brands continues to skyrocket, year after year. In 2020 alone, a 53% majority of shopping traffic came from mobile devices. Through our recommendations, we strive to highlight the advantages of desktop versus mobile, and what sorts of special measures you can test on each.

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Discovering New Ways of Mobile Advertising with TikTok

Martech Advisor

When it comes to unlocking new ways of advertising, it’s crucial to strike the iron while it’s hot. While performance marketing, search engine marketing and social media advertising are “safe bets” and here to stay, they are also already saturated with advertising dollars driving up costs.

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Native Advertising for SaaS: A Perfect Alternative to Facebook Ads

Single Grain

There are two pillars that SaaS marketers usually focus on: owned marketing channels and paid social advertising. SaaS brands are exploring alternative marketing methods — like native advertising. Should you follow the trend and start with native advertising? Get My Free SaaS Marketing Plan What Is Native Advertising?