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The role of artificial intelligence in business in 2024

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In business, artificial intelligence (AI) is more than just a trend; it’s a crucial tool reshaping how we approach marketing and customer engagement. According to our research , nearly 9 out of 10 business leaders are gearing up to boost their investments in AI and machine learning (ML), especially in marketing.

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2024 Predictions: Data and AI on marketers’ minds


In the year ahead, consumer and B2B marketers will be focusing on first-party data strategies to replace their dependence on third-party cookies. Those cookies are retiring in 2024. As the year goes on, more users and marketers will scramble to find alternatives.


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Revolutionizing B2B Healthcare: The Top 5 AI Trends of 2024


Marketers love to lean on the phrase “now more than ever,” but in this case, it’s true: Now more than ever, AI is poised to be a powerful catalyst for change in the B2B healthcare market. Improving Telehealth Services Telehealth is still rapidly evolving and set to become more ingrained in healthcare delivery in 2024.

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Top AI use cases in marketing to elevate your 2024 strategy

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As the digital market space rapidly evolves, customers are seeking authenticity and human connection from brands like never before. To meet this rising demand, your marketing team needs to be agile, think out of the box and keep up with deadlines—all while operating within limited budgets and constrained team bandwidths.

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Get Ahead of the Curve: 2024 PR Industry Trends


Through our in-depth PR Survey , we unveiled the upcoming industry trends and challenges that will shape 2024 by interviewing 200 PR professionals. Let’s dive into the biggest three trends for the next three years: CSR, AI-powered strategies, and the increased use of digital platforms. Explore our key survey takeaways!

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Integral AI: 10+ Expert Insights On GenAI’s Ascent in B2B Influencer Marketing in 2024

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2024 will see generative AI touching more areas of our lives, but where will it have the most profound impact within B2B influencer marketing? AI Insight #1 — Christopher S. Penn Chief Data Scientist Trust Insights @cspenn AI’s advancements in language and image generation are set to reshape influencer marketing.

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What’s Trending in Marketing For February 2024

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Welcome to our February 2024 edition of “What’s Trending,” where we bring you the most relevant marketing trends and insights. Stay informed and ahead of the game with our collection of marketing trends and reports for the start of the 2024 year. Read more about these trends here. Read more here.

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