B2B E-mail Marketing Pro-Tip: Understand Your Sales Cycles

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Often, the impulse is to push some unwanted sales messages or company news out to an email list. Many of the buyers are up to 70% through their research before reaching out to possible vendors. It is the glue that is holding together the online sales process.

How PeopleHR Found the Right Marketing Automation Vendor

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Finding the best marketing automation vendor for your business can be a difficult proposition. Every lead went directly to a sales rep, and when the sales team was unable to keep up, they’d move on, leaving many leads untouched.

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5 Ways to Improve Your B2B Customer Experience with Sales Enablement Technology


Perhaps the most significant changes are the shift in the balance of power in the B2B purchase process, from the vendor to the buyer, and the changing expectations that prospects have of sales reps and the sales experience. Customize the sales process.

Why Your B2B Buyer Personas Are Not Helping to Increase Lead Conversions


To create content that boosts lead and demand generation, you need to construct B2B buyer personas that give you a clear picture of your customer, mapping their journey from when they decide to solve a problem to their purchase decision. And sales cycles linger endlessly.

Is it Time to Change the Universal Definition of a Lead?


So do we need to revisit the universal definition of a lead in the world of sales and marketing? Marketing automation vendors only have to prove that their product has better features and functions at a more attractive price point than their competitor, and companies want it.

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5 Signs to Qualify Your Demand Generation Play


Here are 5 signs that tell you clearly whether your demand generation efforts are headed towards the goldmine or pummeling your sales target down a black hole. Today’s B2B buyer has done a major portion of the exploration and research process long before contacting a possible vendor.

Who’s selling better – you or your website?


If you ask most companies what their greatest sales asset is, they’ll probably respond “our sales team.” Maybe there’s another element to the sales process that gets systematically overlooked…I’m thinking of the company website. We decided to go through this exercise, anthropomorphizing our dear www.IKO-System.com to compare it to a flesh-and-blood IKO SDR (Sales Development Representative). So, first, sales reps have to adapt their speech to the right audience.

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Scientists Are People Too: How to Write Marketing Content for Scientists that Isn’t Boring

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This makes them the ultimate persona for your content marketing efforts. Maybe You Don’t Really Understand Your Scientist Personas. INFOGRAPHIC: Quick and Dirty Guide to Building a Buyer Persona. Content Marketing Marketing Strategy Buyer Personas Life Sciences

Email Personalization Basics (+American Express Travelink’s Email Success Story)

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Build personas. A persona is a detailed representation of an actual good customer profile of yours. You create personas through research, including interviewing your best customers to discover their common needs, characteristics, and behaviors.

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Lead Nurturing: 5 Useful Tactics to Get More Opportunities

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In this post, I’m going to share how to apply lead nurturing to help advance leads through three stages of your demand generation funnel to get more sales qualified opportunities. Yet, it’s helpful to notice that all customer buying cycles fit into three distinct funnel stages.

Inbound Marketing or Outbound? Which is the Winner?


With the rise of internet-empowered buyers, inbound marketing has helped vendors take control of the initial pieces of the buyer’s journey. Today, it’s all about learning about your prospects and what they want so you can develop personas that represent them accurately.

6 Steps to a Content Marketing Plan that Can Drive Conversions

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And by the time they reach out to a sales person, as much as 80% of their purchase decisions have already been made. Understand your buyer personas and identify their challenges. Are there particular page views that indicate sales-readiness?

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Jewel, a CFO and 2,500 B2B Marketers Walk Into a Room…


That type of skyrocketing growth is not something we often see in B2B marketing and sales. Some of us have sales cycles that take longer than Jewel’s rise to fame. So, much like a sales cycle for B2B sales and marketers , building a music career took time. Last week in Las Vegas, we were 2,500 B2B marketers, 99 vendors, numerous sales people and two CFOs (yes – I found another one there!)

Stitching Intent Data into Your Sales Strategy


?. Hey everyone, Jake Shaffren here, Director of Sales at DiscoverOrg. I’m just trying to understand who the vendors are. Step 3: Vendor selection and elimination. Vendor selection is an important next step – and even more important is vendor elimination.

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Top 10 ABM Mistakes

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When so many technology vendors claim to be an “ABM solution,” what are the smartest investments? In later stages, the measuring stick is more likely to be Sales Qualified Accounts, Meetings, or Pipeline. Failing to get sales sufficiently involved (planning, engagement).

The 2 Things You Must Nail For Lead-Generating B2B Content

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Studies show that 60% of the B2B sales cycle is over before a prospect first talks to a salesperson ( Corporate Executive Board ). Now the customer has the power to get nearly all the information they want before finally speaking to a sales person. Buyer Persona.

How to Choose the Right Predictive Analytics Tool for Account-Based Marketing


” What to Look for in a Vendor. Most predictive analytics vendors make use of multiple data points to help “feed” the models and forecast potential high-value accounts. Research Vendors. Account Based Marketing B2B Lead to Sale Process

How to Incorporate Customer Journey Mapping into Your Marketing Strategy


Start with creating a buyer persona. Buyer persona development exercises differ depending on whether you are selling to businesses or direct to consumer, but the process typically seeks answers to questions like: What is your buyer’s typical demographic makeup?

The 2 Things You Must Nail For Lead-Generating B2B Content

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Studies show that 60% of the B2B sales cycle is over before a prospect first talks to a salesperson ( Corporate Executive Board ). Now the customer has the power to get nearly all the information they want before finally speaking to a sales person. Buyer Persona.

Do ABM Marketers Underestimate the Value of Messaging?

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Earlier this year, he launched The B2B Content Agency to provide clients with buyer research, message strategy and insight-lead sales narratives. In the absence of value, sales organizations default to pricing as their primary mechanism for closing deals. (HS)

8 Reasons Your Sales Reps are Losing Deals


Buyers have taken control of the sales cycle, and successful salespeople today know they need to act like trusted advisors with prospects to simplify their decision-making process, understand their needs and behavior, and deliver immediate value, otherwise they will lose the deal.

How To Measure Account-Based Marketing In 7 Easy Steps


The lesser-known benefits of ABM adoption can include: Better sales team utilization. Stronger sales/marketing alignment. Achieving ABM success requires a clear strategy for pipeline, lead and contact volume to meet quarterly or annual sales goals.

A New Generation of Marketing Metrics & the ROI of Better Data


When it comes measuring the health of our prospect data, we’re used to showing raw growth in the number of contacts and accounts, or a coverage percentage for target accounts or personas. High-growth companies use 360-degree account-based intelligence to take strategic risks for long-term success; companies who rely on limited, inaccurate, and one-dimensional data spin sales cycles just to keep from losing ground. Bigger impact on sales enablement.

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How to Leverage Sales Efficiency and Sales Effectiveness


Sales efficiency’ and ‘sales effectiveness’ sound like vague concepts, but they can actually have a significant impact on the success of your sales strategy. If you can improve sales productivity, then why wouldn’t you?

5 Ways to Modernize Your B2B Branding and Marketing Online

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The fastest-spreading way to get a new persona out there is to update your brand’s colors, specifically in all media and collateral, like your logo, website, letterhead, and invoicing.

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How to Choose the Right B2B Content Syndication Partner


You may wish to oversee an ad hoc committee comprised of marketing operations, content marketing, sales representatives and anyone else you deem appropriate as you define and manage your content syndication strategy. Have they developed personas that represent their target audience?

The Ultimate B2B Lead Generation Buying Guide

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higher achievement in sales quotas. In fact, majority of businesses have trouble finding new sales leads. Small sales accounts. The sales cycles for such products is quite long, requiring multiple calls, emails, presentation and demos for months. The sales cycle for such accounts is usually short as the product purchase affects a small part of the business. Should You Hire a Lead Generation Vendor? Introduction.

Successful Lead Generation - One Size Does Not Fit All


Top performing B2B sales organizations rarely employ just one lead generation tactic. Inbound marketing is based on developing high quality content that attracts qualified buyers, who are in the early stages of the sales cycle. Does your firm have the capacity and expertise to develop targeted content for different buyer personas at different stages of the sales funnel? Their main concern was how vendor bias would impact the information quality.

B2C vs B2B Marketing: Is It All the Same?

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For this reason, the buyer persona for a B2B marketing campaign needs to include various profiles. The Sales Cycle Is Longer. For many B2B companies, the sales cycle is often 6 weeks to a year. There is an interesting dynamic in the marketing world.

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The State of Marketing Technology in Asia

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David is a strong advocate for the business value that marketing and communications add at every level of the sales funnel, from building brand awareness, to engaging customers, to driving sales, to CRM. Software as a Service (SaaS) sales in this region is estimated to be growing at more than 20% a year, with vendors such as Oracle, and platforms such as LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, reporting big jumps in usage and revenue.

Book Review: eMarketing Strategies for the Complex Sale


Marketing automation systems—from vendors like Eloqua , Marketo , Genoo , Manticore and others—are great tools for moving prospective buyers along the path from interest to desire to action. Begin by creating buyer personas—who are your buyers?

How to Improve Your Sales Conversion Rate: 10 Established Tactics


Marketers—does it feel like your leads go into a black box after sending them to sales? One of the biggest challenges facing B2B marketers today is establishing an understanding of what a ‘qualified’ lead looks like in the eyes of your sales team.

The Top 3 Martech Stack Integrations You Should Invest In for Maximum ROI


Other vendors brokered integration deals to tie their data and platforms together to support full visibility into customer behavior and campaign performance. Of course, we here at True Influence are firm believers in the power of integrated marketing to drive sales and increase ROI.

Why You Missed Your Sales Quota Last Quarter


So you missed your sales quota last quarter. When people fail to meet their sales quota, I can almost always point to one of three reasons: An unhealthy sales pipeline Poor messaging Selling to a single point of failure. Problem #1: You have an unhealthy sales pipeline.

The State of Demand Generation

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There are over 20 presentations available, ranging from Social CRM and Lead Generation, to Case Studies and Sales Enablement. Buying cycle control (you need to facilitate the buying process and understand what is required of you as a result). The Customer Buying Cycle Framework.

What are The Challenges and Strategies For B2B SaaS Marketing?

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A niche market means you have to create accurate personas. SaaS has short sales cycles and as you will be marketing b2b customers who are typically used to long sales cycles, you will need to bring them around to making decisions a lot faster. Introduction.

7 Elements every Content Marketing Strategy Must Have

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You have to know whether your content is going to create awareness, move people into a shopping cart, or generate leads for B2B sales reps. Clearly define your target audience and develop buyer personas. Research and identify your buyer personas based around problems that you solve.

7 Reasons Why Marketing Automation Projects Fail


Part of a good lead management process is knowing exactly who are involved in the sale. If possible, create personas for all people involved in the buying process. For each persona you need to have relevant content: whitepapers, blog posts, case studies, webinars, and so on.

Become a Channel Champion with ABM

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Every sales and marketing leader knows channel partners are one of their most valuable assets. But, because channel sellers also work with other vendors in the space, you need your solution to always be top of mind. Which partner personas are engaging? Channel sales works.

Why Emotion Matters in B2B Marketing

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In fact, to most effectively reach customers, emotion should be a central tenet in the sales pitch of B2B marketers, says Bob Leonard, owner of B2B marketing agency acSellerant Studios. And surprisingly, results showed that B2B customers are, on average, significantly more emotionally connected to their vendors and service providers than consumers. Behavioral analytics can help add context, Albee says, "but personas will help infuse meaning into your marketing."

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