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6 winning strategies to shorten your B2B sales cycle


The B2B sales cycle is lengthy and complex. Sales isn’t easy. But after 15 years in relationship-based sales and management, I can tell there’s a solution to close deals 25% to 30% faster. But after 15 years in relationship-based sales and management, I can tell there’s a solution to close deals 25% to 30% faster.

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How Sales Can Triple Response Rates With Video


There is nothing worse for a sales rep then trying to book a call with a prospect and hearing “Sorry I’m slammed, my calendar is too full, let’s reschedule next week, next month, next quarter, or next YEAR!” 37% increase in click rates. 216% higher response rates. 216% higher response rates.


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Customer Survey: Faster Prospecting, Better Performance with ZoomInfo


For many sales professionals, today’s business environment is unlike anything they’ve ever seen. Broad economic and societal shifts — amplified by the COVID-19 pandemic and continued technological disruption — are resulting in longer sales cycles, more discerning buyers, intensifying competition, and lingering uncertainty.

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Top Social Selling Examples: 7 Mistakes To Avoid


Rather than limiting social media to corporate profiles, this strategy involves sales teams utilizing their personal accounts to reach new prospects, share insights, and engage in meaningful conversations. This will attract your audience to your brand and content, integrating them into your marketing ecosystem.

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10 Top AI-Based Tools for Marketing and Sales


There’s a lot of excitement and new technology developing around artificial intelligence (AI) and marketing. Here’s what you need to know, along with several tools that can help you enhance your marketing efforts with AI today. Myth #1: AI is going to take my marketing job. 10 AI-Based Marketing and Sales Tools.

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Quick Ways To Double Your B2B Sales Conversions In 2021


Though this is normal, it leads to depreciating conversions and longer sales cycles, if not dealt with effectively. This leaves the businesses that are opening back up with a smaller top-funnel, without much to invest in terms of marketing and growth to recover in 2021. The pandemic of 2020 amplified this phenomenon.

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8 social selling metrics to measure success

Sprout Social

Social media is quickly emerging as the go-to channel for salespeople seeking new prospects. By building your own social selling strategy your sales team can be a step ahead of the competition. Focus on the right prospects. Prospect referrals. Message response rate. Engage with insights.