Deal Volume and Sales Response Rates Drop to New Lows [COVID-19 Benchmark Data, Updated Weekly]


That’s why from now until the end of June, we will be publishing week-over-week trend data for core business metrics including such as website traffic, email send and open rates, sales engagements, close rates and more. Marketing email open rates increased as volume held steady.

How Sales Can Triple Response Rates With Video


There is nothing worse for a sales rep then trying to book a call with a prospect and hearing “Sorry I’m slammed, my calendar is too full, let’s reschedule next week, next month, next quarter, or next YEAR!” As a sales rep, if you want to break through that superhuman filter, and get prospects to carve out time for you then be like your buyer’s friends and create a personal connection. 37% increase in click rates. 216% higher response rates.


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4 Ways Video Helps Maintain Control and Accelerate the Sales Cycle


We’ve been talking a lot about using video during the inbound/outbound sales process. But it’s time to dive a little deeper into how you can strategically use video to tighten up your sales cycle and maintain control of the buying process – at the same time, providing a seamless experience for your customers and prospects. It’s not uncommon that a sales rep thinks they’ve got it in the bag and then suddenly, the entire deal falls apart.

How to Map Lead Nurturing Content to Each Stage in the Sales Cycle


Lead nurturing is a crucial part of your marketing and sales success. With lead nurturing , however, you can bring those leads through your sales funnel and garner 4-10 times the response rate compared to a regular email blast while doing it [Source: SilverPop/DemandGen Report]. To nurture those leads correctly, however, you need to somehow adjust your messaging based on their point in the sales cycle. Understanding the Buying Cycle.

The Secrets of Prospecting Ninjas

Sales Intelligence View

Today’s sales world requires superior, relevant, and timely information about prospective accounts and key contacts. Jill Konrath is recognized across the globe as an expert sales strategist. They chop months off your sales cycle. According to Craig Elias , the creator of Trigger Event Selling , insights from company and people alerts see a 24%-32% lift in response rates. Initiatives often come with urgency that could expedite buying cycles.

How to Measure Email Success in 2015: A Call to ROI

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A campaign can generate a phenomenal open rate, an astonishing click rate, and even hundreds of leads, and yet contribute virtually nothing to the business. Opens/Open Rate. Clicks/Click Rate (CTR). Click to Open (CTO) Rate. Leads/Response Rate. Opens, clicks and leads can be thought of as measures of volume – the amount of response that a campaign generated. So even measuring response rate doesn’t tell the whole story.

How to Convince Reluctant Sales People to Use Video


These are the salespeople who need convincing, because sales teams get the best value out of video when they hunt in packs. The Benefits of Video in Sales 4. Video for Sales Testimonials 5. Activate The Virtuous Cycle of Video Sales. The Benefits of Video in Sales.

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Email Open Rates: Which Benchmarks Matter Most?


Email marketing is a core element of the buyer journey, serving as one of the earliest touchpoints in the sales cycle (at Outreach, we refer to the optimized series of such touchpoints as Sequences). What is Email Open Rate? What is Email Open Rate? Email open rate.

The Ongoing Challenge of B2B Multi-channel Attribution: 7 Practical Workarounds


B2B marketers have long struggled to demonstrate results along the complex path from a campaign investment, to a sales lead, to a closed revenue deal. But once the lead goes to a sales team for follow-up, attribution becomes trickier.

Adding Video to Your Sales Cadence: What, Why and How?


As buyers become more sophisticated and well-researched, maintaining trust throughout your sales cycle is more important than ever. Leveraging video in your sales cadence is a game-changing way to build trust, establish authenticity, and strengthen relationships with your buyers. Why Add Video To Your Sales Cadence. 37% increase in click rates. 216% higher response rates. Types of Video To Use Throughout The Sales Cycle.

Why You Missed Your Sales Quota Last Quarter


So you missed your sales quota last quarter. When people fail to meet their sales quota, I can almost always point to one of three reasons: An unhealthy sales pipeline Poor messaging Selling to a single point of failure. Let’s work through detailed solutions to each of these sales problems — so when next quarter rolls around, you won’t have any doubt about hitting your quota. Problem #1: You have an unhealthy sales pipeline. B2B Sales

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Quick Ways To Double Your B2B Sales Conversions In 2021


Though this is normal, it leads to depreciating conversions and longer sales cycles, if not dealt with effectively. And that is where conversion rate optimization will play a vital role. This makes conversion rate optimization a recurring need. Guest post by Dhruv Patel.

10 Top AI-Based Tools for Marketing and Sales


Here are nine of the top AI-based tools for marketing and sales professionals. 10 AI-Based Marketing and Sales Tools. It’s a sales and marketing intelligence platform that uses deep learning to extract actionable insights from prospect engagement on your site.

Tools 230

Top 5 Benefits of Adopting Marketing Automation

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My response: Based on our firm’s experience , the most common benefits of marketing automation are these: 1. Improved consistency of follow-up to all new leads independent of sales bandwidth. Regardless of how good your inside sales team is, putting in place automated lead response via marketing automation ensures that every inbound lead receives a prompt, systematic, personalized response, and that none fall through the cracks.

The State of Marketing Technology in Asia


David is a strong advocate for the business value that marketing and communications add at every level of the sales funnel, from building brand awareness, to engaging customers, to driving sales, to CRM. Software as a Service (SaaS) sales in this region is estimated to be growing at more than 20% a year, with vendors such as Oracle, and platforms such as LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, reporting big jumps in usage and revenue.

38 Handy Stats to Prove the Value of Personas


Benefits of personas across the business: Persona-based marketing messaging : Best practice demand creation strategy that includes more personalized and customized messaging built on personas yields two times the average sales pipeline. Instills shared understanding between marketing, sales and product. Improves sales productivity. New product launches: Ex: $1B+ Global Workforce Management Software saw 28% higher campaign response rate (SiriusDecisions).

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How to Drive Successful ABM Campaigns Using Rewards Marketing

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Eighty-six percent of marketers surveyed said ABM increases win rates , and 80% reported improved customer lifetime value. This is where digital rewards can help you raise awareness and receive the positive responses you’re looking for at every touchpoint.

Best Ways to Increase Sales by Leveraging Data Effectively


Successful sales teams consider data as an indispensable element of their strategy. Data plays a critical part in streamlining the sales process, understanding what’s working in sales, and improving prospect targeting. It’s not enough to have the data you need to increase sales.

How To Pump Up Your Pipeline With Video


If you’re thinking about using video in your sales process, but aren’t sure where to start–we’re here to help you out. Video Vednesday delivers industry-leading tips right to your inbox every Wednesday on how to use video to increase response rates, book more meetings, speed up sales cycles, and close more deals. Let’s take a look at the powerful sales knowledge we delivered to sales professionals around the world last month.

4 Metrics You Need To Track In B2B Lead Generation Programs

Digital B2B Marketing

However, sales cycles are long. Here we will look at how to measure and optimize your program effectively in the face of long sales cycles. Pipeline and Sales. Depending on your sales cycle and process, that may be the number of sales qualified leads or value of pipeline opportunities. Nurture Response Rate. Track the response rate (click rate or content view rate) of contacts from each source.

How to Improve Your Marketing Automation ROI

Sales Lead Insights

The magic lies in realizing higher conversion rates throughout the Sales cycle. With no shared processes in place between Sales and Marketing (e.g. Email is the most typical tool, yielding a response rate of roughly two percent. Almost all responses are passed on to a qualification function (usually inside sales). Conversion rates from response to ‘lead’ can range as high as 85 percent.

ROI 175

The Secret To Selling To Today’s Busy Buyers


If modern B2B sales is a game of earning attention, most salespeople don’t know how to play nicely. But after several notes and no response, you get frustrated. In sales, your best hope is to send the digital equivalent, which is shown to increase response rates by up to 3x. According to Kyle Norton, sales coach at Toronto-based health startup League, personalized video , “puts you front and center with the customer from the get-go.

How to Convince Reluctant Sales People to Use Video


These are the salespeople who need convincing, because sales teams get the best value out of video when they hunt in packs. The Benefits of Video in Sales 4. Video for Sales Testimonials 5. The rollout can’t just be, ‘Hey here’s a video tool that gets better response rates.’

4 Points of Failure in the Typical Customer Acquisition Funnel


One of the most common failure points that often leads to derailed sales and marketing efforts is whether an organization is targeting the right customers. Prospects are always cautious whenever dealing with an early-stage or a new sales professional at a Fortune 500 company.

A New Generation of Marketing Metrics & the ROI of Better Data


The emerging stratification between simple prospect and contact data and account-based intelligence is clearly seen in results and success rates. High-growth companies use 360-degree account-based intelligence to take strategic risks for long-term success; companies who rely on limited, inaccurate, and one-dimensional data spin sales cycles just to keep from losing ground. Account-based sales intelligence includes a lot more than email lists.

ROI 219

86% of marketers say it’s time to rethink nurtures!


The first ever banner ad earned a 44% click-through rate —that’s a story almost every marketer knows, but few are aware that the first marketing email makes that look like a vanity metric. In 1978, a marketing manager earned $13 million in sales with one email to a list of 400 Arpanet users (the predecessor to the internet). 86 percent of marketers rate their lead nurture campaigns as “average or worse” according to a Demand Gen Report.

Vidyard Helps Top B2B Sales Teams 3x Customer Engagement with Personalized Prospecting Videos


Sales teams at HubSpot, Terminus, League, PostBeyond and others rely on Vidyard to cut through the noise, book more meetings and accelerate deals with personalized video. KITCHENER, Ontario – October 24, 2017 – Vidyard , the new generation video platform for business, is helping leading B2B sales teams connect with more customers and generate more pipeline through the power of personal video messaging. ” More Information: Vidyard for Sales: [link].

Marketing Automation is More Than Technology

The Effective Marketer

Increasing Response Rates. From the report, it seems the key critical element that is impacted the most by marketing technology when it comes to automating campaign response, nurturing, and scoring your leads is the increase in response rates. The magic relies on the higher conversion rates throughout the sales cycle.

Real-Case Tips For Selling With Video


Want to understand how video can transform your sales process? Learn more about the Top Trends Disrupting B2B Sales and Marketing, and book your space here. How Real Sales Professionals Are Selling With Video. Curious what results actual sales teams have seen after using video during the sales cycle? Related: How Has Video Helped You Achieve Increased Response Rates and Engagement? Related: How Video Is Disrupting Sales.

Case 60

How The Top B2B Video Sellers of 2018 Use Video to Book More Revenue


94% response rates. Video has emerged as a powerful tool for modern B2B sales teams. This year’s edition of the Video in Business Awards recognizes 12 marketing and sales teams using video in creative ways to deliver some pretty incredible results. The winners of the 2018 Video in Business Awards Sales categories. —the sales development team at Punch! This memorable sales team uses fun and creative videos to leave a lasting impression.

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Senior Care Metrics That Matter: How to Choose the Most Lead Productive KPIs

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MQL-to-SQL Conversion Rate. Because there is a long sales cycle, you want to ensure you always have SQLs to reach out to and build a relationship with. SQL-to-Won Conversion Rate.

MQL 62

How To Generate Authenticity In Your Outreach Videos


If you’re thinking about using video in your sales process, like outreach videos, but aren’t sure where to start–we’re here to help you out. Video Vednesday delivers industry-leading tips right to your inbox every Wednesday on how to use video to increase response rates, book more meetings, speed up sales cycles, and close more deals. Don’t miss getting industry leading sales knowledge directly in your inbox!

Deal Creation Bounces Back After Early April Lows [COVID-19 Benchmark Data, Updated Weekly]


That's why we'll be publishing week-over-week trend data for core business metrics like website traffic, email send and open rates, sales engagements, close rates and more. Another bright spot for sales teams last week was email. Focus on inbound sales.

The Secrets to Virtual Selling for Financial Services


Where to Use Video in the Sales Cycle 4.1 Post-Sale 5. The use of video in customer and sales conversations and prospecting has increased by 93% since 2019. Talk to Sales 4 Types of Videos for Financial Services Video is the best way to personalize your message.

Forget About Hot Leads. It’s Cold Leads that Make the Difference.

The Point

When sales teams need marketing to help them make their numbers, the natural response is to go fishing for hot leads. This requires a constant re-loading of the sales funnel with new, expensive leads. In contrast, for Marketo, the proportion of sales derived from slow leads is an astounding 50 percent.

Conversica AI Solutions Gain Traction Among DevSavant’s High-Growth B2B Clients


By automating prospect and customer engagement, DevSavant’s clients are increasing their qualified leads, sales and revenue opportunities while minimizing headcount costs.

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Benchmark Data: How COVID-19 Is Impacting Sales and Marketing Performance [Updated Weekly]


From now until the end of June, we’ll plan to update these insights based on additional business metrics such as website traffic, email send and open rates, sales engagements, close rates and more. Marketing and sales teams sent a significantly higher volume of emails in March.