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How to Choose the Right Digital Asset Management Software for Your Business Needs


From images and videos to marketing materials and social media content, these assets play a vital role in enhancing brand awareness and credibility. Image credit: George Milton on Pexels However, managing these assets can be daunting, especially for businesses with large content volumes. What is DAM Software?

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Sales Rep Turned Social Media Manager: Expert Tactics For Success


Listen to the Podcast: Or subscribe on Spotify , Apple Podcasts , or YouTube Episode Summary Jordan Tennenbaum , Social Media Manager at Celigo , joins host Olivia Messina to discuss his transition from a 7-year sales career to social media and the framework he used to triple nearly every metric at his organization.


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Better Process Mapping Reveals Opportunities to Optimize for Profitability

Vision Edge Marketing

Processes form the backbone of every customer-centric organization. Process excellence serves as the foundation for operational excellence, and facilitates growth and success in a highly competitive market. The impact of process mapping on operational excellence and business performance is supported by robust data and research.

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15 Time Management Strategies for Sales Reps in 2024


In the fast-paced world of sales, effective time management is your secret weapon for success. As a sales rep navigating the dynamic landscape of 2024, mastering these 15 strategies will not only boost your productivity but also set you apart from the competition.

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Best Practices to Boost Marketing Efficiency while Decreasing Cost Per Sale

Speaker: Kristin Hess - Senior Product Marketing Manager, Drift; Will Lyon - Head of Vertical Marketing, 6sense

But while we’ve all been thrust into digital transformation, we haven’t all made the transition efficiently. Now that we know digital selling is the new norm, how can we ensure our website is doing as much of the leg work as possible for us - even in the midst of economic challenges?

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Navigating the Sales Pipeline: Top 5 Challenges and Solutions


A well-managed sales pipeline is the lifeblood of any successful sales operation. Small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) with well-defined sales processes and effective pipeline management experience an 18% increase in revenue growth compared to those without. However, it’s not without its challenges.

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Effective B2B Sales Coaching Via Situational Fluency

Marketing Insider Group

In the B2B selling world there is near universal appreciation for the value of sales coaching. Research from The Sales Management Association show sales people believe it’s the most important, least supported sales resource. Training prepares sales reps to execute. What Are We Coaching For?

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Best Practices for Accelerating the Sales Process

More often than not, sales leaders strive to accelerate their deal cycle, but it’s critical to also consider the opportunity cost. The bottom line is that, in B2B sales, speed is useless without control. The bottom line is that, in B2B sales, speed is useless without control. Efficient outreach strategy.