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Using Paid Media in 2024 to Hire Smarter

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Using social media platforms as a job recruitment tool is one option. Here is what you need to know about social recruiting in 2024. Job platforms are a great way to get in front of those actively searching for jobs but not really looking for a specific position within their chosen field. Social media is a little bit different.

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7 Proven Strategies to Boost Social Media SEO in 2024

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User behavior is changing, and studies show that around 31% of consumers use social media channels to find answers to their queries. If you’re growing your business and footprint online, this is the best time to understand social media SEO. What is social media SEO?


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ANNUITAS Predicts – How Go-to-market Will Transform in 2024


Go-to-market strategy and execution is rapidly evolving – driven by a combination of customer drivers, technology innovation and changing organizational strategy. 2023 was a pivotal year, and ANNUITAS expects much to change in 2024. This may never change. This is a similar trend reported in the 2022 report , as well.

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Rethinking Marketing Search and Promotion with Pinterest

Top Rank Marketing

These are just a few statistics to get you to start considering this channel for your social media content calendar. Let’s take a look at the advantages and changes that are making pinning a thing that social media savvy organizations should be doing regularly. Go update them with new visuals and post text content.

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Top AI use cases in marketing to elevate your 2024 strategy

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As the digital market space rapidly evolves, customers are seeking authenticity and human connection from brands like never before. To meet this rising demand, your marketing team needs to be agile, think out of the box and keep up with deadlines—all while operating within limited budgets and constrained team bandwidths.

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From efficacy to efficiency: 2024’s B2B marketing revolution


As we slide into 2024, B2B marketing leaders face new challenges: deals are harder to close, budgets are shrinking, and expectations are rising. We must rethink what it means to be effective in marketing. Is 2024 about doing more of the same? It’s a challenge beyond being more efficient with limited resources.

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TikTok Promotion: Boost your visibility in 2024

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Like Instagram’s boosts and X’s (formerly Twitter) promoted post feature, TikTok created a tool that allows users to turn their organic content into a paid promotion quickly and simply. All you need to do is choose a promotion goal, define your audience and set your ad duration and budget. What is TikTok promotion?