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36 Account-Based Marketing Stats to Know in 2020


The answer to this question could be account-based marketing (or ABM). Rather than just marketing to a broad target audience and hoping someone calls your sales reps, ABM is a strategy where sales and marketing teams align from the start to create campaigns that cater to their most qualified leads and current customers.

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24 Account-based Marketing statistics to know in 2023 | ABM 2023


24 Account-based Marketing statistics you need know in 2023. ABM, and the world around it, is ever-evolving. Post-pandemic market trends, political upheavals, economic crises and more, created a challenging landscape for many businesses. Yet ABM has flourished. Account-based Marketing , Account-based Sales.


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MarTech’s ABM experts to follow


Account-based marketing (ABM) is a powerful strategy helping B2B marketers target and engage with high-value accounts, deliver personalized experiences and drive revenue growth. But how do you learn more about ABM and how to implement it successfully in your business? That’s plenty, but far from all.

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The Second Forrester New Wave™ On ABM Platform Shows A Maturing Market

Forrester B2B

It’s been two years since we first evaluated the account-based marketing (ABM) platform market — and a LOT has changed. My just-published “The Forrester New Wave™: ABM Platforms, Q2 2020” report shows that at the landscape level, numerous vendors moved out of or into this space.

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ABM Trends: The Convergence of Demand Generation and Account-Based Marketing

TrustRadius Marketing

Demand generation, or demand gen, and account-based marketing (ABM) have traditionally been thought of as two distinct strategies for B2B growth. That’s changing, as one of the key ABM trends for brands is uniting the two practices. Demand gen vs. ABM. ABM is certainly on the rise.

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How Account Based Marketing Can Generate ROI

Full Circle Insights

Let’s face it in the B2B landscape, money talks, and marketers know that while creative campaigns and viral content are fun to develop and deploy, they mean little if they don’t help generate long-term revenue for the organization. Still, ABM’s potential for long-term and ongoing return on investment (ROI) is significant. .

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4 ways to build a successful ABM strategy


Auseh Britt, vp of growth marketing at account-based marketing platform Terminus, recently hosted a webinar that discussed her organization’s 2021 State of Modern Marketing Report. The study polled over 1000 go-to-Market (GTM) teams — groups tasked with identifying the best ways to reach specific marketing. “It