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4 Rules for Picking the Perfect Logo for Your B2B Firm

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Over the course of my creative career, I’ve worked on hundreds of logo redesign projects. While a logo design may seem simple, the process of picking the right logo often becomes overcomplicated, which tends to drag out the design and decision process.

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Web Lead (Mis) Management: How to Excel in Biz Dev

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At Bop Design, most of my day is spent working with clients on generating and nurturing leads from their B2B website so that they close more deals. The following are some best practices and habits to avoid when performing business development for your B2B company. . Qualify Quickly.

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5 Reasons Your B2B Website Visitors Don’t Convert

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Central to any inbound marketing strategy is a well-crafted B2B website design with a solid content strategy. The website is a critical component for converting visitors into leads. But what do you do when your website isn’t converting visitors?

3 Pillars of a Successful B2B Brand

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Over the last decade running Bop Design, I’ve worked with hundreds of B2B companies helping to develop their brand and marketing platforms. One thing I find remarkable is marketers tend to overcomplicate things when talking about B2B branding.

Why Conversational AI Is Key to Customer Service in the Customer Experience Era

In today’s hyper-competitive market, every business must become a customer experience-first business. Customer satisfaction has become more important than price or any individual feature. Read the new Tractica white paper to learn how important conversational AI is to your CX strategy.

What to Outsource to a B2B Agency & What to Keep In-House

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Working with an agency on managing and executing your firm’s B2B marketing strategy can deliver a lot of time savings and overall value. That may seem weighted coming from a B2B marketing agency , but it’s true.

What Is Thought Leadership Content (& How to Craft It)

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What exactly is thought leadership content? If you’ve done any reading about B2B content marketing or blogging , you’ve likely seen the term “thought leadership” thrown around. You may be asking, what exactly is thought leadership content and how do I create this type of content for my organization?

The Art of Choosing the Right SEO Keywords

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is more of an art than a science. Yes, there are best practices and several clear standards for SEO that make it seem like a science. However, when it comes to many aspects of SEO, you need a skilled yet creative approach.

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your B2B Website

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As you contemplate spring cleaning your house, office, or closet, I’m sure that your B2B website is also top of mind. You mean it’s not? Well, if it’s not high on your list for a good scrubbing, it’s time to put your website on your to-do list. Why Spring Clean Your Website?

How to Determine the Success of Your Content Marketing Strategy

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How do you decide if your content marketing strategy is effective ? That’s the main question we will be answering in this article. Proper Tracking for B2B Content Marketing.

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The Path to Journey Management

Speaker: Kerry Bodine and Lindsay Sykes

The practice of journey mapping has reached fever pitch. But your mapping efforts are only effective if the resulting maps help you drive organization change — and then measure the results of your efforts. Join Intouch Insight and Kerry Bodine, CX expert and co-author of Outside In: The Power of Putting Customers at the Center of Your Business, as she shares Bodine & Co.’s latest research on this topic.

How to Write Well: Tips from a Content Expert

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When it comes to B2B content marketing , the act of writing such content can be harder than it seems. After all, most of us write something every day – e-mails, ideas, requests. So how hard could it be to write a blog post, or website, or white paper?

What to Include in a B2B Brand Guide

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The benefits of a brand guide may not be obvious at first. Although you may be very familiar with your company’s operations, mission, values, logo, website, templates, and brochures, is everyone in your organization on the same page? What about any new hires? Contractors outside of your organization?

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How to Tell Your Brand Story Using Web Design

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Ever hear the phrase: “you never get a second chance to make a first impression”? Although this is certainly true for meeting new people, it also applies to your company’s B2B website design. So how do you tell your brand story online? Consider the preparation necessary for a business meeting.

9 Deadly Sins of B2B Marketing That You Should Avoid

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You’ll find a ton of advice online and offline about how to market business-to-business (B2B). However, the things you should avoid as a B2B marketer aren’t always as clear. Google states that it handles more than two trillion searches every year.

How to Level Up Your Marketing Strategy with Video

Building brand awareness and acquiring customers is never easy, but how can you improve your marketing strategy with limited resources? Vidyard has you covered with their 3-in-1 guide on how to use video across your marketing efforts without breaking the bank.

How to Write Copy to Engage Readers & Search Engines

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Co-authored by Rachel Cunningham, Content Marketing Director, and Robin Maylone, Web Content Director. Your B2B website content is one of the primary ranking factors for search engines.

Key B2B Website Design Trends for 2019

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A contemporary B2B website is key for any company looking to generate leads online. To help keep your website looking fresh, we’ve compiled the top 5 B2B website design trends for 2019.

A 5-Step Process to Refine Your Brand Story

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Your brand is not the products or services you sell. It’s not the features of your products or the cost of your services. Rather, your brand is the value that you offer to your clients.

How to Build Value During the Sales Process

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Think of your sales process as the nucleus of your business. This core process has a handful of variables that remain constant no matter the industry. Define Steps for Follow-up and Lead Management. First, you need to create a clear and effective sales process. What happens when a lead comes in?

6 Steps to Building Predictable Lead Flow and Revenue

Achieving predictable lead flow and revenue depends on monitoring sales history and developing a robust, flexible lead development process. Download this eBook for 6 clear steps you can take to build that process today.

How You Handle Leads Impacts Revenue

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B2B companies are in the midst of 2019 business planning—examining the past year and planning for the year ahead. One of the main metrics considered is revenue. Besides profit, annual revenue is typically the best way to judge a company’s size, health, and viability.

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Tips to Grow Your Content Marketing Success in 2019

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Growth and success: two targets for 2019 content marketing strategies. While it’s easier said than done, there are several tips we’d like to share to help you set the stage for growth and success with your content efforts next year. A Well-Defined and Supported Strategy.

Creative B2B Marketing Tips to Refresh a Tired Strategy

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Is your B2B marketing strategy looking a little tired? Has it lost that luster it once had? Are the results starting to stagnate? Is your audience fatigued by the same old stuff?

Bop Design Listed as Top Global 75 B2B Design Company

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At Bop Design, our holistic approach to marketing is dedicated to helping our clients move their businesses forward. We credit our success to a team that is reliable, communicative, and innovative.

Lead Generation Companies: How to Pick a Right One

Have you ever had a bad experience using a lead generation company? If the answer is yes, you are certainly not alone; fortunately, MarketJoy has put together 4 simple questions that you can use to judge your next potential lead gen partner.

Tips to Communicate with B2B Customers Online

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Twenty years ago, all a B2B company needed was an easy-to-find phone number and people to answer the phone, and the customer service strategy was solved.

Why Inbound Leads Should Be Your First Priority

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I am continually trying to convince salespeople that inbound website leads should be a priority. Most salespeople still distrust B2B website leads , possibly because inbound web leads are relatively new.

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3 Essential B2B Web Design Elements for Usability & Profitability

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You only have a matter of seconds to engage website visitors and gain their trust in your brand. It takes less than 1 second for humans to form a first impression about a person and B2B websites are no different.

2019 Quick Guide for B2B Social Media Photos

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The beginning of 2019 is a great time to assess everything you’ve been doing and find ways to build on your B2B marketing and social media strategy.

4 Steps to Developing Your Customer Care Strategy

The quality of a customer care strategy can make or break a company, but simply resolving a customer service issue or complaint is no longer enough. Learn the 4 steps that address the major points you need to consider when building a customer care roadmap.

What We’re Thankful For at Our B2B Agency

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As we close in on the end of the calendar year, we pause to reflect back on the past, evaluate our current situation, and start looking towards the future. In this moment of pause and reflection, we’d like to share what we are thankful for at Bop Design.

How Design Impacts Your Daily Life

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Where do we find design in our daily life? Design is all around us—from the computer, or cell phone that you are reading this article on, to basic, everyday items such as coffee mugs or toothbrushes. These items started as an idea, then moved on to a design.

SEO Myths & Why You Must Drop Old SEO Habits

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Search engine optimization is a continually evolving approach to getting in front of the right audience and is an essential component of a successful B2B content marketing strategy. However, there is a lot of information floating around out there that isn’t necessarily true or effective.

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Marketing Tips to Hit the Ground Running in 2019

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During the final few weeks of the year, you might be asking, “How did this year go by so fast?!” You may also be thinking, “I’m not ready for 2019!” Heck, you may only be thinking, “Enough work, bring on the eggnog!”.

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7 Cold Calling Tactics You Aren't Using but Should Be

Cold calling isn‘t dead; neither is it on its deathbed. In fact, it’s one of the most effective ways to increase sales and drive revenue. Learn 7 preperation strategies to lessen your stress, and to become a better closer!

Our Favorite Web Designs & Why We Like Them

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As Art Director at a B2B web design agency , I see a lot of website designs. While some of what defines “good” web design is subjective (color palates, image choices, movement, etc.), there is a fair amount of design choices that are better than others for very specific reasons.

Evaluate Your B2B Marketing Strategy with 5 Simple Questions

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One does not simply sit down and “evaluate a marketing strategy” over a cup of coffee. Or, does one? While evaluating the effectiveness of a B2B marketing strategy is serious business, we believe it should start with a straightforward approach.

Chilling B2B Web Hosting Stories

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We love a scary story as much as the next person. As such, we’ve put together a few of our favorite chilling B2B web hosting horror stories. Read on, if you dare! The Deep, Dark Knowledge Gap on Website Hosting. Not long ago, we had a client with a talented software development team.

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A Content Overview for Subject Matter Experts

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Has your marketing team recently asked you to be a subject matter expert for a new piece of content (such as a blog post, article, white paper, or ebook) for your company?

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How B2B Marketing is Changing in 2018

Gain exclusive insights on priorities, tactics, and challenges from SMB Marketing Leaders.