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What Is a SERP? Definition of a SERP

The Basics of SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). + The Main Elements of SERPs. Anatomy of an SERP (2020). + How Do Search Engines Choose Results for SERP? + How to Make Use of SERPs. Increasing Your Organic Rankings in SERPs. The Main Elements of SERPs.


BERT: Google’s New Algorithm That Promises to Revolutionize SERPs


And how does it affect your SEO strategies ? What are the impacts of BERT on SERPs? Content and SEO: how to optimize for BERT? With this, Google also combats keyword stuffing, a black hat practice that violates search engine policies. What are the impacts of BERT on SERPs?

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What Are Dofollow And Nofollow Links?


However, it is not just about creating good content, but also adopting some practices like understanding nofollow vs. dofollow links and knowing how to use them to your advantage. If you want to see how to use those types of links in your SEO strategy , keep reading.

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The ultimate guide on Link Building


Link building is a pillar of any SEO strategy. It’s based on constructing a network of links across your pages to demonstrate your authority in a given field to Google. Have you ever thought about just how much value search engines give to what links say?

SERP Features in 2019: The Complete Guide

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The search engine results page (SERP) refers to the list of results that are being displayed by search engines for any given query submitted by a searcher. Understanding SERPs is a critical component of the SEO professional’s role. By analyzing search results, SEOs will better understand the key components of a result listing and be able to determine the specific requirements to rank. Why Understanding SERPs Is So Important. Traditional SERP Features.

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5 Ways to Improve Your SEO Without Building Links

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When it comes to improving your website's SEO, most advice includes a call to focus on building links. But here’s what they don’t tell you: there are other ways to improve your rank on Google and other SERPs, and they may even work better. What Is Link Building? When we talk about building links, we’re talking about inbound links — getting other people to link to your content. Link building can be an effective strategy, but it has its drawbacks.

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Social media becoming increasingly important in regards to link building


As with most things online, the SEO industry is dynamic and things can move very quickly. Much like the SEO industry which encompasses it, link building is also continuously changing and evolving. Due to the fast-paced nature of their industry, link builders and SEO specialists must constantly pay attention to shifts and trends within the SEO realm to ensure they are applying link building best practices. SEO Value of Social Signals.

Fathom SEO Pulse #40: Google Linking to Apps in Mobile SERPS, Upcoming Algorithm Updates & More


Welcome to Fathom’s weekly SEO pulse, where our goal is to help you stay on top of any new strategies and changes in this integral part of your overall marketing strategy. Here’s the latest SEO news: “Google Adds Additional Ranking Boost for Using App Indexing API”. link]. link]. link]. “7 link]. Internal Linking for SEO: Examples and Best Practices”. Internal linking is a very important part of SEO. link]. link].


Use SEO and PPC Together For Maximum SERP Real Estate


5 min read While SEO and PPC are unique channels that both work well alone, combining insights and data from the two for greater results and more visibility can help your overall digital marketing strategy and help increase your ranks in the SERPs. What is the difference between SEO and PPC? SEO (search engine optimization) is the practice of optimizing your online content to rank your website and content pages higher in the organic SERPs (search engine results pages).


10 Effective SEO Techniques to Drive Organic Traffic in 2020

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Looking for SEO techniques that'll increase your rankings and send you free, qualified traffic? Try our powerful suite of SEO tools, ClickFlow, with a free 21-day trial. This post on effective SEO techniques has been refreshed for 2020. Take Advantage of YouTube SEO. Never, Ever Overlook Technical SEO. Measure SEO Performance. Does it feel like the speed at which SEO techniques (and their effectiveness) are changing is on a constant incline?

Use SEO and PPC Together For Maximum SERP Real Estate


5 min read While SEO and PPC are unique channels that both work well alone, combining insights and data from the two for greater results and more visibility can help your overall digital marketing strategy and help increase your ranks in the SERPs. What is the difference between SEO and PPC? SEO (search engine optimization) is the practice of optimizing your online content to rank your website and content pages higher in the organic SERPs (search engine results pages).


Anchor Text SEO: “How to” Guide for Anchor Text Use in Link Building

When it comes to content marketing, SEO, and link building , there are dozens of important elements in play. On the HTML side of things, it looks like this: <a href=”[link] SEO agency</a> On the user-facing side of things, it looks like this: Best SEO agency.

9 SEO Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2020

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is digital marketing technique that is constantly changing. SEO is important for digital marketers, website owners and brands of all sizes because, in a nutshell, it allows your site to appear in the search results when someone types or speaks a query for which you have an answer or solution. In other words, it increases a website’s visibility in the SERPs which leads to more organic traffic to your website. How is SEO going to change in 2020?

What Is Content Decay and How It Affects Your SEO

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HEADS UP : If you're looking to boost your SEO traffic quickly, an easy way is by updating old content. Try our FREE tool , Content Decay , to check if you're losing traffic due to declining pages (so you can refresh those posts and win back that SEO juice!). It’s an enormous thrill to see that blog post rank in the number one spot in the SERPs – and then it’s heartbreaking to watch it suddenly start to fall in ranking. New competitors may emerge and snag your top SERP spot.

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Why Every Writer Should Learn Basic SEO Principles


I’m reminded of this logical fallacy when I talk to fellow writers about SEO. If a writer hasn’t bothered to study basic SEO principles by now, they’re refusing to do so for one of two reasons: They either fancy themselves above it or they fear looking stupid. Despite how daunting it can feel, here are four reasons to teach yourself some basic SEO. Posts like that may get clicks the first day, but they won’t help SEO over time.

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How Python can automate your SEO strategy


This language is also being effectively used in efforts that aim to solve several problems for companies in the web scenario, either in developing online systems or in SEO strategies. In this sense, there is an extensive universe that specifically explores the use of Python for SEO.

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Does Google Hate SEO?

Early SEO Tactics and Google’s Pushback. + The Necessity of SEO. + SEO: Black Hat and White Hat. + Why Google (Kind of) Hates SEO. In this sense, in the world of search engine optimization (SEO), our work is largely focused on “ making Google happy.” Link spamming.

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23 Expert SEO Link Building Guides and Tools


Unless you’ve been living under a rock (which would be an awkward and uncomfortable place from which to do search engine optimization work), you’re probably aware that the two most important things to know about link building in the post-Panda world are that 1) backlinks are still very important for ranking, and 2) traditional link-building methods (or at least many of them) are no longer effective. So what types of links should you avoid?

A 3-Step Strategy to Build Links and Drive Referral Traffic to Your SaaS Website

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Producing one piece of content after another in the hope that one of them will perform well in SEO and bring in relevant traffic is a long shot and not a reliable strategy that delivers good ROI. This means that keyword research and SEO optimization play a key role in ensuring that your content ranks higher in the SERPs and have organic discoverability. Dive Deeper: SEO Keyword Research Made Easy in 2020. 3) Build Links Strategically to Your Content for Better Ranking.

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Black Hat SEO: 19 Short-Sighted SEO Tactics that Will Kill Your Rankings

6 black hat link building tactics to avoid. What makes link building tactics “black hat?”. + Link Farms. + Reciprocal link exchanges. + Paid links. + Hidden links. + Internal link over-optimization. + Stuffing links in the footer. + Link Farms.

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Targeting Branded vs. SEO Keywords: Which Should You Focus On?

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We’ve known for several years now that Google prioritizes branded websites when it comes to choosing what to display in its SERPs: Although, to be fair, as Moz puts it: “Google doesn't try and go out and say, ‘How well known is Coca-Cola versus Pepsi versus 7 Up versus Sprite versus Jones Cola? From Google’s standpoint, this practice makes sense. For some, staying with SEO keywords might be best. What’s the Difference Between Branded and SEO Keywords?

Debunking 10 Common SEO Misconceptions

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Working in a search marketing agency, I often forget that basic SEO techniques are not second nature to the general public. After that instance, I realized that there are multiple myths and generalizations made about SEO that are not 100% true. SEO Is Dead. No, SEO is not dead. Instead, SEO has evolved (and continues to), at a rapid rate, from its humble roots of cloaking, keyword stuffing, and buying links. SEO Produces Results Overnight.

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4 SEO Tips to Increase Your Organic Traffic

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It used to be easier to increase your website’s organic traffic, back when search engine optimization (SEO) was simply a set of rules you had to follow. But in recent years, SEO has changed to encompass more than basic rules. In SEO, competitor analyses are great tools.

Beginner’s Guide to Discovering the Competition’s SEO Strategy

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This is the reason that competitor analysis is crucial for the success of your SEO campaigns. Competitor analysis helps to: Figure out the exact strategy used by your competitors to rank on the first spot in the SERPs so that you are able to devise a strategy that is 10x better than your competitor. Find new link opportunities, which in turn increases the chances of ranking high in the search results. Prioritize a set of SEO tasks that you need to perform on an ongoing basis.

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International SEO: Conquer Google From All Over The World With Your Website


Bags ready, booked tickets, the business projected abroad, but what about SEO , is it ready too? Maybe it’s because something about your global expansion strategy is still generating some questions, and those doubts may be related to SEO. What is international SEO for?

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SEO for Journalists: How to Optimize for Your News Website?


That’s what every journalist or news portal wants — and that’s one of the main goals of SEO for journalists. That’s why SEO is no longer exclusive to Digital Marketing , also invading the newsrooms. What are the advantages of SEO for journalists?

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SEO Best Practices for Content Syndication


Content syndication is a great content marketing and SEO strategy that can significantly help you improve your online presence, website traffic, and search engine ranking. Fortunately, there are best practices to help you avoid SEO problems and duplicate content issues. When users find the syndicated content on SERPs and click on it, they are automatically sent to your original content instead of the syndicated content. Do-Follow Links.

SEO Best Practices for Landing Page Optimization


Employing the SEO best practices for Landing Page optimization (LPO) optimizes the landing pages for search engines – assimilating features that make the pages particularly appealing to the algorithms. Abiding by the landing page SEO checklist ensures that the marketers make their landing pages valuable for searchers. What is an SEO Landing Page? SEO landing pages are simply the landing pages optimized for search engines. Prologue.

Guide to 301 Redirects in SEO

How Do 301 Redirects Affect SEO? + How to Fix SEO Issues With 301 Redirects. + Best Practices for 301 Redirects With SEO. They can also make or break your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. Location: [link]. How Do 301 Redirects Affect SEO?

Essential WordPress SEO Plugins: The Marketer’s Toolkit

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Although there are some tweaks you can make to improve this situation from within the WordPress Dashboard (such as updating your permalinks and ensuring that search engine visibility is turned on), you’re going to want to install some SEO plugins to help with these issues as well. We have created a list of the best WordPress SEO plugins that are highly regarded within the SEO community. Yoast SEO. Internal and outbound link analysis. SEO Image Optimizer.

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30 SEO Best Practices for B2B Organizations in 2017

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In the world of SEO, it’s extremely difficult to project for the year to come. As we enter 2017, I thought it would be helpful to establish a set of best practices that will have the most positive impact on your SEO strategies. Here are 30 essential best practices and tips to help improve your search engine optimization strategy in 2017. Each best practice is backed by supporting evidence from industry research, thought leaders and publications.

What is SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and how it relates to SEO


One is SEO, which aims to generate more organic traffic for a particular domain. And the other is the investment in sponsored links. These materials involve strategies such as keyword searches and other techniques that are shared with SEO. SEO — Search Engine Optimization.

Internal Linking: How To

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As defined by Moz, Internal Links are hyperlinks that point to the same domain as the domain that the link exists on. They are useful for your website for three main reasons: They help users navigate your site and establish a site hierarchy for content They spread ‘ link juice ’ around websites They increase a user’s time on page by directing them to other relevant content How are Internal Links Relevant? What are the Benefits of Internal Link Building?

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How to improve your website structure to enhance SEO and profit?


Additionally, working with a focus on website structure helps you obtain a better SEO standing. This is essential to reach better positions within search engine results pages (SERP) such as Google’s. Why is website structure important for SEO? Backlinks Valuable for SEO in 2021?

SEO strategists and writers rely heavily on backlinks to make their content more authoritative and valuable for readers. Google’s own Senior Webmaster Trends Analyst, John Mueller, explained that websites shouldn’t focus exclusively on link building for SEO.

Underrated Link Building Tactics that Work Surprisingly Well


Since the inception of search engine optimization, link building has been one of the key ranking factors for websites so they could appear higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). It’s categorized as common practice in the field of SEO, with many marketers sticking to tried-and-true methods to make sure the desired results are achieved.

SEO for E-commerce Sites (Beginner & Intermediate)

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Most e-commerce businesses are familiar with the basics of search engine optimization (SEO) best practices like adding meta descriptions to your pages or picking relevant keywords. However, some online stores aren't that familiar with SEO or have only dipped their toes in it. But if you want to see better online traffic and increase sales, you absolutely must implement SEO on your e-commerce company. 2) Check & Upgrade Your Technical SEO.

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