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Unlocking B2B Paid Ad Secrets

B2B Digital Marketer

Insights From a Google Insider Mastering B2B Paid Advertising In the fast-evolving digital landscape, mastering the art of B2B paid advertising has never been more critical. Prepare to debunk myths , grasp future trends, and refine your advertising approach for unparalleled success.

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How to Track Your Paid Advertising Through Marketo

SmartBug Media

As much as we all love inbound marketing, paid media is also an important part of the marketing strategy. No matter the size of your paid advertising budget, it is important it is to spend wisely. That means you need to know not just which ads drove clicks, but which ads drove conversions and actual revenue.

Marketo 105

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Content marketing: What it is and why marketers should care


It’s been said, ad nauseam, that content is king. And, in our hyper-connected world where everyone is fighting for attention, good content is what drives good experiences. . Businesses use content marketing strategies to generate brand awareness, educate prospects and customers and establish credibility.

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What is a Touchpoint, and How Can You Use It to Boost Sales?


These brand interactions are called touchpoints. Every touchpoint a customer experiences increases the chances they will purchase from you. You won’t always be able to control touchpoints. Either way, touchpoints build the foundation for your lead’s opinion of your brand. So, what is a touchpoint? Social Media.

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Ecommerce Omnichannel Applications: Improving Conversion with Touchpoints


In conjunction with the conversations about increasing eCommerce sales has been the importance of touchpoints. Touchpoints are ways a consumer interacts with your brand, whether in-person, online, via social media, yelp reviews, etc. Experts have varying options on how many touchpoints it takes to make a sale.

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The Role of AI in B2B Marketing

Binary Demand

Its potential for storytelling and marketing is undeniable, making AI in B2B marketing and sales a transformative force, reshaping interactions with brands, information, and services. The world of B2B marketing automation is on the brink of a full-fledged AI-driven revolution. But what is the path to reeling in those big fish?

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Maintaining an effective Digital Advertising Presence During Economic Uncertainty


Almost every sector is directly impacted by this, and digital advertising is no different, as brands and agencies may be considering reducing their ad spend or pausing it altogether. Many brands have been tightening their approaches to stay afloat – and in a time of unpredictability, it’s common to see marketing budgets trimmed.