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What Is Domain Authority and Why Is It Important?

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If you’re familiar with SEO, you know that domain authority is key to ranking well on SERPs. In fact, research shows that over 70% of SEO experts check their website’s domain rating at least once a month. But what is domain authority? What Is Domain Authority? How Is Domain Authority Calculated?

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SERP Ranking Trends: Universal Search


The SERP landscape is also constantly changing and has evolved dramatically over time. strategies to accommodate both algorithm updates and changes to the SERPs.?Because Because of this, BrightEdge started tracking some of the ways Google is evolving the SERPs. At a high level, here’s how the SERPs are changing: Quick Answers?-

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Key Benefits the Right Domain Name Adds to your Brand


Choosing a spotless domain name is crucial for improving your digital marketing efforts. A domain name is far more than your site’s address. Here is how choosing the right domain name can benefit your brand. Your domain name is among Google’s 200 ranking factors. A domain name increases your organic reach.

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Domain Optimization Tactics for Improving SEO

Improve your SEO today by following these domain-specific optimization tactics, part of our 101 ways to improve your SEO! Optimize your domain with target keywords. Your first job is to optimize your domain name with keywords you intend to target. Shorten your domain length. Keep subdomains clear and optimized.

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What Is Domain Authority?


What is domain authority? Domain authority (D.A.) Several factors go into scoring your domain authority. Google’s algorithm for its search engine results page (SERP) ranking is notoriously intricate and secretive. Google sheds light on only a few factors influencing ranking , and domain authority isn’t one of them.

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Content Marketing For Small Business: Thriving when big domains dominate the SERP


The post Content Marketing For Small Business: Thriving when big domains dominate the SERP appeared first on BrightEdge SEO Blog. In a number of industries, however, there are sites that dominate the search engine results pages and seem nearly impossible to overtake. Take for example the medical industry and websites like […].

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Increase Your Domain Authority With Quality Backlinks


What is domain authority and why is it relevant for backlinks? Domain authority is not used by Google or other search engines and it is not an actual ranking factor for SEO. It was created by Moz as an indicator of success for your domain.

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