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Understanding Google SERP Features in 2021: The Complete Guide

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Understanding Google search engine result page – or “SERP” – features has always been an essential part of SEO for B2B digital marketers. By analyzing the factors of web pages that appear in Google SERPs for targeted keywords, SEOs are able to determine potential tactics for improving their pages’ positions in those results.

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Improve Paid Search Results Through Routine, Scheduled Maintenance

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Expanded SERP Real Estate: Dominating the search engine results page (SERP). Expand with Long-Tail Keywords: Long-tail keywords are longer and more specific search queries. Incorporate relevant long-tail keywords into your strategy.


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What is CTR and 7 Things You Must Know to Improve It


CTR, or clickthrough rate, is a pretty simple calculation of how many people clicked on an ad (clicks) divided by the number of times the ad was shown (impressions). Anyone who’s ever even dipped a toe in the performance marketing ocean has heard of CTR. So, what is CTR? What’s a “good” CTR? What’s a “good” CTR?

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What Is Organic Traffic and How Does It Work?

Position and Click-Through Rate (CTR). + Organic traffic, put simply, is traffic that comes from Google and other search engines’ search engine results pages (SERPs). Will you use a combination of head keywords and long-tail phrases? These pages also serve as material that can rank in SERPs. The Caveats.

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The Data You’re Using to Calculate CTR is Wrong and Here’s Why


Posted by Luca-Bares Click Through Rate (CTR) is an important metric that’s useful for making a lot of calculations about your site’s SEO performance, from estimating revenue opportunity, prioritize keyword optimization, to the impact of SERP changes within the market. Let’s take a quick step back.

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Google Search Console Keyword Ranking: Why SEOs Love It

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See Existing CTR For Keywords & Pages . They’ll also show you the average CTR and average position overall (both of whic are crucial SEO metrics ), and the exact CTR and average position of individual keywords. . See how to increase your CTR. . Further Optimizing Pages with Long-Tail Keywords.

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What is Content Optimization? 5 Tips on Writing for SEO


If your business is not creating content that appears on the top SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages), you could miss out on reaching nearly three-quarters of your potential customers. When your site earns backlinks on high-quality, authoritative sites, Google sees this as a positive “vote” for your content.