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How to Increase Website Dwell Time in 16 Steps

Dwell Time vs. Bounce Rates. There is an inverse relationship between dwell time and bounce rate. Your dwell time will invariably improve as your bounce rate declines. So, you need to improve your bounces and increase your dwell time. 16 Ideas for Improving Dwell Time. Anything above 70 is right out !

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User Engagement Is the New SEO: How to Boost Search Rank by Engaging Users


Before we delve deeper into the metrics that will likely correlate with an increase in rankings in the age of user experience, it's worth noting that no search engine is an open book. Dwell Time. The dwell time metric is determined by the amount of time a user spends on a page before navigating back to a search engine.


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Video Marketing Statistics: What You Must Know for 2023


87% say video marketing has increased dwell time on their website. While foundational metrics like sales and customer retention might be overshadowed in video marketing, it’s possibly because they’re tough to correlate and measure compared to direct metrics like views and likes.

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Google Rankings: Dwell Time, Page Views, and Engagement Rates


Can dwell time, page views, and user engagement affect your Google rankings? With these engagement-related factors out of the way, let’s turn to the ones that are most disputed: dwell time and page views. Dwell time, also referred to as “session duration” and “time on site,” is a metric tied to content quality.

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“How I Work”: Jo-Ann Jaspan, Founder of Jaspan Consulting @JoAnneJaspan #HowIWork

Heinz Marketing

As Neuroscience advances our (still highly limited) understanding of the human brain- we have an ever-growing body of research and data that unequivocally shows the direct correlation between healthy work/life balance and drastically reduced stress levels; and in turn, the correlation between reduced stress levels and positive business outcomes.

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9 SEO-Friendly Content Writing Tips to Outrank Your Competition

SmartBug Media

Placing keywords in these HTML tags can improve user experience, bounce rate, dwell time, and click-through rate. High performance in these areas has been shown to correlate with higher search engine rankings. Be Aware of Site Structure and Technical SEO Best Practices.

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What to Do with Your Old Blog Posts


Unfortunately, initial forays into branded content did not always dwell on minor issues like “quality” or “entertainment,” instead focusing on sheer bulk and, of course, all the keywords. With promises like that, what marketer or exec wouldn’t jump on the blog bandwagon?