6 Skills for Consulting Success

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Having a successful career in consulting requires sustained motivation. A sensible first step towards a consulting-career would be to understand whether you have what it takes to excel in consulting. Here is a list of six skills that will make a difference in your consulting career and ensure your long-term success. Companies come to consultants seeking advice. This is where the consultants’ value lies.

What your social media marketing consultant will never tell you


I hate to break it to you, but no consultant will ever care as much about your brand as you do—even those of us who get paid a pretty handsome penny for our services. One of my goals as a social media marketing consultant is to help as many companies as possible train their own teams to take the reins on social media, even though I can make more money doing it myself. Sure, social media consultants may have the best of intentions, but most of them are juggling multiple clients.

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Changing Buyers and the Future of B2B Sales – An Interview with DSG Consulting


We recently were able to sit down with Tanner Mezel of DSG Consulting and get his insights into the world of B2B Marketing and Sales. ANNUITAS: Tell us a bit about yourself and how DSG Consulting helps their clients?

Changing Buyers and the Future of B2B Sales – An Interview with DSG Consulting


We recently were able to sit down with Tanner Mezel of DSG Consulting and get his insights into the world of B2B Marketing and Sales. ANNUITAS: Tell us a bit about yourself and how DSG Consulting helps their clients?

Your Baby’s Ugly and Other Difficult Things Marketing Consultants Have to Tell Clients

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A good marketing consultant delivers solutions, implementation and results. ” It makes sense – you love your product, why wouldn’t everyone else? The ad he intended was a diagram of the product and its features. Marketing Soapbox consultant marketing results

Top 5 Management Consulting Marketing Priorities

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As we enter the new year, many management consulting firms are racing to refine their consulting marketing and get ahead of the competition. Here, however, we’d like to take a closer look at the implications of these findings for management consulting firms.

5 Skills Your Marketing Consultant Must Have

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Marketing is changing fast, and the changes require new skills on the part of marketing consultants and other providers. One that I observed in my early years as a marketing consultant was when a brand new marketing consultant proposed an expensive brochure to a small business.

Should Marketing Consultants Practice What They Preach?


Marketing consultants are a hot commodity. Yet, hiring a stellar consultant is hard to do. In a nutshell, the role of a marketing consultant is twofold; they are an advisor and a service provider. In other words, does the seller actually believe in the product they are selling?

8 Powerful TED Talks on Designing a More Productive Life


For many of us, achieving peak productivity can seem like a Sisyphean struggle. While accomplishing tasks is certainly part of the picture, being productive isn’t just about checking items off a list. 8 Inspiring TED Talks That Will Change How You Think About Productivity.

9 Steps to Building a Unique Value Proposition in Management Consulting

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When professional services buyers look to hire a management consulting firm, they want to make sure they find the firm best suited to improve their performance and solve complex problems that are hindering growth. How do you prove you're the management consulting firm to do this?

How to Turn Your Workspace Into a Den of Productivity


And while such advice can potentially be helpful, there's one aspect of improving productivity that we often overlook: our environments. 7 Tips for Making Your Workspace a Den of Productivity. Have any other suggestions for how you can turn a workspace into a den of productivity?

The High ROI of Attribution: A Total Economic Impact™ Study by Forrester Consulting on Behalf of Bizible [Infographic]


The Total Economic Impact™ Study of Bizible is a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Bizible in December 2016. The costs of purchasing the product and onboarding the system are recouped within 30 days.

How to Run an Effective Agile Marketing Organization (with Vittorio Viarengo, MobileIron’s VP Marketing & Products)

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He ought to know how to get more done in less time—he’s also VP of Products at Mobile Iron. He shares the value of consultants (and when you should never use them), explains why “perfect is death,” and reveals Mobile Iron’s thought leadership and account based marketing tactics.

Making The Difficult Choice Between Marketing Agencies and Consultants


When making this decision, most brands will consider one of two options: a marketing agency or a marketing consultancy. So, which will it be– a marketing agency or a marketing consultant? What is a marketing consultant?

Should Your Consulting Firm Be Specialized?

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In the past, specializing could be risky for consulting firms. Consider the limits a pre-Internet consultant would be placing on their potential clients. Because specialization helps your consulting firm match specific needs, it also makes it easier to target your marketing efforts.

6 Reasons I Love Being a Marketing Consultant

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I made the decision to begin a consulting company focused on providing marketing solutions and founded New Incite in April of 1997. No matter what the consulting assignment is, if I can provide new insight for their marketing or business and incite them to positive change, I have succeeded.

Supply Chain Consulting Firm Uses Marketing Automation to Facilitate Channel Change


PAUL ADAMSON : We are a boutique supply chain solutions company offering management and technology consulting, as well as outsourcing services. We do transformative consulting, related to all things supply chain. PAUL: We’re a boutique management consulting company.

Please Don’t Let Your Sales Reps Nurture Leads

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Unfortunately the budget for the campaign got cancelled, so I emailed the rep, told her the bad news, and that I would continue to keep her company and product in mind for future needs. Bear with me as I relate a quick story about lead nurturing: A few months back I became a sales lead.

The Rise of the Specialist: The Advantages of Specialization in Management Consulting

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In the management consulting industry, the new ubiquity of online communication means that the barriers of distance have begun to crumble. Is this the end of the generalist management consultant? Management Consulting Branding C-Suite Topics Strategy

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10 Secrets to Delivering a Great Product Demo

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My mouse flew all over the screen for no apparent reason as I excitedly clicked into every last feature of the product. I called out bugs in the demo instance on the 1-2 occasions that the product didn’t function properly. Balance Likability with Excellent Product Knowledge.

16 Little-Known Google Calendar Features That'll Make You More Productive


Or are you a part-time consultant with limited hours to book meetings? Productivity featured-1 Office Life Daily Some things you think will be simple actually end up getting really complex. Like those DIY fro-yo places.

How to build a killer content team


Many SMEs can’t dedicate the time needed for constant production. Staying with an inefficient content production process is easy. After all, imagine what an additional 30 minutes “free time” a day could do for your team’s productivity (and sanity!).

Top 10 Marketing Automation Mistakes

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Lead scoring is a core marketing automation functionality, and a key driver for one of the primary benefits of the technology, namely sales productivity.

The Best Content Marketing Books of 2017 to Boost Your Creativity and Productivity

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If you’re a chief content officer , copywriter, designer, or programmer searching for ways to create more and better content in less time, you’ll find fresh ideas for improving your creativity, productivity, and writing skills with these best books from 2017. Productivity

Are Amazon 'Sponsored Products' Ads Worth It?


B2B companies, consulting firms, lawyers, others will still see better ad returns on more established properties like Google, LinkedIn, and Facebook at the moment. Amazon has several advertising programs to chose from, but the best one to get started with is Amazon Sponsored Products.

Gartner: Buyers Demand Less Product-Pitch, More Value-Story

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According to the survey of over 350 decision makers: > Almost three quarters (74%) say Providers focus too much on their product features and technology, rather than the benefits. >

Free Phone Consulting? 4 Reasons It’s a Good Idea

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Why should a professional or small business give away free consulting ? Since I charge $200/hour for consulting sessions, why would I do this? Sometimes products can be confusing to people. You see your products from your perspective, not from the perspective of the customer.

Connected consumption is the new customer experience (CX)


When countless products and services become connected, personal customer-vendor relationships will be added. Always-on relationships will embed a private, invisible 2-way channel inside of products and services. When do you use each product? Lesson for leaders.

Build a Product Funnel on Your Blog:Make Your Content Marketing Profitable

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Are you building a product funnel on your blog? In my recent blog posts, I’ve been talking about ways to earn money blogging using two different methods: Sell products directly through your blog (or website). Sell products or services because of your blog , or indirectly.

Design thinking


Regardless of the industry or the verticals companies or consultancies operated based on, (what does this mean exactly?), At the same time, a design approach drives the transformation or the Darwinian adaptation of an organisation from a product-focused value delivery to a service one.

Marketing Analytics: 3 steps to help Sales and Marketing improve productivity

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She achieved this by maximizing all of the functionalities of her marketing automation program, and brought in a marketing automation consultant to help. However, she knew the system could do more than what she was using it for, especially with recent product upgrades.

Step Away from the Email Software and No-One Gets Hurt

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In theory, marketing automation can be as much a boon to sales productivity as it was and is to marketing ROI. telemarketing telesales B2B email agency bdr campaigns email campaigns email consultants email marketing agency marketing automation consultants sales communication sales enablement

The One Marketing Automation Guide You’ll Ever Need?

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Incidentally, some of the most interesting reading is seeing how each vendor responded to critiques of its product.) Research company TrustRadius just published their new edition of the “Buyer’s Guide to Marketing Automation Software,” and it’s a doozy.

Can content written for print position well in Google?


SEO writing takes slightly more time than writing for print (it’s that pesky key phrase research), but it’s easily built into the production schedule. Recently, I worked with a big-brand publisher that published print assets to their site.

Yes, You Still Need Product Content

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First, they indicate that B2B buyers have a strong preference for product-related content. When buyers identified the three types of content they preferred, the two most popular choices were product information, features, functions (35%) and demos (31%).

How to Launch a Product: Secrets From Silicon Valley's "Most Sought-After Image Consultant"


Then last year The New York Times dubbed her , " the most sought-after image consultant in the start-up world.". You have a better chance of hearing a venture capitalist boast, “We’re bullish on professional services” than read a reporter confess to missing a PR person.

Social media employee advocacy is the heartbeat of your company


Their employees are very enthusiastic about the product and have a social media policy that ensures their company Twitter accounts respond to every single tweet. Without an instigator, there’s only so much I can do as a social media management consultant.

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Why Lead Nurturing Success Means Not Asking for the Sale

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B2B content strategy B2B Marketing Campaign Strategy Content marketing Lead Nurturing lead nurturing content lead nurturing agency lead nurturing best practices lead nurturing consultants lead nurturing strategy lead nurturing success lead nurturing tips

A Lesson from the Digital Productivity Terrorists

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Doctorow: Productivity Terrorist? To the traditional print journalist, their new ethos of digital productivity is not just foreign, it’s al-Qaeda foreign. But his title suggests that he sees productivity not as a rare natural talent, but as the product of training.

Five Content Marketing Tips for B2B Success


Business content is a turn off for 70% of consumers—that’s according to research by Flagship Consulting in association with The Economist Intelligence Unit. The next key is to strike a balance between providing useful, informative content and promoting a brand and its products.

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