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Unlocking B2B Paid Ad Secrets

B2B Digital Marketer

Insights From a Google Insider Mastering B2B Paid Advertising In the fast-evolving digital landscape, mastering the art of B2B paid advertising has never been more critical. Prepare to debunk myths , grasp future trends, and refine your advertising approach for unparalleled success.

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Taking a full-funnel approach to paid search


Paid search advertising is a highly effective lower-funnel channel that reaches potential customers when they are close to conversion. But this limited role really sells this versatile media short. Additional studies show that just five percent of a brand’s audience is “in market” at any given time.


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The Anatomy of a Great Case Study


At Ogilvy, I was a member of the four-person case study writing committee. Our main target was the Effies, the premier awards show celebrating advertising effectiveness. We won Most Effective Agency Office in New York relying on the tried and true case study framework: objective, strategy, results.

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Case Study – Performance of Static Ads vs. Video Ads on Pinterest


era, it is more important than ever to diversify your ad spend cross-channel.” If you want to win in paid advertising in 2022, you can no longer rely on one or two channels. The post Case Study – Performance of Static Ads vs. Video Ads on Pinterest appeared first on Creatopy Blog.

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The Marketing Book Podcast: “Social Media Strategy” by Julie Atherton

The Forward Observer

Social Media Strategy: A Practical Guide to Social Media Marketing and Customer Engagement by Julie Atherton About the Book Social media marketing is no longer optional. This book unpacks the winning formula for effective social media marketing complete with comprehensive updates and the latest developments.

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Nine Benefits of Using Social Proof in Marketing


Social proof is a powerful tool for marketers who know how to use it effectively. This psychological phenomenon has further expanded thanks to the growth of social media. Consumer comments have (often far) more weight than paid ads. What Is Social Proof In Marketing? Guest post by Chris Tweten.

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5 Effective Paid Strategies for B2B eCommerce Companies

KoMarketing Associates

Meticulous Research study reports that B2B sales will see the fastest growth of all ecommerce categories over the next 7 years. With an online presence becoming essential for all B2B ecommerce companies, an effective paid marketing strategy should go hand-in-hand. Set Up Google Shopping Ads. Define Your Audience.