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Thought Leader and Influencer Interview with Vaibhav Malik, Global Partner Solutions Architect, Cloudflare


Thought Leadership: The Year’s Most Popular Articles from Thinkers360 Thought Leaders (1H’24) Thought Leader and Influencer Interview Thinkers360 thought leader interviews profile prominent members of the Thinkers360 community who embody the power of ideas in their work.

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The B2B Marketer’s Guide to Creating Irresistible Lead Magnets

Marketing Insider Group

So you’re a B2B marketer. Checklists, product demos, webinars, e-books, and whitepapers are some of the most popular types of B2B lead magnets. B2B marketers and sales teams must collaborate to implement a lead magnet follow-up plan. What’s the Real Deal with B2B Lead Magnets? Sound right? Accessible.


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Six Essential Elements for your 2023 Marketing Plan

Trade Press Services Newsletter

Although a documented strategy is a key indicator of marketing success, only 41 percent of B2B marketers take the time to develop a written plan. That’s why it’s important to know which B2B marketing trends are important now and over the next year. There are, however, many creative ways to implement UGC in your B2B marketing strategy.

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[Book Review] A Must-Read Guide To Igniting Account-Based Growth

B2B Marketing Directions

Source: Kogan Page The rapid adoption of account-based marketing (ABM) ranks as one of the most significant developments in B2B marketing of the past two decades. It's easy to find ebooks, white papers, articles and blog posts that discuss this "account-based everything" model, but these materials aren't comprehensive.

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Using Premium Content to Attract B2B Buyers

Hinge Marketing

It perfectly aligns with B2B buyers’ behavior patterns. . In short, it helps establish you as a thought leader in your space. The first is in content marketing or thought leadership marketing programs. White Papers/Executive Guides . E-books/Books. Uses of Premium Content.

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Why Does Most B2B Content Marketing Suck?

Marketing Insider Group

Let’s get real about B2B content marketing. In this post, we’ll review why B2B content marketing sucks and how to improve it so that it delivers a true ROI (return on investment). In this post, we’ll review why B2B content marketing sucks and how to improve it so that it delivers a true ROI (return on investment). The findings?

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B2B Content Marketing Activities You Should Be Doing Now

BOP Design

In this post, we explore the crucial B2B content marketing activities you should be doing now…and into the future to remain relevant and reachable to your target audience. Creating Thought Leadership (aka Blogging). In certain circumstances, “creating thought leadership” is a fancy way to say “blogging.”