Latest Marketing Technology Acquisitions Bypass Marketing Automation Vendors

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On May 6, AOL and Google announced their respective acquisitions of attribution vendors Convertro and Adometry. Since then, Acxiom purchased online/offline identity matching vendor LiveRamp and SAP bought behavioral targeting vendor SeeWhy , tag management vendor Tealium announced connectors to several email platforms, and the Phillies lost nine of 14 baseball games.

Case study in data-driven B2B customer acquisition marketing


First they identify the attributes and behaviors of top buyers, using the rich detail that can be found on LinkedIn or other social sites. These programs include campaigns with vendors such as By Appointment Only and Simply Direct’s survey service, which puts together a custom database of prospects based on specific titles and account attributes, and sends short email surveys to senior executives therein.

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Just Released: ABM Vendor Guide Gives Detailed Comparison of 40 ABM Vendors

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Some of pause was due to vacation, but mostly it was because I’ve been working feverishly to finish the Raab Guide to Account Based Marketing Vendors , which I’ve released today and you can purchase here. This was a huge project with the almost insanely ambitious goal of making sense of the ABM vendor landscape. What made it challenging wasn’t just gathering detailed information on 40 vendors but the variety of the vendors serving ABM needs.

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Facebook Advertising: Your Secret Weapon for Customer Acquisition

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Many businesses today work with third party data vendors to help build audiences for upload into Facebook. Target Facebook Acquisition Audiences Based on Your Best Customer Profile. Based upon your best customer profile, we will create a look-alike acquisition audience using V12 AudienceLink’s industry-leading third-party data sets. Blog General Facebook Acquisition Audiences Facebook Advertising Vendor

Online Shopping, Evolving Consumer Behaviors and the Importance of Consumer Data in Today’s New Economy

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Customer Acquisition. V12’s Online Signals solution allows brands to target consumers based on their browsing behavior. Having the right data insights about customer and prospects has the potential to provide brands with a huge competitive advantage in both acquisition and retention. This is data sourced through vendors such as demographics, contact details, lifestyle info and in-market purchase indicators.

All CMOs are Planning to Increase New Customer Acquisition: How Predictive Can Help


Just like traditional lead scoring, predictive marketing ranks your leads and accounts with fit and behavioral attributes. Once you have an understanding of your best target accounts, you can use vendors like InsideView, Hoovers, RainKing or ZoomInfo to identify the right titles, get relevant contacts or keep your contact details fresh. The post All CMOs are Planning to Increase New Customer Acquisition: How Predictive Can Help appeared first on Lattice Engines.

Teradata Integrates Its Marketing Automation Acquisitions for Enterprise Marketers

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Last year’s biggest marketing automation acquisitions were products for consumer marketing: ExactTarget by , Neolane by Adobe , and Responsys by Oracle. I recently caught up with the folks at Teradata, which had its own marketing automation system for a decade before it acquired Aprimo marketing automation in 2011 and added Munich-based email vendor eCircle in 2012.

How to Combat the High Cost of Prospect Acquisition: A Seasoned Marketer’s POV


After working for several start-up and high-growth tech companies, Greg has honed a clear and powerful point of view (POV) on the topic of managing customer acquisition costs. Customer acquisition costs go through the roof.

Gartner Names Versium a “Cool Vendor” in Retail 2016


REDMOND, WA–(Marketwired – May 11, 2016) – Versium , a leading data technology company that delivers automated data technology solutions to marketing agencies and enterprises, today announced it has been selected as a “Cool Vendor” in the Cool Vendors in Retail, 2016 report by Gartner, Inc.,

Microsoft buys LinkedIn: the largest martech acquisition in history?


The best known vendors in this space are companies like Adobe, HubSpot, IBM, Marketo, Oracle, and Salesforce, but there are thousands in the marketing technology landscape. And the behavioral data collected by Internet services makes every marketer drool.) If you don’t like a particular marketing software vendor, you have many other alternatives to choose from. and greater visibility into users’ client-side behaviors.

M&A Branding and Marketing: Threats, Opportunities, and Strategies

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If your firm hasn’t been part of a merger or acquisition, some of your competition certainly has. How do mergers and acquisitions impact a firm’s brand (maybe even multiple brands if we’re talking about a “ house of brands ”), marketing and business development?

Intent Data Improves Sales Reps Onboarding and Retention

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And the cost of talent acquisition, talent management, and talent development isn’t cheap. Intent data reflects buyer behavior today which allows new sales people to react to pending deals immediately. vendor comparisons) and build other funnel skill sets in logical order. Onboarding sales reps is painful — both in terms of the cost and delay in achieving return on training investment.

5 Ways D2C Brands Can Make the Most of Email Ad Engagement


D2C brands are founded on people-based retail, cutting out third-party vendors and sell directly to their consumers. Perspective Programmatic Advertising Customer Acquisition Online Purchase Direct to consumer People based marketing

The Automotive Aftermarket – Top Strategies to Acquire Shoppers Online and In-Store

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The most cited answers for the use of such data were the need for more detailed information on customer behavior and the desire to better analyze attribution (both mentioned by 50% of retailers). Automotive General aftermarket customer acquisition aftermarket marketing agency aftermarket marketing vendor Auto Dealer Leads Auto Retail Store MArketing Automotive AftermarketThe Automotive Aftermarket – Top Strategies to Acquire Shoppers Online and In-Store.

The After-Facebook Era: How Quip Diversifies Channels and Scales Growth


The brand could then work with vendors and partners to reach those customers through targeted campaigns. “We’re always thinking about people’s behaviors and routines,” said Pittson. “Especially early on, as you race to find new opportunities for growth and acquisition, you can often leave knowledge behind,” he said. Perspective Programmatic Advertising Customer Acquisition Direct to consumer homepage Performance marketing Retail

6 Tips for Turning Big Data into Great Customer Experiences

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Posted in Behavioral Targeting Business Intelligence Conversion Optimization Customer Experience Enterprise 2.0 After all, having terabytes of data on customer history and behavior is certainly better than trying to extrapolate from just a few data points. The real-time data that your website and CRM systems are gathering is far more valuable than anything you can obtain from an outside vendor. Interaction behavior. Transaction behavior.

Email Marketing Trends and Strategies for 2019

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Sending triggered emails based on a consumer’s behavior is effective for both acquisition and transforming customers into loyal brand advocates. Acquisition. Email General Automated Email Journeys Email Marketing 2019 email marketing vendor Email Personalization and SegmentationEmail Marketing Trends and Strategies for 2019. Email continues to reign as the top performing marketing channel in terms of ROI, lead generation, content distribution and other key metrics.

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Is Your Customer Data Platform Doing Enough?

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Customer data is the foundation of a singular customer view, but to gain a truly data-driven, omnichannel view of consumers today, marketers must build upon the foundation with rich third party data such as demographics, behavioral data, and in-market indicators. How Third Party Data Boosts Customer Retention and Acquisition. A national home furnishings retailer was seeking to boost customer retention and increase acquisition. Is Your Customer Data Platform Doing Enough?

The Most Important Information You Need to Know About Your Customers

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Customer Intelligence refers to the unique information that gives vendors, salespeople, and account managers insight into why customers buy from them. Return business doesn’t come with the cost of acquisition – a factor that makes it even more attractive. Customers are dynamic; they get new jobs, they shift ownership of vendor accounts within their organizations, they lose and make money.

Neolane Offers a New Marketing Automation Option

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Neolane , a Paris-based marketing automation software vendor, formally announced its entry to the U.S. By contrast, many Neolane competitors have added these three functions at least in part through acquisition. Nor, so far as I can tell, does it offer real-time interaction management—that is, gathering information about customer behavior during an interaction and determining an appropriate response.

Oracle Named a Leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant for CRM Lead Management 2018

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In a recent report, Gartner evaluated 14 different vendors on their ability to manage the processes associated with CRM Lead Management and Oracle is honored to be named a ‘Leader’ in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for CRM Lead Management 2018.

LinkedIn Buys Fliptop: Why Account Based Marketing and Predictive Analytics Are a Natural Fit

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Predictive analytics vendor Fliptop today announced its acquisition by B2B social network LinkedIn. I would have looked so much more prescient had they announced the acquisition after I had published this post! The original inspiration for the planned post was a set of three back-to-back conversations I had last Friday with one ABM vendor and two predictive analytics companies (none of which were Fliptop or LinkedIn).

Oracle Selected as Strong Leader Among Digital Marketing Platforms

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The Oracle Marketing Cloud provides one place for marketers and advertisers to connect relevant data, create engagement, and orchestrate individual customer experiences based on customer behavior. Integration between Oracle’s many acquisitions has improved and Oracle Marketing Cloud also links into Oracle’s larger enterprise cloud portfolio for a complete end-to-end enterprise business solution.”

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Digital Ad Optimization with Oracle Maxymiser

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In the always-connected world of smartphones and social media where it is difficult to stay focused for long periods of time, the consumer journey can start and stop multiple times within each funnel layer from acquisition to retention. The modern day marketer needs deep insights into the customer online behavior in order to optimize ad campaigns and site content and maximize ROI. The customer journey in today’s digital age is anything but straightforward.

Digital Ad Optimization with Oracle Maxymiser

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In the always-connected world of smartphones and social media where it is difficult to stay focused for long periods of time, the consumer journey can start and stop multiple times within each funnel layer from acquisition to retention. The modern day marketer needs deep insights into the customer online behavior in order to optimize ad campaigns and site content and maximize ROI. The customer journey in today’s digital age is anything but straightforward.

Great customer experiences rely on robust identity management

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Conversely, the ability to suppress customers from acquisition strategies is one of the premises on which data management platform return on investment cases are built. Cloud-based models also mean that brands benefit from the economies of scale of the vendors and from the continuous upgrade cycles and security management practices of their SaaS providers. Getting insight into user behavior is an important consideration and then that needs to be connected to security systems. and Oracle Buy Social Marketing Systems: Not the End of Marketing As We Know It

Customer Experience Matrix yesterday announced agreement to buy social media publishing vendor Buddy Media for $689 million, thereby adding another big fluffy piece to its “marketing cloud”. Oracle followed suit this morning with an acquisition of social media monitoring and semantic analysis vendor Collective Intellect. This followed Oracle’s $300 million acquisition last month of social publishing system Vitrue. Indeed, many marketing automation vendors have already started.

14 Key B2B Marketing Reports to Inform the Strategic Budgeting Process

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This also aids in the communication of objectives in the decision to budget for investments in various acquisition channels and programs. Customer experience and the relationship between B2B vendor and buyer is becoming increasingly important.

An Executive Summary for 6 Competencies for Enterprise Content Strategy


Enterprise organizations face a serious challenge with the creation and management of content that impacts the success of new customer acquisition and profitable revenue growth, as well as tactical marketing and selling initiatives. Underlying Causes Internet capabilities have shifted buying behavior, especially for B2B buyers of complex, solution oriented offers.

How AI fits into the martech landscape


The Lean AI Autonomy Scale serves as a framework for assessing how the different capabilities of martech vendors stack up with AI in the industry. A range of emerging vendors are out there today using Artificial intelligence to automatically optimize advertising spend and targeting.

How to Boost Conversion Rates in 2020


In the same way, businesses are constantly looking for ways to boost conversion rates, to inspire more purchases from existing customers and to increase customer acquisition, as well. Live chat has become a must for most e-commerce vendors.

Future of Marketing Automation: Grow or Die

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The question answered by the paper is “What will marketing automation vendors do next?” The task is really the same as a sophisticated lead nurturing campaign: to monitor customer behavior and respond appropriately. To summarize the argument: marketing automation vendors must grow or die. This means they don’t help other marketers who do lead acquisition and marketing administration (planning, budgeting, project management, etc.).

Your Guide to Choosing a B2B Data Provider


It highlights behavior-based activity such as lead sources, social media engagement, form fills, and time spent on a website. With data like promotions, mergers and acquisitions, product launches, and funding, opportunity data gives users opportunities to create new business. Owned data is sourced from a vendor’s daily business processes, or through proprietary data-gathering technology. The vendor should be able (and willing) to provide specifics.

5 Lead Management Best Practices That Build Account-Based Marketing Success

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Company data including location, industry, and revenue, plus online signals such as new acquisitions, hires and funding rounds can help you select accounts that are most likely to buy—even when it may not seem obvious to your sales operations or demand generation team. Typically, sales and marketing have an established lead scoring method , aligning certain behaviors and actions to a numerical value. Originally published at: [link].

4 Things To Look For In A Marketing Automation Platform

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These companies often have “growth hackers” whose job is to help with acquisition, activation, retention. demographics, web behavior, purchase or billing data, interests, etc.), With integrated next-generation solutions, you can capture and act on behavior as its happening.

Three Ways Data Can Improve Your ABM Strategy


Intent data : Data that reveals the buying behaviors of your best customers. Engagement data : The common behaviors and engagements your best buyers have with your company, including historical deals, connections, web analytics, and lead scores. Data acquisition and analysis will look different at every company. Leading vendors will typically provide potential customers with a free trial, a data sample, or a complimentary data analysis. Guest post by Krysta Williams.

The Buyer’s Guide to Artificial Intelligence Software For Sales

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What to Look For in a Sales AI Vendor. There a few aspects which each vendor should be evaluated on to ensure you receive a strong return from your investment. Vet each vendor with the following five criteria before making a purchase. Just because a predictive vendor has an internal data science team doesn’t mean they know how to build models for your particular field. If a vendor has the same approach for every customer, it might be time to look elsewhere.