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9 Places to Source Authoritative Stats for Your Content Marketing

Marketing Insider Group

As content marketers, we are always on the hunt for interesting data to grab reader attention and support our claims. The journalistic protocol is to cite an original, authoritative source that is transparent about its methodology (like the description on page 41 in CMI’s annual B2C Content Marketing Report.)

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Best Paid Search Marketing Agency in 2022: Top 10 Choices

Single Grain

In this guide, I will not only provide a curated list of the top ten choices, but I will help you select the best paid search marketing agency for your business. TABLE OF CONTENTS: ↓ What Is Paid Search Marketing? The Benefits of PPC Advertising. Top 10 Paid Search Marketing Agencies.


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What Is Public Relations?


What is public relations? Public relations (PR) is the practice of creating a positive public image for a company or person through conventional and digital media. Public relations differs from media relations in that the ultimate target for messaging is the public (i.e.,

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What is a Premium Business MAT Release?


The public relations industry has changed drastically over the years, from newswires to press releases to traditional print ads to the advent of native advertising and sponsored content, but it seems like the last two years have accelerated innovation more rapidly than ever.

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20 public relations stats to know for better communications outcomes in 2022

Sprout Social

These factors paired with a 24/7 news cycle fueled by cultural events galore , has caused the world of public relations to change just as quickly. To help you keep up, let’s discuss the current environment for public relations professionals. Public relations through a new lens.

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Three Creative Ways to Amplify and Elevate Your B2B Public Relations Tactics 

Launch Marketing

Public relations (PR) can be a challenge to some B2B marketers who get caught up in the mainstream of typical media relations and interactions with the public. While this is still important, B2B public relations tactics have slightly shifted focus to include things beyond sales-focused intentions.

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How to Craft Modern MAT Releases for the New Media Landscape


The first time I heard the term MAT Release I had no idea what it was. I started in the newspaper world and moved into public relations agency life before hearing this phrase. But just as newspapers and the PR industry have changed over the last few decades, the MAT release has changed, too. Feeling stuck or unsure?

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